Chapter 499 - Tribulation Transcendence? (1)

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The Barbarian God that came from the pool shouted angrily.

“Tu Anbang died too early. It was too easy on him.” The eyes of the Barbarian God that emerged from the crack were spitting fire.

“We can’t leave, and neither can you.” The Barbarian God that came out from the slope didn’t complain or get angry. It looked at Su Jingxing and grinned. “With a human expert above the Primordial Spirit realm accompanying us. Even if we’re trapped here, we can die worthy deaths.”

“Are you sure?” Su Jingxing raised his eyebrows. “Are you sure I can’t leave?”

The gaze of the Barbarian God from the slope froze for a moment before it sneered. “Why? You’re indignant? Fine, if you’re indignant or worried, you can give it a try and see if you can leave.”

“Thank you for the reminder, but there’s no need.”

Su Jingxing chuckled and said calmly, “It’s no longer important whether I can leave the internal space of this Blood Imprisonment Tower or not.”

“What do you mean?” asked the Barbarian God from the crack in a low voice.

Su Jingxing ignored him.

After entering the Blood Imprisonment Space and sensing that the three Barbarian Gods were trapped here, Su Jingxing suddenly realized what this “great fortune” referred to.

It was also at this moment that he thought of a countermeasure, a perfect countermeasure to turn bad luck into good.

Refining the Blood Imprisonment Tower!

Control this rare treasure that the Xuanyin Patriarch had inherited from somewhere.

Although the Blood Imprisonment Tower was damaged and needed to be repaired and reactivated, it was precisely because it was damaged that it was convenient for Su Jingxing to refine and subdue.

If such a spatial treasure was in good condition, it would basically have an artifact spirit.

With an artifact spirit, it would be extremely difficult for Su Jingxing to refine it.

Now, all Su Jingxing needed was a Domain Card.

That’s right, Su Jingxing had decided what attributes to add to the Domain Card.

Blood Imprisonment space attribute!

Simply put, it was to add the ability of the Domain Card to the damaged Blood Imprisonment Tower and forcefully annex it with the power of the domain, forcefully refining it and leaving Su Jingxing’s soul imprint on it.

The entire process was neither dangerous nor difficult.

Although after the Blood Imprisonment Tower was refined, it still had to be repaired and reactivated, now that the Blood Imprisonment Tower was in Su Jingxing’s hands, he could change the target required for the required blood sacrifice.

Human blood has the best effects?

Perhaps it made sense, but it was not absolute.

Su Jingxing didn’t believe that the blood of barbarians would be ineffective.

It was merely because the Blood Imprisonment Tower was in the hands of the barbarians that they had targeted humans as a blood sacrifice.

When the Blood Imprisonment Tower becomes Su Jingxing’s possession, his target would naturally be the barbarians.

Since ancient times, barbarians had been the mortal enemies of humans. Countless humans had died in the hands of barbarians.

Su Jingxing felt absolutely no psychological burden in using the barbarians’ blood to refine the Blood Imprisonment Tower.

The three Barbarian Gods didn’t know about this, and Su Jingxing didn’t intend to tell them either.

Without any warning, three palm imprints appeared out of thin air and descended on the heads of the three Barbarian Gods.

Before they could say a word, their bodies exploded, and blood and flesh splattered all over the ground.

Under the Firmament Nirvana Palm, a mere Barbarian God could be killed instantly.

Su Jingxing released his perception and scanned the entire space.

He then soared into the air and slowly floated away.

In the Void World, the Essence Soul opened its soul space and took out three cards to read the information.

Bloodline Card, Memory Card, Skill Card.

The cards extracted from the three Barbarian Gods were all different.

As expected, the Bloodline Card contained Panguang Battle Blood. However, the density was more than 10% higher than what Su Jingxing had extracted previously.

The Skill Card was a blood escape secret ability. As the description suggested, it was a secret ability that allowed one to travel, escape, and search. Using blood, one could chase for ten thousand miles. Wherever there was fresh blood from a living creature, one could employ the skill.

The Memory Card contained half of the memories of a Barbarian God named Balangtu.

Beginning from when it was the strongest warrior in its tribe to being killed by Su Jingxing.

The second half of Balangtu’s life could be considered to be legendary. After all, to become a Barbarian God, talent, opportunities, diligence, and comprehension were all required.

Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul unlocked the card and checked the other party’s memories. Scenes flashed through its mind.

Then, the Essence Soul learned the way for barbarians to become stronger. It was actually completed through a blood sacrifice.

The higher the realm, the more living beings would be sacrificed.

Wild beasts, Mutated Beasts, barbarians, humans, and even other races, as long as they were made of flesh and blood, could provide energy for barbarians to break through.

To put it bluntly, every Barbarian God had slaughtered tens of millions of people. The blood on their hands could dye a huge river red.

30% of the living beings sacrificed in the latter half of Balangtu’s life came from barbarians, 30% from beasts, 30% from foreign species, and the remaining was from humans.

It was easy to understand the numbers for the barbarians. There were as many as billions of barbarians in the Boundless Mountain Range. They would also fight and kill each other from time to time to seize treasures, women, and to annex tribes.

Originally, there was no need to do this. They could just kill humans. However, it was no longer easy to attack the human countries. They could only deal with their own people.

Therefore, the fate of low-level barbarians was actually no different from piglets that were raised. One batch was slaughtered and another batch was raised again.

The Barbarian Gods were high and mighty. They did not feel anything about how many barbarians on the bottom rung had died.

Much less needed to be said about the beasts. There were countless ferocious beasts in the Boundless Mountain Range. Some were even specially tamed.