Chapter 500 - : Tribulation Transcendence? (2)

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As for the other species, they came from the Dark North and the Southern Wilderness.

Through the memories of Balangtu, this was the first time Su Jingxing had seen the other races living in the Southern Wilderness and the Dark North.

Some of them were produced by mutations after humans entered, while others were left behind from ancient times like the Winged Ones.

Every other species was very powerful. The Barbarian Gods did not dare to enter the human countries, afraid that they would be targeted by Pei Donglai. They could only turn their gazes to the other races.

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From this perspective, Pei Donglai had contributed greatly to humanity.

Alone, he made sure that the Barbarian Gods did not dare to enter the various countries for a hundred years.

However, this was referring to the Eastern Continent. The barbarians would still invade countries in the Western Continent from time to time, but they were all small-scale.

Occasionally, they would ambush and massacre a functional town before running back to the Boundless Mountain Range.

Balangtu had done this many times. He had even massacred a small city.

The Martial Sages of the Western Continent could not do anything to it at all. When they were chasing after Ba Langtu, they were almost killed by him.

In the entire Western Continent, only the strongest expert in the Primordial Spirit realm could make Balangtu wary.

And only wary, unlike like Pei Donglai, who made Balangtu fearful.

When Tu Anbang from the Xuanyin Sect approached Balangtu and company, Ba Langtu had planned to take this opportunity to kill Tu Anbang.

Unexpectedly, Tu Anbang decisively brought out the Blood Imprisonment Tower, which happened to appear in the legends of the barbarians.

This rare treasure could make the entire barbarian race stronger and turn them into a battle race.

In their excitement, the three Barbarian Gods agreed to Tu Anbang’s deal to invade the Yu Nation.

However, it wasn’t that big at the beginning. They were only planning to send out a few thousand barbarians to put on an act so as to be able to account to Tu Anbang.

In the end, Tu Anbang pulled some tricks, or perhaps he had sensed the condition of the Blood Imprisonment Tower from the start and left behind a hidden hand.

After the three Barbarian Gods entered the internal space of the Blood Imprisonment Tower, they could not leave.

Being damaged, there was no way out of this Blood Imprisonment space.

Balangtu was dumbfounded.

The three Barbarian Gods were extremely furious and wanted to forcefully break open the Blood Imprisonment space. However, their strengths and realms were suppressed in the space.

No matter how indignant and angry they were, it was useless.

They could only wait for the Transcendent-grade barbarians outside to sense that something was wrong and come down to check on the situation to send out the news not to enter the Blood Imprisonment space.

If they wanted to leave, the only solution was to activate the entire Blood Imprisonment Tower through a blood sacrifice.

That was why the barbarians invaded the Yu Nation on a large scale and prepared to use the blood energy from the battle to activate the Blood Imprisonment Tower.

Su Jingxing had repeatedly investigated the uniqueness of the Blood Imprisonment Tower through Balangtu. At this moment, he knew everything clearly.

Three of them could even save Su Jingxing a lot of trouble.

It was a great motivation for Su Jingxing to unlock the Domain Card and annex the Blood Imprisonment Tower.

At the very end of Balangtu’s memories was the three Barbarian Gods communicating telepathically, wanting to catch Su Jingxing off guard.

As his consciousness returned, Su Jingxing took out the Domain Card and unlocked it. An invisible force first centered around Su Jingxing. Then, it expanded in seconds and spread to every corner of the Blood Imprisonment space until it devoured the entire Blood Imprisonment Tower.

Without another word, Su Jingxing circulated his soul power and sent his consciousness deep into the source of the Blood Imprisonment Tower’s abilities to find the target imprint.

He then left a soul imprint on the mark to control this treasure.

This process took quite some time. It took two days and one night before it was finally completed.

After completely subduing the Blood Imprisonment Tower, Su Jingxing immediately sensed that this tower was not simple.

There was actually more than one Blood Imprisonment space.

Or rather, the Blood Imprisonment Tower was more like an arena tower, and a prison tower.

Small spaces were separated from one another.

Of course, now that these small spaces were gone, the function of the damaged Blood Imprisonment Tower was incomplete.

The large internal space that Su Jingxing was in right now was the center of the tower.

If the tower was in good condition, a duel between experts could begin in this space.

Su Jingxing did some careful calculations. The center space of the Blood Imprisonment Tower could withstand the needs of martial artists below the Cloud Ascension realm. There was no need to worry about their power being too strong and destroying the space.

This was because the central space could suppress one’s realm and weaken their strength.

This discovery was surprising to Su Jingxing.

He released the Cosmic Tower from his soul space and willed Ming to appear.

“Ming, can this space be connected to Divine Refinement on the second level of Cosmic?”

Su Jingxing scanned the center space of the Blood Imprisonment Tower and asked.

“Please wait a moment, Master.”

Ming replied respectfully. As soon as it finished speaking, its translucent body swayed and an invisible force seeped into every corner of the space.

Moments later, Ming returned to normal and replied, “Master, it can be connected.”

“Really?” Su Jingxing’s face was full of smiles. “If we connect them together, doesn’t that mean that those people don’t have to enter the second level of the Cosmic?”

“No.” Ming shook its head. “The people meant for Divine Refinement still have to enter the second level.”

“What do you mean?” Su Jingxing was puzzled. “Didn’t you say that the two spaces can be connected?”

“Yes,” explained Ming patiently. “The second level of Cosmic can indeed be connected to this place, but that doesn’t mean that Divine Refinement can be done here. This is because the Divine Refinement is an ability of the second level of Cosmic, but not here. The uniqueness of the Divine Refinement space is dozens of times more outstanding than this space.”

“…Alright.” Su Jingxing shook his head and sighed. “I thought I could just do Divine Refinement here.”

“Although Divine Refinement can’t be done, soul transformation in this space is still possible,” Ming added.

“I know.” Su Jingxing’s eyes flickered.

Soul transformation could indeed take place in the Blood Imprisonment, although the effects could not compare to that in Cosmic.

This could effectively help the Cosmic resolve some matters.

The help to Su Jingxing was almost visible to the naked eye.

Of course, the Blood Imprisonment Tower had to be reactivated and revived with a blood sacrifice for that.

Now that Su Jingxing had grasped the ability of this damaged tower, he realized that the fastest way to repair the Blood Imprisonment Tower was to absorb special bloodlines.

Just like the Thunderbolt Sword back then, absorb special blood!

Back then, Su Jingxing had used the Shi Family’s bloodline to repair the Thunderbolt Sword.

This time, Su Jingxing also had a goal in mind for the repair of the Blood Imprisonment Tower.

Panguang Battle Blood!

He now had more than 1,300 Bloodline Cards extracted from barbarians.

Su Jingxing had always kept them as a backup. In the end, they really turned out to be useful.

The Panguang Battle Blood was much stronger than the Shi Family’s bloodline.

Su Jingxing had also stored up enough Bloodline Cards.

Of course, he would only know if they were enough when he unlocked them.

With this in mind, Su Jingxing put away the Cosmic Tower and took out the Bloodline Cards containing the Panguang Battle Blood. He unlocked them one by one and added them to the Blood Imprisonment Tower’s space.

Under the stimulation of the Bloodline Card, the faint lights quickly reacted.

Su Jingxing did not interfere. He only needed to sense carefully from the side and he would be able to sense the damage done to the Blood Imprisonment Tower and start repairing it.

Immediately, he took out more Bloodline Cards.

30, 50, 80, 100, 300, 500…

When all the Bloodline Cards containing the Panguag Battle Blood were almost used up, the Blood Imprisonment Tower that had been silent for countless years erupted with light and soared into the sky.

At this moment, Su Jingxing also left the Blood Imprisonment Space, broke the temple, and arrived in the air.

The blood-colored pillar of light wrapped around the Blood Imprisonment Tower and left the ground. It passed through the temple and floated in the air.

A boundless and terrifying pressure spread in all directions with Su Jingxing as the center.

Everywhere it passed, be it barbarians or Mutated Beasts, countless birds, beasts, and insects were all lying on the ground, trembling in fear.

At the top of the sky, large clouds rolled over and descended.

The destructive intent from the world was transmitted clearly into Su Jingxing’s mind.

Tribulation transcendence!

The intact Blood Imprisonment Tower was actually suppressed by the invisible consciousness of Earth Star and was to be destroyed by the lightning tribulation!