Chapter 502 - : Stirring The Nation (2)

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During this process, martial artists would also obtain benefits from challenging the illusions.

They could unleash their strength to their heart’s content in the illusions, constantly challenging and strengthening themselves.

During the process of strengthening, the soul would also become stronger.

The Blood Imprisonment Tower would attract everyone’s attention at the front.

Su Jingxing couldn’t handle such a major matter that involved all the martial artists in the Yu Nation alone. He had to get the cabinet’s help.

At this thought, Su Jingxing put away the Blood Imprisonment Tower and left the Boundless Mountain Range at lightning speed, returning to the Yu Nation.

Out of the five Barbarian Gods, the last one had gone to the Southern Wilderness for some unknown reason.

Su Jingxing was busy with Divine Refinement and let it go for now.

He returned to the Yu Nation through the Void World to shorten the distance.

The Essence Soul descended directly to the imperial palace in the capital and went to the Prime Minister, Guan Zhonghua, to explain the situation.

“What? Martial Sage, you want to give all the martial artists in the country a chance to become stronger and open up a treasure tower as a training ground?” Guan Zhonghua’s eyes widened in shock.

“That’s right. This trial tower has more than 10,000 illusory spaces inside. It can accommodate 10,000 people at the same time to launch illusion challenges. During the challenge, not only can one release all the knowledge he has learned in his life to his heart’s content, he can also understand his own strength and strengthen his soul.

Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul explained calmly, “For martial artists in the lower ranks, the trial space can allow them to strengthen their internal force and produce true energy in each challenge. For martial artists in the middle ranks, it can speed up the transformation of their true energy and the condensation of their Martial Art True Intent. For martial artists in the top ranks, be it condensing a Divine Embryo or incubating an Essence Soul, it can speed up their epiphany.

“In short, the trial tower is beneficial to every martial artist. As long as they can enter, they will more or less benefit.”

Guan Zhonghua’s mouth gaped open.

Since the Essence Soul said so, it meant that this matter was true.

There was really such a magical tower that allowed the martial artists of the entire Yu Nation to enjoy the opportunity to become stronger quickly!

Guan Zhonghua didn’t know why Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul was bringing out the tower.

However, he understood that since the Essence Soul had come knocking on his door, it meant that this matter had been confirmed. He only needed to cooperate with the Essence Soul and complete the maintenance of order!

Yes, Su Jingxing had approached the cabinet to get their help with the entry and exit of the Blood Imprisonment Tower.

Once this piece of news spread, the entire country would definitely be in an uproar. All the Yu Nation’s martial artists would go crazy.

Martial artists in the top ranks, middle ranks, and lower ranks would scream and thank Su Jingxing.

This was a great thing.

Sure, the treasure tower that could allow all martial artists to enjoy benefits was the Divine Refinement space on the second level of Cosmic.

But Su Jingxing wasn’t lying. The Blood Imprisonment Tower also had the effect of transforming one’s soul.

Su Jingxing was only picking out the people with the highest compatibility among those who had entered the Blood Imprisonment Tower to help him with Divine Refinement.

After communicating with Ming carefully, Su Jingxing knew that the Divine Refinement on the second level of Cosmic went on continuously.

In other words, as long as the person had a high compatibility score, they could come back at any time to temper their soul in the Divine Refinement space and strengthen themselves. They would also be able to help Su Jingxing in that process.

Therefore, Su Jingxing wanted as many people as he could get.

Su Jingxing could use them all.


After a while, Guan Zhonghua regained his composure and said seriously, “Don’t worry, Martial Sage. We will do our job well.”

“Yes.” Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul nodded. “10,000 spots, daily swaps. As for the candidates, 5,000 for the Yu Nation and 5,000 for the original New Chu Nation. Among the 5,000 spots, officials and military personnel can take 3,000. The remaining 2,000 will be distributed to the public. Be it drawing lots or raffle, in short, we can publicize it today and people can enter the trial tower in two days.”

As he spoke, Su Jingxing’s main body took out the Blood Imprisonment Tower in the Void World and opened the border membrane. He placed the tower at the Golden Sparrow Mountain Basin, at the border between the Yu Nation and the former New Chu Nation.

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As it descended, it slowly enlarged until it reached its maximum size. With a bang, the hundred-meter-tall tower sat in the center of the basin.

The Golden Sparrow Mountain Basin was now the center of the newly merged Yu Nation. It did not favor the Yu Nation nor the former New Chu Nation.

“I’ve already put down the tower.”

Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul said, “The location is at the Golden Sparrow Mountain Basin. You can call there now and instruct the Prefecture Army to keep an eye on the scene.”

“Got it.”

Guan Zhonghua took a deep breath. “I’ll make the arrangements now!”

“Go ahead.” Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul stood up. “I’ll wait for you guys there.”

Then, its body turned illusory and it soared into the sky.

After Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul left, Guan Zhonghua did not take action immediately. Instead, he stood rooted to the ground for a while before patting his face and walking out of the room calmly to give orders.

Firstly, they had to publicize this shocking news through the Internet, television, radio, and all other channels.

They had to let every martial artist in the Yu Nation know the contents of the news.

Then, he informed the border troops from the Prefecture Army to guard the tower to prevent certain people from messing around.

Even though the possibility of that was very low and no one with normal intelligence would make a fuss since Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul would personally be there. What if someone really did?

Guan Zhonghua did not dare to take the risk. With this matter, no amount of cautiousness would be too much.

Next, the allocation of spots!

There were 10,000 slots per day, and Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul gave half to the original Yu Nation and half to the former New Chu Nation.

For each half, the military and officials only took 3,000 spots. The remaining 2,000 spots were to be released to the public.

And the biggest problem was how to pick these two thousand people.

Since it concerned becoming stronger, everyone wanted to be the first to enter the trial tower.

Putting others aside, even Guan Zhonghua, if not for the fact that he was the Prime Minister and had to abide by the rules, he would have used his power for personal gain.

That’s right, the candidates were the hardest to decide.

However, since Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul had given the order, Guan Zhonghua could only cooperate.

Although Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul did not say how many times each person could enter, it was obvious that basically every person only had one chance.

It couldn’t be helped. The Yu Nation was too big now. There were nearly five billion people, and almost 20 million martial artists among them.

10,000 people a day, how many days would it take for everyone to finish one turn?

No matter how much Guan Zhonghua wanted to complain, he could only cooperate.

10,000 people a day was specially set by Su Jingxing.

Given the Blood Imprisonment Tower’s spatial ability, even 50,000 people a day was no problem.

But that would require Su Jingxing to expend his soul power to maintain it.

10,000 was just right. It reached the limits of the Blood Imprisonment Tower’s ability. As long as the steps were set, there was no need for Su Jingxing to maintain it.

Guan Zhonghua acted quickly.

Half an hour later, the news was announced on the Internet, television, radio, and other channels everywhere in the nation.

In an instant, everyone in the country was excited.

The Martial Sage was opening up a trial tower to give martial artists of the Yu Nation a chance to become stronger.

What a great opportunity!

“Hahaha, good, good, this is great. The Martial Sage is too cool.”

“F*ck, what kind of tower is this? It can actually accommodate 10,000 people at the same time?”

“Most importantly, all martial artists have a chance to enter.”

“One batch a day is good. There are so many martial artists. I wonder who would be in the first batch.”

“Who cares? Didn’t you see the announcement? The Martial Sage is personally guarding the trial tower. Who would dare to cause trouble?”

“I just want to know, why can’t ordinary people like us enter?”

“You wish to go in? What would you go in for? Do you know what an illusion trial means? Do you want to go there to sleep or dream?”


From east to west, south to north, the entire Yu Nation.

At this moment, everyone was discussing excitedly.