Chapter 504 - Approved in Advance (2)

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Chapter 504: Approved in Advance (2)

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“Thank… thank you, Martial Sage!”

Seeing this, Yu Chen also climbed through the entrance excitedly.

However, someone was faster than him.

Seeing that Qu Yijian had not been chased out, the general standing at a side decisively followed.

Without kowtowing or giving thanks, he simply ran in.

Yu Chen was stunned. In the next moment, he cursed inwardly and jumped up to rush through the doors.

The three of them entered the passageway one after another, but as they ran, they automatically separated and entered a forked path. Then, they were led into small separate spaces.

Outside the tower, the Prefecture Army and others who had rushed over from afar could not help but exclaim when they saw this scene.

“They’ve gone in? Now? Wasn’t it announced that the tower would only open in two days?”

“The cabinet must have delayed it by two days to prepare for the containment.”

“That’s right. Those big shots in the cabinet definitely want to control the spots, so they’re deliberately stalling for time.”

“Everyone, charge! Brothers from the Prefecture Army, charge together! Your general has also entered, which means that you can also enter! There’s no need to wait outside!”

The approaching teams were in an uproar at once.

Shouts and yells immediately resounded through the sky.

In order to enter the tower in advance, many martial artists simply dragged the Prefecture Army down with them.

The Prefecture Army troops who were flying were indeed moved. Their eyes were bright.

When they approached the doors at the bottom level of the trial tower, tacitly, no one made a move to stop them and everyone entered the tower in an orderly manner.

“Haha, good job, that’s how it should be!”

Seeing this, the others chuckled or laughed out loud.

A group of people swarmed behind and entered the trial tower.

Just like the three people before, as they stepped through the doors and ran through the passageway, they were quickly automatically separated and stepped into different forks, being brought into small spaces.

The small spaces were stimulated and the illusions were quickly activated.

Qu Yijian felt his vision blur. A blood-colored Mutated Beast appeared in his vision and pounced towards him fiercely.

The materialized blood aura and invisible pressure were like real Mutated Beasts, causing Qu Yijian’s soul and body to tremble. He immediately snarled angrily and calmed his mind. He first dodged the Mutated Beast’s charge, then circulated his internal force and executed his martial arts to attack from the sides.

The same went for Yu Chen. After entering the small space, a Mutated Beast appeared in his vision and pounced over swiftly. It was too fast, and before Yu Chen could react, he was pushed to the ground. His chest and neck were attacked, and he “died” on the spot.

Amidst the screams and miserable cries, Yu Chen’s consciousness returned. He opened his eyes and found himself standing at the door of the “room” unscathed.

The Mutated Beast that had just killed him had disappeared.

No, the pain in his neck and chest was still there. This was not a hallucination, but an illusion. Although he would not die after being killed, the pain he suffered would be transmitted directly from his soul to his body, allowing him to clearly feel the feeling of “death”.

Those with weak wills might break down after one try and choose to escape.

Yu Chen’s willpower was not bad. He felt the same pain. In his lingering fear, he gritted her teeth and rushed into the “room” again.

This time, he was prepared to fight the Mutated Beast that appeared.

Then, he realized that although this blood-colored Mutated Beast was ferocious and fast, it did not have any innate abilities. It only had the sharp claws and teeth of a beast. It was fearless. Coupled with internal force martial arts, fighting this Mutated Beast was no problem.

After Yu Chen realized this, he quickly gained the upper hand.

The situation was about the same for the others.

After entering the small spaces, they were immediately attacked by the Mutated Beasts, puppets, barbarians, and giant insects in the illusions.

The pain from being “killed” could clearly be felt on their bodies. For those who won, the strength of the newly spawned Mutated Beasts and puppets would increase by one level.

This was a program that Su Jingxing had set up in advance.

In the initial illusion trial, the strength of the Mutated Beasts, puppets, and others would be similar to that of ninth-grade martial artists.

Ninth-grade, eighth-grade, seventh-grade… all the way to first-grade.

Those in the illusions could challenge each level step by step.

Su Jingxing used his will to sense the situation in every small space and summoned Ming to check everyone’s compatibility with the second level of the Cosmic Tower.

The Divine Refinement space was connected to the Blood Imprisonment space, and Ming silently shuttled through the small spaces.

Soon, it detected the information it wanted.

“Master, a discovery. This man’s compatibility score is as high as 30. He can enter Divine Refinement.”

“Already? Not bad, not bad. When he finishes this round, move him to the Divine Refinement space for the next,” Su Jingxing said happily.

However, in the next moment, it called out again, “Master, I’ve made another discovery. This woman’s compatibility score is as high as 50.”

“There’s also this older one, compatibility score is as high as 45.”

“This one is not bad either. 40.”

Ming kept reporting to Su Jingxing as it shuttled around the Blood Imprisonment space.

As Su Jingxing listened, his face was filled with joy.

Not bad, not bad, not bad at all.

In just a few minutes, they found more than ten people with high compatibility.

These people’s ages, genders, martial arts cultivation, and realms were all unrelated. It all depended on their mental compatibility. If it was high, it was high, and vice versa.

Su Jingxing’s tacit agreement to let them enter the tower in advance and start the trial was not in vain.

Su Jingxing had heard Qu Yijian and Yu Chen’s shouts. He did not make a sound because he did not want to go against the rules he had set.

However, by allowing them to enter the tower in advance, Su Jingxing would be able to reap benefits a day earlier.

That was why he quietly opened the passageway and let them in.

However, as more and more people arrived at the scene and entered the Blood Imprisonment Tower, even the Prefecture Army had fallen. They “wallowed in the mire” together and entered the tower in advance.

While Su Jingxing was overjoyed, he silently noted down the number of people who had entered.

Ten thousand was ten thousand.

The number of people who entered in advance was 10,000 at most.

Therefore, while Ming was scouting, Su Jingxing silently counted the number of people. When he had gathered 10,000 people, he decisively closed the entrance.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The martial artists who followed the people in front and rushed through the doors were suddenly sent flying by an invisible force and repelled.

In front of the entrance of the Blood Imprisonment Tower, the people who were sent flying crashed into the groups behind, causing a mess.

The excited and agitated crowd immediately sobered up after this chaos.

Those who were close to the entrance took a few steps forward and touched the invisible wall. They were enlightened and frustrated.

“We can’t get in, it has reached full capacity!”

“D*mn it, I should have been faster.”

“Ahhh, just one step away. I’m just one step away!”

“F*ck, the people in front have it f*cking good!”

In front of the entrance, the crowd was in an uproar. Some were cursing, some were complaining, and some were sighing.

Among them, the soldiers from the Prefecture Army were also depressed.

Their comrades in front grabbed the opportunity to enter the trial tower. They were a few steps late and were blocked outside.

It was unknown how long it would take for them to enter the tower.

With this in mind, sighs sounded non-stop.

“Disperse, disperse. Everyone can disperse now.”

When a commander of the Prefecture Army later learned of the situation, he flew into the air and shouted, “The entrance to the tower has been closed. Those seeking to enter in the next batch, come tomorrow. Now, disperse!”

The commander shouted. The people on the ground discussed animatedly and lingered around.

The commander. He only ordered the troops that had yet to enter the tower to begin maintaining order.

The noisy scene gradually returned to order.

In the Blood Imprisonment Tower.

Su Jingxing listened and watched the commotion outside with a grin.

The next batch of people to enter?

Not tomorrow, but two days later.

Those who were already in had been approved in advance. It was the backdoor that Su Jingxing opened for himself.

However, subsequently, everything had to be done according to the rules set earlier on.

10,000 people entered the Blood Imprisonment Tower.

They were separated and sent into 10,000 independent small spaces to carry out the trial challenge.

Ming checked them one by one and found 91 people with compatibility scores that were higher than 30.

Anyone with a score below 30 would be abandoned.

According to Ming, since there were enough people to supplement them in the future, they would only accept those whose compatibility were above 30.

It would be a waste for anyone below to occupy a spot.

Su Jingxing readily agreed.

Under Ming’s control, these 91 people were quietly transferred to the second level of the Cosmic Tower and began Divine Refinement.

It was also possible to carry out illusion trials in the Divine Refinement space, but the efficiency was not high.

Therefore, Su Jingxing gestured for Ming to interfere with the thoughts of these 91 people. They were no longer fighting with Mutated Beasts, puppets, and barbarians. Instead, they were comprehending martial arts and martial theories.

Even if they were sitting still or doing homework, as long as their minds worked, thinking and pondering, they would be several times more efficient than usual.

With this efficiency, the feedback received by the Divine Refinement space was transmitted to Su Jingxing and he automatically began Soul Refining!