Chapter 506 - Becoming a Primordial Spirit With A Thought! (2)

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Chapter 506: Becoming a Primordial Spirit With A Thought! (2)

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After another three days, they finally gathered 500 people to help Su Jingxing refine his soul.

The Divine Refinement space on the second level of the Cosmic Tower could hold a thousand people at full capacity. These 500 people occupied half of the spots. Although it was not fully occupied, the feedback was even faster and more effective.

As for these 500 people, they did not come out again after entering the Martial Sage Tower.

Su Jingxing deliberately called Guan Zhonghua and asked him to cooperate with him to secretly inform the relatives of these 500 people.

The reason used was that Su Jingxing realized that these 500 people were talented and specially kept them to continue challenging the illusions. He planned to pick a few of them as his students.

Not taking them as disciples, just students!

Even so, Guan Zhonghua, Xiao Renwo, Fu Neng, and the others who had learned the news were all envious.

The Martial Sage was preparing to take in students. Even though they wouldn’t be disciples, the news was still shocking.

If this news were to spread, wouldn’t the entire country be in an uproar?

Even Guan Zhonghua, Xiao Renwo, and the others wished they could enter the Martial Sage Tower, get selected by the Martial Sage and become his students, let alone martial artists and ordinary people.

For this reason, Guan Zhonghua, Xiao Renwo, and the others did everything to keep this information a secret.

Then, everyone specially disguised themselves and each chose a day to enter the Martial Sage Tower for personal gain.

Guan Zhonghua and the others really couldn’t hold back on this. They weren’t afraid of being discovered.

When Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul discovered this, it didn’t think much of it and thought that it was the normal order.

After all, they were officials and big shots in the cabinet. There was nothing strange about them being in batches of the first few days.

On the other hand, through Ming’s detection, the compatibility of Guan Zhonghua, Luo Shan, and the others with the Divine Refinement space was lower than 30.

Only Xiao Renwo and Ao Chunqiu’s scores surpassed 30.

The former had a compatibility score of 51, while the latter’s was 72.

As the Head Supervisor of the Yu Nation’s Martial Suppression Office, Ao Chunqiu was also the second most compatible person among the people whose compatibility exceeded 70.

They were big shots in the cabinet after all, and Xiao Renwo was the Supreme Marshal of the Yu Nation. Su Jingxing thought for a moment and decided not to eliminate them and let Ming transfer them to the Divine Refinement space.

More than 500 people who met the requirements carried out Divine Refinement together to help refine his soul.

The Essence Soul’s comprehension became faster and better.

Finally, on the night before Su Jingxing’s main body was about to head to the Seven Luminaries Planet again, he completed the transformation from Soul Formation to Primordial Spirit.

There was nothing special about the last step. He simply suddenly had a feeling and understood everything.

Then, the Essence Soul completely transformed into a Primordial Spirit!

In the Primordial Spirit realm, one’s lifespan would increase to 1,080 years.

Moreover, one no longer had to fear sunlight, lightning, and all kinds of taboos.

First was scanning. All-rounded scanning that resembled radar more than radar. The range would change continuously with the strength of one’s soul power.

The borders of the original Yu Nation and the original New Chu Nation were covered inch by inch. Everywhere it passed, the number of living beings, the whereabouts of Mutated Beasts, various dangerous places, forbidden areas, and countless voices quickly appeared in Su Jingxing’s mind and he heard them.

This ability had been available but weakened in his senses in the Essence Soul state.

Since Su Jingxing was experienced, he quickly controlled the enhanced version well now.

Unmolested by all kinds of sounds, he only remembered the basic situation, and then…

It was obvious what this meant.

In that instant, more than 3,000 people had died in the entire country.

It seemed that the number of deaths had exceeded the number of newborns.

However, this was only for a few seconds. In the entire day, the number of newborns basically exceeded the number of deaths.

The Yu Nation’s current conditions were better than that of all the countries in the Eastern Continent. In addition, they had supported childbirth in the past and were even more supportive now.

It could be said that the number of newborns per day far exceeded the number of deaths.

The cards he extracted basically contained ordinary functions.

They were either Essence Energy Cards, Strength Enhancement Cards, Internal Force Cards, or basic Skill Cards.

There weren’t many True Energy Cards, and no True Essence Cards.

Su Jingxing had too many Essence Energy Cards and Strength Enhancement Cards stored. He could not finish using them all.

Therefore, even though he could extract from the corpses of everyone who died in the country with just a thought, Su Jingxing had no use for most of the Function Cards now.

For example, infiltrating someone’s sea of consciousness to attack.

Of course, it was not a large-scale attack. He had to do it one by one. The process also consumed soul power.

Therefore, if someone in the Primordial Spirit realm were to make a move, one would not be able to withstand it unless they were on the same level.

After all, defensive soul treasures were rare.

The Barbarian Gods were strong in the physical body, but their souls also possessed defensive capabilities under the enhancement of their physiques.

Apart from that, the Primordial Spirit could reconstruct the physical body. Su Jingxing didn’t care about that.

Others were different. Before breaking through to the Primordial Spirit, a Martial Sage’s body still had to beware of injuries.

However, after breaking through to the Primordial Spirit, the physical body could be reconstructed. Moreover, the reconstructed body would only be stronger than before.

But the reconstruction process would consume soul power.

It was the same for Essence Soul manifestations. Condensing an incarnation to travel the world also consumed soul power.

After more than half a month, with the help of nearly 600 people, he completed the transformation of his Essence Soul.

Su Jingxing could finally relax.

However, soon, Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul began to get busy again.

Now that it was already in the Primordial Spirit realm, it could cultivate the Supreme Profound Soul Refining Mantra!

Of course, only a third of the current contents were available.

It first unlocked 10 Deduction Cards to supplement the Supreme Profound Soul Refining Mantra.

Its luck was average. When it used up all ten Deduction Cards, less than half of the contents were replenished.

However, there was no problem with cultivating it.

There were still 586 Martial Arts Practice Cards left. It immediately began the Primordial Spirit practice of the mantra and entered the Martial Arts Practice Space.