Chapter 508 - Space Beast (2)

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Chapter 508: Space Beast (2)

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The seven suns were also extremely magical. When they moved far away, looking at the Seven Luminaries Planet from afar was like looking at a big pearl surrounded by seven small pearls.

From afar, the moon was almost connected to the Seven Luminaries Planet.

After leaving the area where the Seven Luminaries Planet was, the starry sky darkened significantly.

However, the speed of the spacecraft was not slow. From time to time, it would even shuttle through the void.

It was not a wormhole leap, but void shuttling.

Su Jingxing didn’t know the principle behind the spaceship or how to determine its location, but such void shuttling could continuously widen the distance.

The starry sky was vast, and the spaceship was small.

After passing through a meteorite belt, a shattered sun, which was a star, appeared ahead.

The huge star cracked from the middle. The sides were like mud walls played with by children. They were full of holes and barely holding on to each other to prevent it from completely falling apart.

After passing by the broken star, they entered a dark area.

At this moment, the lights inside the spaceship were also extinguished.

Just as Su Jingxing was puzzled, he suddenly sensed a threat from outside.

Then, two, three, four, five…

There were terrifying existences in this dark area!

Did the spaceship turn off the lights and fly silently to avoid these existences?

Su Jingxing’s eyes flashed as he was enlightened.

It could only be said that there were too many threats in the universe. There were also creatures that lived in space.

Moreover, they existed directly in the darkness.

It was unknown what method the Heart Moon Foxes’ spaceship had used to pass through this dark area.

Clearly, the Heart Moon Foxes were confident enough to take this route.

Su Jingxing wasn’t too worried.

Sure enough, before long, the spaceship left the area. Nothing happened during the entire process.

They continued on their way.

The spaceship shuttled through the void twice more.

When they emerged from a void for the third time, Su Jingxing’s eyes lit up.

In the distant space on the right, countless interstellar battleships were engaged in an intense battle in the vast space. All kinds of energy beams and high-tech weapons erupted with dazzling light comparable to the sun in the vast space.

As soon as an energy beam shot out, the interstellar battleship that was struck immediately exploded.

The continuous explosions looked like countless radiant fireworks blooming in the dead silent space from afar.

This intense battle between high-tech weapons was like boiling hot water, stirring up the dark starry sky and surging with the heat of the explosions.

A huge explosion shook the air at this moment, comparable to the simultaneous explosion of several planets. In fact, the small planets around the location of the battle had really exploded in the air after enduring the bombardment of countless energy beams and high-tech weapons. The terrifying energy shockwaves produced by the explosions also destroyed a large number of interstellar battleships.

Even so, the two sides still showed no signs of stopping. Instead, the flames of war grew stronger and stronger. Behind the two teams, large numbers of interstellar battleships kept emerging from the empty space and joining in the battle.

Su Jingxing was watching the show.

Suddenly, he sensed a powerful threat coming from afar.

The next moment, a loud beast roar suddenly sounded in the starry sky.

It was as if an ancient ferocious beast that had been sleeping for tens of millions of years had been awakened for no reason. In its anger, a terrifying energy aura erupted, accompanied by a frightening pressure that dispersed in the starry sky. The deafening sound caused the starry sky to tremble and buzz non-stop.

If the roar of a muscular lion snarling at the sky on the empty grassland could make all beasts submit, then this beast roar was the roar of billions of lions gathered together. It could make all living beings in the world submit instantly.

A loud and fearsome roar sounded. In the end, it directly transformed into a materialized sound wave. Like a thick pillar, it suddenly shot out in the vast starry sky.

A sound resembling water waves breaking apart was heard. It was clear, pleasant, and surging like a tide. It accurately entered the ears of all living beings present.

From afar, this huge sound wave was like a monstrous wave that was ten thousand meters long and a thousand meters tall, stirring up trouble in the endless sea. The commotion it caused was torrential and world-shaking.

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Under the impact of this terrifying sound wave, the small interstellar battleships floating in space exploded in less than half a second without any resistance.

Huge explosions followed one after another, like fireworks, releasing fiery red wreaths in the vast starry sky.

In the blink of an eye, they spread out to the surrounding star fields at lightning speed. The surging energy aura filled the starry sky. The scorching mechanical torrent rose like boiling water in the endless starry sky.

Su Jingxing’s pupils constricted rapidly as he watched this scene. He stared at the additional meteorite area in the center of the battlefield, his blood-colored eyes filled with shock.

With his spiritual martial body activated, Su Jingxing’s vision was incomparably clear. He saw hundreds of Mutated Beasts of various sizes and heights standing in the air. They stood at the front of the right camp with their heads raised, facing the left camp from afar.

These were beasts that Su Jingxing had never seen before. Their massive bodies were like meatballs, but on them, there were bottomless holes. It was as if someone had used guns to turn them into beehives. All of them were riddled with holes and looked extremely miserable.

However, Su Jingxing knew that those holes were not wounds. Instead, they were organs that resembled loudspeakers and had the function of amplifiers.

Su Jingxing could clearly see that the earth-shattering roar earlier was released through these holes.

Densely packed holes covered the entire body. The scarlet surface was suffused with a metallic luster. On closer inspection, it was actually fine scales that were combined. They were embedded into each other like armor, wrapping around its huge body.

The beasts had no limbs or heads, but nine thick feelers that were more than 100,000 meters long were distributed around the fat bodies. The feelers were not at peace for a moment. They kept fluttering in the air like wings, emitting whistling winds.

From time to time, lumps of air would be exhaled from an especially large hole.

Su Jingxing thought for a moment and knew that that was a mouth, but he couldn’t see any fangs or eyes.

But in the next moment, Su Jingxing knew that he was wrong.

One of the Mutated Beasts suddenly trembled. Then, terrifying red lights suddenly shot out from the holes all over its body. They flashed three times in an orderly manner before disappearing.

Su Jingxing was a little stunned by this scene.

It turned out that not only were the holes used to amplify sound, they were also the eyes of this monster!

“What kind of monster is this?”

Su Jingxing thought for a moment and couldn’t help but summon Ming from his soul space. They looked at the battle in the distance and asked, “Ming, do you know what those monsters are?”

This was originally a subconscious question, but Su Jingxing didn’t hold much hope.

After all, the origin of the Cosmic Tower was extremely mysterious. Although Ming was the tower spirit that he awakened with the Intelligence Awakening Card,

Ming’s memories had always been related to the Cosmic Tower and much of it had been sealed.

“Master, that’s a Space Beast,” Ming replied in Su Jingxing’s mind.

“You really know?” Su Jingxing was surprised.

“Yes.” Ming looked in the direction of the roar and replied, “This is a Space Beast called the Demon Sound Kui Beast.”

“All Space Beasts can shuttle through the void to live. The Demon Sound Kui Beast is just one of them. These Space Beasts can transmit their voices through space, and they love to eat ground core magma.

“Ordinary attacks can’t break through their defense. Only those in the Cloud Ascension realm can injure them.

“They are that powerful?”