Chapter 694 - Hold a Press Conference

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Chapter 694: Hold a Press Conference

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Yu Haiyang was still confused and didn’t know what to do. He could only look at Su Jin. Xi Shuangshuang also felt powerless. Su Jin saw their gazes and knew that the mother and son had no idea what to do next.

Su Jin thought silently for a moment before she said, “This matter has made Yu Haiyang a vile character in everyone’s eyes. The only way to counter this is to hold a press conference.”

“However, you must be prepared. You will hear some very harsh words then!”

Xi Shuangshuang heard Su Jin’s words and agreed with her. This matter had impacted them greatly. Many people had terminated their contracts with the Yu Corporation because of this vileness. Su Jin was right. The right thing to do now was to hold a press conference so they could clarify things.

Xi Shuangshuang nodded and glanced at Yu Haiyang before she replied, “Okay, I’ll arrange for it right away. We’ll do it tomorrow!”

When Yu Haiyang heard his mom and Su Jin, he nodded. After all, the truth of the matter wasn’t out yet and everyone thought that he’s a pervert who wanted to rape his stepmother, even murder her. Even though he might face the abuse from the crowd, he must face the public, or he would never be able to clear his name.

Yu Haiyang said seriously, “No problem. I’ll do it. I’m not afraid!”

As soon as they finished speaking, there was a loud bang at the villa entrance. It was as if something heavy had hit the gate. Before they could react, the sound got increasingly louder, like someone was trying to crash through the main door. The few of them looked at each other and Xi Shuangshuang’s eyes were filled with helplessness. At this moment, a commotion started outside the main door as people shouted, “Open the door quickly and let that pervert murderer out!”

“Let that pervert out now. We are going to castrate him and send him back to prison!”

“That’s right. Why was such a heinous criminal released? He should be in prison!”

“Don’t think that you can do whatever you want just because you are rich and powerful. That kid is a monster. You can’t protect this pervert!”

“If you don’t hand over Yu Haiyang now, we’ll smash open the door!”

“Get Yu Haiyang out here and make him kneel, kowtow and admit his mistake before we send him back to prison!”

“Or else, we’ll go in ourselves and beat this b*stard to death. Open the door now!”

Yu Haiyang’s expression darkened when he heard the scolding outside the door. The crowd outside cursed for a while, but when they saw that no one came out, they continued to smash the door crazily. Just as the door was about to be smashed open, Xi Shuangshuang, who was confused about how people knew that Yu Haiyang was back, said worriedly, “But Haiyang had just come back. How can there be trouble so quickly?”

Yu Haiyang’s expression turned even darker when he heard the loud banging. He didn’t know how these people got the news that he was out and had the gall to make trouble here. There wasn’t much he could do anyway because his matter wasn’t easily explained, and the public didn’t know the truth.

As the door was about to be smashed opened, Yu Haiyang stood up and said to Su Jin and Xi Shuangshuang, “Mom, Sister Su, these people are here for me. I’ll go out and ask them to stop this nonsense!”

Su Jin frowned. She had just bailed Yu Haiyang out, yet so many people were here to make trouble. It was obvious that something was wrong. It seemed that someone at the detention center had leaked the news of Yu Haiyang’s bail, and the troublemakers had come.

Su Jin pulled Yu Haiyang back and said solemnly, “You can’t go out now. These people clearly have a plan to come and cause trouble!”

“They’re making a fuss now because they don’t want you to explain this matter in public!”

Yu Haiyang’s eyes filled with anger as he heard this. He recalled what Su Jin had said before and knew that this was Song Qingyu and Yu Junchi’s doing. If he went out now, these people would beat him up, seriously injure him so he couldn’t go to the public with the truth.

Yu Haiyang gritted his teeth and said to the two of them, “I know now. This was all done by that b*stard Yu Junchi!”

“That b*stard set me up to the point of no comeback so that he’d inherit everything from the Yu family!”

“It’s just a group of people. No big deal, I can handle them. Mom, Sister Su, you don’t have to worry. They’re just a bunch of hooligans who can’t make waves. I will go out and take care of them right away! Don’t you worry about me!”