Chapter 696 - I'll Recommend Myself

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Chapter 696: I’ll Recommend Myself

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Yu Junchi smiled when he heard Old Master Yu’s question. It took a lot of effort to get Yu Haiyang into trouble. He must seize every opportunity and create one if there were none. He had to make the old master ask the question himself or it would look too obvious.

Yu Junchi replied confidently, “Since you asked, I’ll recommend myself. What do you think?”

“I’m not as smart as that little b*stard Yu Haiyang but I won’t do such despicable things!”

“And I won’t be condemned as a b*stard by everyone!”

When Old Master Yu heard this, he was even more certain of some things. However, Yu Haiyang’s matter hadn’t been completely resolved yet, so he could only accept the torment for now. Old Master Yu always believed that Yu Haiyang was innocent, but the matter wasn’t easy to prove.

Old Master Yu glanced at Yu Junchi and said plainly, “Although what you said is correct, no one knows how you would really do things!”

“Let’s see how you perform first!”

Yu Junchi clenched his fists in anger when he heard this. Even then, he dared not say much since he wasn’t the heir to the Yu family yet. If he angered the old master, he would get nothing.

Yu Junchi suppressed the anger in his heart and said with a polite smile, “Alright, don’t worry Grandpa. I won’t let you down!”

Old Master Yu waved his hand to dismiss Yu Junchi. He watched the news on television and sighed helplessly. He didn’t expect his favorite grandson to do such despicable things. Yu Junchi did not leave but said to the old master with a smile, “Grandpa, I haven’t visited you for so long. Let me spend more time with you!”

Old Master Yu nodded. He could not just kick Yu Junchi out. Since he wanted to stay, he’ll let him stay. An old man like him had nothing much to do anyway. He might as well observe his grandson to find out more about his temperament and see if Yu Junchi’s a suitable heir.

Old Master Yu said to the butler, “Bring me the Go chess board and pieces. I’ll play a game or two with Junchi!”