Chapter 698 - The Process

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Chapter 698: The Process

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Su Jin looked Yu Haiyang up and down. She felt that his appearance was a little forced but they didn’t have much time now. This would have to do. After all, it was meant for the others to see. There’s no need to take it too seriously because once the evidence was presented, no one would care if Yu Haiyang’s appearance was real.

Su Jin said, “That would do. Let’s not overdo it!”

Yu Haiyang nodded and then walked to the door with Su Jin. After opening the door, Su Jin grabbed Yu Haiyang’s collar and dragged him out the door. Since they were acting, they must do a good job so others wouldn’t find out.

Before the crowd could say anything, Su Jin announced with a face full of righteous indignation, “Dear friends from the media, it took me a lot of effort to drag this half-dead Yu Haiyang out of bed!”

“But that’s not important. The most important thing is that I found the entire process of his rape and murder on his laptop!”

“The methods were shameless and cruel. Just monstrous!”

When Old Master Yu first saw Yu Haiyang’s appearance, he felt sorry for his grandson. However, he stopped feeling sorry for him when he heard Su Jin’s words. He was filled with anger and disappointment. And he felt sorry for his grandson’s irrational behavior!

When Yu Junchi heard Su Jin’s words, he looked at her warily and said in surprise, “You wretched girl! What you said isn’t true. My brother is a good person. You can’t slander him!”

“We have been best friends since young. Can you not make up things to frame my brother?”

Yu Junchi knew that Su Jin and Yu Haiyang seemed to be pretty good friends. Since they were friends, why would she suddenly say such horrible things about Yu Haiyang? There must be something wrong here. He definitely couldn’t let this girl ruin his big plan.

Su Jin looked at Yu Junchi coldly. She didn’t expect this shameless guy to pull the “good brothers” trick. Su Jin replied coldly, “We’ll know if it’s a setup after we watch the video!”

The reporters who received the call to come here were even more excited when they heard that there was evidence. The reason Yu Haiyang hadn’t gone to jail was because Song Qingyu hadn’t been discharged from the hospital, in addition to insufficient evidence. Since someone mentioned a video, Yu Haiyang would go to prison for sure if it’s real.

A reporter said seriously on behalf of the crowd, “Madam, we are just like you. We hate this kind of beast!”

“If you really want to help the victim, please project the video so everyone can watch it. It’s not like one can disregard the law just because they are rich and powerful!”

Su Jin watched everyone’s reaction, which basically followed her direction, and felt satisfied. She didn’t even look at Yu Junchi because once the video was shown, Yu Haiyang wouldn’t be the unlucky one. He’d be innocent and it would be known to everyone.

Su Jin replied quickly, “No problem, I’ll project the video now!”

Su Jin then turned around and took the projector from Xi Shuangshuang. After connecting it to the laptop, she projected the video on the front wall of the villa. Yu Junchi immediately had a bad feeling, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. He just couldn’t let Su Jin show the video, so he shouted nervously, “Don’t show the video!”

“My brother is a good person!”

“None of you can watch it. You can’t watch it!”

All the reporters were waiting for the video with faces full of anticipation. Once there was sufficient evidence, this would be such explosive news that would earn them large sums of money. Moreover, they would be seeking justice for the victim. They didn’t expect someone to cause trouble at this time. Some reporters could not help but shout angrily at Yu Junchi.

“You are a member of the Yu family, right?”

“If you don’t want to see the Yu family lose face, you can choose not to watch the video. We reporters are here to seek the truth. Don’t stand here and waste everyone’s time!”

Yu Junchi was completely flustered now. His bad feeling was getting stronger. He had planned everything so well, yet such a situation suddenly appeared. He was at a loss and looked at Old Master Yu.

Yu Junchi then hurriedly went up to grab the old master’s arm and said, “Grandpa, why don’t we go now? Otherwise, when we see the video later, I’m afraid that your heart won’t be able to take it!”