Chapter 699 - The Video

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Chapter 699: The Video

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Old Master Yu shook off Yu Junchi’s hand when he heard Yu Junchi’s words. No matter what, Yu Haiyang was a descendant of the Yu family, and he wouldn’t just stand by and do nothing. Since there was evidence now, Old Master Yu wanted to understand what happened, so he said firmly, “Let go of me. I want to see what this little b*stard did!”

Old Master Yu thought that he should find out why Yu Haiyang did it so he could help him. He couldn’t just watch Yu Haiyang sent to prison. Cold sweat broke out on Yu Junchi’s forehead when he heard this. Just as he was about to say something to Old Master Yu, the video began to play.

In the video, Yu Haiyang was standing in the ward where he was arrested. His face was angry, like he was going to kill Song Qingyu, while Song Qingyu looked weak and vulnerable.

Yu Haiyang questioned her, “Song Qingyu, my mother told me that she didn’t push you at all. You deliberately fell to frame my mother!”

“You must explain this to everyone and apologize to my mother. My mother will not take the blame!”

Song Qingyu put on a wronged face with tears in her eyes, like she as being bullied. People would sympathize with her when they saw her like this. She didn’t pay any attention to Yu Haiyang. Instead, she looked at the other people in the ward and asked all the medical staff to clear the ward.

“Everyone, please give us the room. I have something to discuss with this young man!”

After everyone left, Song Qingyu revealed a seductive look. She didn’t look like someone who had just lost a baby, but like a slut who was going to seduce a man she’d been admiring. Song Qingyu beckoned Yu Haiyang with her finger as she said seductively, “Come over here if you want me to apologize. Let’s talk!”

Yu Haiyang didn’t suspect anything and moved closer to Song Qingyu. However, as soon as Yu Haiyang approached her, she started to take off her clothes, as if she was going to jump Yu Haiyang. Yu Haiyang had never encountered this before, so he turned his head immediately to avoid looking at her.

“Song Qingyu, we are talking about your apology. Why are you taking off your clothes?”

Song Qingyu saw Yu Haiyang’s reaction and revealed a disdainful smile. Since they had already reached this point, she had to continue. Song Qingyu looked longingly at Yu Haiyang while Yu Haiyang avoided looking at her.

Song Qingyu looked at Yu Haiyang with a smile as she said seductively, “It’s nothing. I’m feeling really hot. I just need some air. What are you afraid of? It’s not as if I’m going to eat you!”

Yu Haiyang ignored her and kept his head tilted so he wouldn’t see Song Qingyu at all. He came here to ask Song Qingyu to apologize to his mom. His family was already in shambles, yet Song Qingyu framed his mom. Yu Haiyang would not tolerate this.

He looked at the wall and said firmly, “Don’t talk so much nonsense. What’s it going to take for you to apologize to my mom?”

The reporters were puzzled when they saw this. Yu Haiyang had been behaving like a gentleman. Why would he suddenly rape Song Qingyu? Moreover, from the looks of it, it was obvious that Song Qingyu was seducing Yu Haiyang! Some people in the crowd mocked him cruelly while others voiced their doubts.

“Yu Haiyang doesn’t look like he wants to molest Song Qingyu at all. He’s such a gentleman!”

“Look at that Song Qingyu. She’s clearly not a good person. No wonder she’s a mistress!”

“But it’s understandable for a teenager to be aroused after being seduced by Song Qingyu!”

“Hmph! The more gentlemanly he is at the beginning, the harder the slap will be in the end! In my opinion, Yu Haiyang is just pretending!”

Old Master Yu’s face filled with surprise and confusion as he watched the video. What happened was completely different from what people said. Yu Haiyang didn’t do anything to Song Qingyu at all. Instead, it was Song Qingyu who kept seducing Yu Haiyang. Was there a conspiracy behind this?

Old Master Yu muttered under his breath, “It seems that things are not the same as what people said!”