Chapter 1112 - Getting Worse and Worse

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Chapter 1112: Getting Worse and Worse

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When Su Jiu met Rong Si’s expectant gaze, she suddenly felt a little embarrassed. Her voice became softer. “Of course, you’re family. Although we’re not married yet, in my heart, you’re already my family.”

“Family?” Rong Si frowned, as if he wasn’t satisfied with this answer.

Su Jiu blinked. “Aren’t you?”

“I’d rather you said lover than family.”

Su Jiu was stunned, and her heart began to beat faster.

Yes, to be precise, the little villain was her lover. Because… one could have many family members, but only one lover.

“I know. I was wrong, okay?” Su Jiu rubbed her head against Rong Si’s chest as if she were a kitten pretending to be cute.

Her hair tickled his chin, and he felt like a kitten’s claws were gently scratching his heart. As he looked at the girl in his arms, his throat moved. Some impulse stirred, but he could only try to control it.

However, a kiss was fine.

Hence, Su Jiu’s face was lifted by a warm hand. Before she could react, her waist was tightened and a hot kiss landed on her lips.

Su Jiu did not resist. On the contrary, she liked it. This was a closeness that belonged only to lovers, between her and Rong Si. It left her mesmerized.

After an unknown period, when Su Jiu was panting, Rong Si finally let her go. His eyes were dark, like those of a wolf hungry for food. He stared at her flushed face and her red, seductive lips. In a slightly hoarse voice, he said, “I think… one day, I won’t be able to hold myself back.”

Su Jiu choked and blushed even more. “Rong Si, you… you’re getting worse!”

“Didn’t I learn it from you?”

Su Jiu was speechless.

Alright, it did seem to have something to do with her… The original little villain was a cold and serious person, but ever since she had seduced him, he had slowly changed into a different person. However, he was very seductive like this. Just a word from him could make her heart flutter.