Chapter 969 - The Little Villain's Bullsh*t Detector

I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating Biting Peaches 2022/9/13 15:56:45

Su Jiu felt a frisson of disgust.

Please, can she not use that saccharine tone of voice with him? It gives me goosebumps!

Su Jiu quietly observed Rong Si’s expression and was relieved to find that his expression didn’t change. His brows were still tightly furrowed, and the disgust in his eyes was clear. Fortunately, the little villain was still excellent at detecting bullsh*t. No matter how sweetly that girl called him her big brother, he didn’t seem to be moved.

“Big Brother Rong Si, say something, okay…” Rong Xi continued to speak softly, sounding even more pleading.

“No!” Rong Si callously refused her.

The girl’s heart broke.

She had already tried to please him. Wasn’t his rejection a little too blunt? And his voice was so cold that Rong Xi felt a chill run down her spine even though Rong Si wasn’t in front of her.

Su Jiu wanted to laugh. The little villain had just rejected the other girl so expressionlessly.?He is too cute!

“Don’t call me again,” Rong Si said. He hung up before Rong Xi could answer and blocked her number.

Su Jiu could imagine Rong Xi’s expression at this moment. She really wanted to say, “Well done!”

As Rong Si put the phone back into his pocket, Su Jiu couldn’t help but ask, “Big Brother, why does she have your number? Did she look you up?”

Su Jiu thought about it and decided that must be the case. After all, the Rong family was a rich and powerful family in the capital. It should have been easy for Rong Xi to get the little villain’s number.

Rong Si intently looked at Su Jiu. “Call me that again,” he said suddenly.

“Huh?” Su Jiu was puzzled.

“You just called me something. Do it again.”

Su Jiu blinked and automatically said, “Big Brother!”

“Good.” Rong Si nodded seriously. His heart, which had been stifled because Rong Xi had called him “big brother,” suddenly felt much better.

He could stand it only if Little Jiu called him that. As long as it was her, he wouldn’t get tired of it.

Recalling what Rong Xi had just said, Su Jiu deliberately teased him. “Big Brother, won’t you accept other girls making snacks for you? Don’t you want to see which one of us makes them better?”

Rong Si gave her a sidelong glance. “Is there a need to compare?”

“Why not? If she cooks well, you can ask her to cook for you.”

Su Jiu felt like she had become a little troublemaker at this moment, but she felt that occasionally teasing her boyfriend was nothing wrong.

Rong Si reached out and ruffled her hair. “Stop it.”

If I really tried snacks made by another girl, this girl would probably cry, right?

His hand was large and warm, and all of a sudden, Su Jiu felt calm. Even if she had just been furious, it was as if all the fire in her had suddenly been put out. She rubbed her head against his palm like an obedient kitten.

Wrapping her arms around Rong Si’s waist, she gloomily said, “Big Brother, what should we do? I feel like your sister is going to pester you.”

Rong Si’s expression darkened. “I don’t have a sister.”

He had said that he would never get involved with the Rong family again.?Accepting that girl as my sister? Heh, that’s ridiculous!

Su Jiu looked up at him and reached out to cup his face. “Even if she does. I’ll still be here. If she dares to pester you, I’ll…”

“You’ll what?” Rong Si was intrigued.

“I’ll…” Su Jiu thought for a while but could not think of anything lethal. In the end, she fiercely said, “I’ll scold her until she cries!”

Rong Si was stunned at first, then he couldn’t help but laugh.