Chapter 971 - Her Male Fans

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Su Jiu was speechless.

Rong Si couldn’t stand it either. He asked again, “Are you leaving or not?”

“I… I really don’t have any ill intentions. Big Brother Rong Si, why do you hate me?” Rong Xi felt so wronged. “I have no objections if you hate my mother. But can you not hate me too? I have no idea what my mother has done!”

She was still babbling when Rong Si took out his phone and called the hotel’s front desk. He told them to call a security guard and bring Rong Xi away.

When he finished the call, Rong Xi was shocked. “Big Brother Rong Si, you… you really didn’t have to call security to take me away? Why are you like this…”

The image of a good brother began to crumble in Rong Xi’s heart. She had thought that as long as she tried to get closer to him, with her charm, she could make him accept her as his sister. But clearly, she had failed.

The trick that had worked so many times on other boys was useless on him. He already hated the Rong family, and now that he had Su Jiu as his girlfriend, he only had her in his eyes, right?

Was there even a place for a sister?

Soon, a security guard came over. He was about to escort Rong Xi away, but she struggled and angrily said, “I can walk by myself!”

Then, she looked at Rong Si with red eyes and continued, “Big Brother Rong Si, won’t you acknowledge me as your sister? How can you be so heartless… I’m really hurt!”

Rong Si didn’t budge. This time, he didn’t waste any time. He closed the door, keeping Rong Xi out.

The moment before he closed the door, Rong Xi noticed Su Jiu sitting on the sofa. Su Jiu was leisurely eating her snacks and looking at the scene with a calm expression, as if she had expected this.

Rong Xi suddenly wondered if…?did she encourage Big Brother Rong Si to do this?

How could Rong Si be so expressionless when someone had personally come to apologize to him, let alone someone who was related to him by blood? It just didn’t make sense.?That girl probably put him up to it!

Before being taken away by security, Rong Xi glared at Su Jiu, then turned to leave.

Why are you glaring at me?

She had been eating and doing nothing. Why had that girl glared at her? It was ridiculous.

When Rong Si returned, Su Jiu pursed her lips. “Rong Si, did you see that just now? I didn’t do anything to her, yet she glared at me!”

Her indignant accusation was adorable, too. Rong Si’s mood lightened again. “Ignore her.”

“Now that she knows you live here and that I’m here too, she won’t do anything rash in a fit of anger, right?” Su Jiu was a little worried.

And she was actually right. After leaving the hotel, Rong Xi became angrier and angrier. Her mind was filled with images of Su Jiu being with Rong Si as his mistress.

Rong Xi was furious. She immediately called the agency that had helped her find Rong Si’s hotel and demanded that they arrange paparazzi to follow Su Jiu. Rong Xi wanted them to take photos of Su Jiu, especially those with other boys. If Rong Xi posted them online, it would cause a huge sensation!

Isn’t Su Jiu the nation’s first love?

If those male fans saw photos of her flirting with other boys, would they still support her?