Chapter 973 - Pitiful, Weak, and Helpless

I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating Biting Peaches 2022/9/13 15:56:46

Su Jiu’s lips twitched.?Marketing accounts nowadays really like to write nonsense. They sent out the news without understanding the truth of the matter at all. They even said that I invited Han Siye to my house for a sweet date. Amazing!

Auntie Zhang was indignant. “Little Jiu, these people are just writing nonsense now. How annoying! Look. So many people believe it. Seriously. Do you want to sue him?”

“Many other accounts and netizens are reposting it now. We can’t sue them all. We can only find out who sent the first message.” Su Jiu was calm.

Her father had encountered this kind of thing many times in the past. There was no lack of people spreading rumors online. Moreover, the netizens were already sensitive to matters in the entertainment industry. As long as any commotion arose, as long as someone instigated anything, it would blow up and start trending.

Fortunately, this was not considered bad news, and refuting the rumors wasn’t difficult. It was still relatively easy to deal with.

Su Jiu was about to post a clarification on Weibo when she received a call.

He must know about this too.?Su Jiu quickly picked up the phone and answered. “Hello, Daddy?”

Su Shengjing’s voice sounded a little serious. “Baby, that brat went to look for you when I wasn’t at home again? Why did he look for you? Why are people saying that you asked him out for a sweet date?”

Su Jiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Daddy, it’s true that Han Siye came to me, but he wasn’t asking for a date. He just gave me a box of candy and left. I didn’t even talk to him much, let alone let him inside the house.”

Su Shengjing knew that Su Jiu did not have those kinds of feelings for Han Siye, so when he had seen the news online and recognized that the boy in the picture was Han Siye and not Rong Si, he did not feel much alarm. He only asked the company’s public relations department to help in dealing with it.

Su Shengjing nodded. “That’s good. Daddy will help you settle this matter. You should also post a clarification on Weibo. Be careful in the future.”

“Okay, thank you, Daddy!” Su Jiu said obediently. “But why were the paparazzi at our house? I wonder how long they were waiting there? What did I do to make them wait for me?”

“This is the property management’s fault. How could they have let the paparazzi in? Baby, don’t worry! I’ll tell the property management to pay more attention and keep any suspicious people out.

“I bought such an expensive villa area for safety and peace. If they can’t even guard against the paparazzi, then they’re not doing their job. I’m going to lodge a complaint against them!” Su Shengjing was indignant.

Fortunately, it was only a photo of Little Jiu at the front door this time. If it had been a picture of her in her room…

In that case, it would be an extreme breach of privacy.

Su Shengjing frowned. Suddenly, he recalled what Su Jiu had just said. “That’s not right. What did you just say? They were waiting for you? Are you sure?”

“I don’t know. It feels like they were coming for me.” At least, her instinct told her that was the case, and her first thought was of Rong Xi.

Rong Xi had the means to get someone to track down the little villain’s number and address, so it wasn’t entirely out of the question for Rong Xi to track Su Jiu’s address too and send someone after her.

Su Shengjing frowned and said in a solemn tone, “Then, Baby, you have to be careful in the future.”

“Got it, Daddy. I’ll be careful.”

“By the way, Baby, nothing happened between you and Rong Si, right?”

Hearing this, Su Jiu felt a little guilty and laughed dryly. “Nothing. What can I have with him? He’s overseas. He’s so far away from me, so you don’t have to worry, Daddy.”