Chapter 4005 - The World Cleansing Divine Water Awakens

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Duan Ling Tian was unaware that Yang Qian Ye had become an intermediate Lord of Gods so he was rather shocked. It was surprising to him that hatred could drive someone to unleash such extraordinary potential. He had long heard about Yang Qian Ye’s talent while he was still in the Hidden Fog Sect. However, that talent was far from enough for Yang Qian Ye to become an intermediate Lord of Gods in such a short time. Apart from that, he was also shocked that Ye Tong from the Pure Yang Sect’s Hidden Sword faction was inspired by Yang Qian Ye so Ye Tong schemed for Ye Ying Cai to reunite with his family and discover the truth. It was also unexpected that Ye Chen Feng would agree to Ye Tong’s plan, allowing Ye Ying Cai to discover the truth of his past and to seek revenge for his father and his clan from the Alliance of Benevolence and Justice.

‘I hope he’ll be able to withstand the pressure. If he manages to do so, he’ll definitely soar to greater heights. However, there’s also a chance that he might crumble under the pressure,’ Duan Ling Tian thought to himself.

After that, Duan Ling Tian thought about his own cultivation journey. His greatest motivation was to rescue Ke’er in the Divine Offering Land. Now that he found Ke’er was in the Divine Offering Land’s Realm Battlefield, he was even more motivated to grow stronger so he could enter the Realm Battlefield to rescue her. Although the Realm Battlefield was no longer as dangerous as the time when he first arrived, it would still be difficult for him to wander the Realm Battlefield without a care in the world with his current cultivation base. In the Realm Battlefields, let alone Kings of Gods and Lords of Gods, even Emperors of Gods were common. There was also a chance of encountering Supreme Gods in there.

‘Why am I thinking about other people’s affairs when I can’t even deal with my own affairs?’ Duan Ling Tian thought to himself with a self-deprecating smile on his face before he sat cross-legged and began to cultivate. Although the cultivation environment in the flying ship was less than ideal, it was not difficult for him to immerse in cultivation. All he did was asked Zhen Ping Fan to stop others from disturbing him during the journey before he began to cultivate.

After agreeing to Duan Ling Tian’s request, Zhen Ping Fan could not help but sigh inwardly. ‘What a hard-working young man. Ye Ying Cai is really inferior in this regard. Ye Ying Cai should use this time to cultivate instead of staring blankly into space at this time. He can only avenge his father if he’s strong enough. Staring into space won’t help him avenge father…’

Zhen Ping Fan shook his head as he looked at Ye Ying Cai again.

The journey to the Profound Jade Mansion was very smooth. Even if they encountered roadblocks, nobody dared to stand in their way after Ye Chen Feng and Liu Feng Gu displayed their strength. After all, they were still in one of the Seven Mansions. There were hardly, if any, Supreme Gods in the Seven Mansions. At most, there were a few advanced Emperors of Gods who lived in seclusion in the Seven Mansions; even then, they would be focused on breaking through and becoming a Supreme God. Hence, most of the troublemakers were only ordinary cultivators. It would be shocking if there was even one rudimentary Emperor of Gods among these troublemakers. With two intermediate Emperors of Gods, it was only natural that their journey was extremely smooth.

‘I still need more time to stabilize my cultivation base… I hope that I’ll be able to stabilize it before the finals of the Seven Mansions Feast,’ Duan Ling Tian thought to himself. He did not expect it to be so difficult to stabilize his cultivation base after becoming an intermediate Lord of Gods. Even if he had enough lord-grade Limit Divine Pills to help him, he was still short of time. Hence, he could not help but feel slightly anxious.

“Little Tian, it’s not good to be anxious and impatient when cultivating…”

Duan Ling Tian’s heart skipped a beat when he heard the familiar voice. ‘This voice…”

“Sister Water? Y-you’ve awakened?”

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Duan Ling Tian naturally recognized the voice of the World Cleansing Divine Water, one of the Five Divine Elements that resided in his Little World.

In the past, the Five Divine Elements had helped Duan Ling Tian tear through the barrier and cross over to the Realm Battlefield. As a result, they exhausted their energies and fell into a deep slumber. After that, he had also sealed his Little World to prevent others from discovering his secret. However, after becoming a Lord of Gods, he had made a small opening in his Little World so that the Five Divine Elements could contact him when they woke up. With his current cultivation base, even Emperors of Gods would not be able to sense the Five Divine Elements unless they deliberately probed him with their Divine Consciousness. Even if advanced Emperors of Gods tried to probe him, with his cultivation base, he would be able to sense their Divine Consciousnesses and had plenty of time to seal his Little World before they probed him.

Duan Ling Tian had been eagerly waiting for the Five Divine Elements to wake up. Not only did he feel guilty about them exhausting their strength because of him, but he also felt safer when the Five Divine Elements were conscious. There were his trump cards, after all. Now that the World Cleansing Divine Water woke up, he knew it would not be long before the other Divine Elements woke up as well.

“Yes, but I’ve yet to fully recover my strength,” the World Cleansing Divine Water said weakly, “It’ll take me a few hundred to a thousand years to completely recover my strength. I’ll have to go back to sleep again. Previously, I’ve discussed this with the Divine Elements. We agreed that whoever managed to recover a little bit of energy first would wake up to check on you. I didn’t expect you to become an intermediate Lord of Gods in such a short time. How amazing.”

The World Cleansing Divine Water used to live in a Divine Tree of Life in a Realm of Gods before the Realm of Gods was destroyed. Hence, it had seen many outstanding prodigies in its life. For it to praise Duan Ling Tian, there was no doubt that his progress was tremendous.

“Sister Water, did you wake up just to tease me?” Duan Ling Tian was flattered by the praise, but he was more disappointed when he learned that it was likely the other Divine Elements would not be waking up so soon.

“Didn’t I say it’s because everyone wants to make sure you’re okay and check on your progress?” the World Cleansing Divine Water said. Her voice was calm, and she sounded like a caring elder sister as always.

“I’m in a rush to stabilize my cultivation base now,” Duan Ling Tian said with a sigh, “I’ll be participating in a competition called the Seven Mansions Feast. It’ll be beneficial to my cultivation if I can rank first, but I’m not confident I’ll be able to do so if I can’t stabilize my cultivation base completely.”

“Relax. Let me try to observe your cultivation base,” the World Cleansing Divine Water said.

Duan Ling Tian would not allow most people to probe his cultivation base, but he did not hesitate when it came to the World Cleansing Divine Water. After all, if the World Cleansing Divine Water wanted to harm him, it had plenty of chances to do so in the past. Soon enough, he felt the World Cleansing Divine Water’s cool energy enter his body and coursed through his meridians. His body relaxed, and he felt very calm; it was as though all his worries had melted away at this moment. He only regained his senses when the World Cleansing Divine Water spoke again.

“Little Tian, it’s not impossible for you to stabilize your cultivation base in a short time. I have a way, but I can’t guarantee that it’ll work…”

Duan Ling Tian asked eagerly, “Sister Water, what is it?”

“The Five Divine Elements can try to help you,” the World Cleansing Divine Water said, “I’ll wake them up first. After that, we’ll mobilize our energies before merging them with your Divine Energy so you can stabilize your cultivation base. This will definitely speed up the process, but I can’t say for sure if it’ll be done before the Seven Mansions Feast starts. After all, I have no idea when the Seven Mansions Feast starts.”

Duan Ling Tian did not tell the World Cleansing Divine Water the exact date of the Seven Mansions Feast because he was worried the looming deadline would make the Five Divine Elements overexert themselves trying to help him stabilize his cultivation base. It would negatively affect them if that happened.

“Sister Water, this will exhaust a lot of energy, right?” Duan Ling Tian asked.

“It’s fine. It’s just a small matter to us. It’ll only require less than 10% of the energies we’ve recovered over the years,” the World Cleansing Divine Water said, “After all, you’ve done a good job of stabilizing your cultivation base so far. If you’ve just become an intermediate Lord of Gods, it would likely exhaust all the energies we recovered to help you stabilize your cultivation base. So don’t worry about us or refuse our help. Don’t forget. It’s also beneficial to us if you become stronger. I’d have to discuss with them first if it were another matter, but I can confidently make the decision this time because I know they won’t refuse to help you.” Then, it finally asked, “Now, tell me. When does the Seven Mansions Feast begin?”

Duan Ling Tian felt relieved upon hearing the World Cleansing Divine Water’s words. If the Five Divine Elements had to exhaust all the energies they recovered just to stabilize his cultivation base, he would never agree to it. With that, he told the World Cleansing Divine Water about when the Seven Mansions Feast would begin. After that, he asked, “Sister Water, will we be able to stabilize my cultivation base in time?”