Chapter 4008 - Seven Mansions Feast

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Both the venue for the Seven Mansions Feast and the accommodations for the various forces from the Seven Mansions were arranged by the four top forces in the Profound Jade Mansion.

There were no restrictions for Formations here. Under such circumstances, even if the four top forces in the Profound Jade Mansion were the host of the Seven Mansions Feast, there was no way for them to tamper with the Seven Mansions Feast or attack the young disciples from other forces to prevent them from participating in the Seven Mansions Feast.

Duan Ling Tian saw Liu Feng Gu setting up various Formations in and around the canyon with a group of elders from the Pure Yang Sect. No Formation was set prior to this. Even if there was, the people from the Pure Yang Sect would not be able to rest assured and would still set up their own Formations.

After a while, Duan Ling Tian and the other young disciples from the Pure Yang Sect quickly selected a wooden house each. Some of them wanted to cultivate on their own. Seeing this, those who were lazy felt embarrassed and were forced to cultivate as well. There were also those who cultivated in ostentatious places, putting up an act of diligence in front of the elders.

In fact, this attitude was not surprising. There were only three months left before the start of the Seven Mansions Feast. In most cases, it was impossible to make any significant improvement in such a short time no matter how hard they cultivated. Moreover, there was also the pressure of the Seven Mansions Feast pressing down on them that was not conducive to their cultivation.

However, for Duan Ling Tian, these three months were a race against time. His cultivation base had yet to completely stabilize since the Five Divine Elements had only begun to help him not too long ago. The next three months would be the critical period for him.

“I must completely stabilize my cultivation base in the realm of an intermediate Lord of Gods before the start of the Seven Mansions Feast! Otherwise, I don’t stand a chance of ranking first at all…”

Even the elders from the Fortune Sect thought Duan Ling Tian was an outstanding prodigy, but he did not feel proud at all. Many outstanding talents would be participating in the Seven Mansions Feast, and many of them were not weaker than him.

After all, most people speculated that even Wanqi Hong, who was previously acknowledged as the top prodigy under the age of 10,000 in the Eastern Ridge Mansion, only had a decent chance of ranking in the top three previously. This meant they were not even completely sure he could rank in the top three, let alone rank first.

Duan Ling Tian knew he was not much stronger than Wanqi Hong. The main reason he was able to defeat Wanqi Hong so quickly back then was due to Wanqi Hong underestimating him. If Wanqi Hong had taken him seriously from the beginning, he would have had a harder time defeating Wanqi Hong. Currently, his strength did not improve much compared to ten years ago. With this current strength, he knew it was impossible for him to rank first in the Seven Mansions Feast.

‘I really hope I’ll be able to completely stabilize my cultivation base before the start of the Seven Mansions Feast…’

This was Duan Ling Tian’s last thought before he completely immersed himself in his cultivation. He did not pay attention to the time at all. He was not worried about missing the Seven Mansions Feast. The Pure Yang Sect had invested so much in him that they would definitely wake him up when it was time for the Seven Mansions Feast. Not only that, but the Pure Yang Sect had also pinned all their hopes on him. After all, apart from him, even the most outstanding disciples would have a tough time ranking in the top ten. How could they allow him to miss the Seven Mansions Feast?

While Duan Ling Tian was cultivating, Zhen Ping Fan and Ye Chen Feng were chatting while drinking tea.

“Junior Uncle Ye,” Zhen Ping Fan said with a smile, “I really didn’t know you’re so good at holding grudges. 10,000 years have passed, but you still remember how Huang Qi Yuan mocked you back then. In fact, I think his reaction back then was only normal since you were indeed weaker than him. There’s no need to hold a grudge at all. Do you think he’d dare to mock you now?”

Zhen Ping Fan shook his head after he finished speaking.

Ye Chen Feng glared at Zhen Ping Fan and said, “Brat, what do you mean by ‘good at holding grudges’? What gave you that idea? Did I do anything to him earlier? I only greeted him. How can greeting him be considered revenge? Moreover, we can be considered old friends. Although we only met once 10,000 years ago, friendship is born out of rivalries. Moreover, when I greeted him earlier, I also sent him a Voice Transmission to thank him. If it weren’t for his mocking words back then, I wouldn’t have been driven by the humiliation to become stronger! Without him, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I even thanked him! I really don’t understand why he would react like that. How confusing!”


Zhen Ping Fan felt rather speechless after listening to Ye Chen Feng’s words. After a moment, he said, “So you mocked him through Voice Transmission as well? Initially, I thought perhaps he was a little too sensitive. However, after listening to you, I feel he really has a great temper. If it were me, I would’ve started cursing at you. It doesn’t even matter if you’re stronger than me. You’re really… ruthless…”

Zhen Ping Fan gave Ye Chen Feng a thumbs-up with an expression of admiration on his face. At the same time, he wondered if he had ever offended Ye Chen Feng in the past. He teased Ye Chen Feng for a few moments before he changed the subject and said, “Junior Uncle Ye, you made such a big promise to Duan Ling Tian previously… Do you really think he has a high chance of ranking first in the Seven Mansions Feast?”

To Zhen Ping Fan’s surprise, Ye Chen Feng shook his head and said, “It doesn’t necessarily mean that I thinkhe has a good chance of ranking first. I just want to motivate him. If his strength is like what it was ten years ago, I’m afraid it’d be impossible for him to rank in the top three, let alone rank first.”

Upon hearing this, Zhen Ping Fan’s eyes widened immediately. He asked, “Junior Uncle Ye, did you receive news regarding the Seven Mansions Feast?”

Ye Chen Feng nodded. “Yes. I recently received news that there’s an outstanding prodigy in the Consonance Mansion. If the rumors are true, that person will likely rank in the top three of the Seven Mansions Feast.”

“Consonance Mansion?” Zhen Ping Fan asked as his eyes shone with curiosity, “Which force is he from?”

“The United Heavens Sect,” Ye Chen Feng replied, “Last year, a young man, whom not many in the sect, knew suddenly appeared and easily defeated all the outstanding young disciples in the sect. Moreover, he fought them one against five. The five most outstanding young disciples in the United Heavens Sect are all famous. Both of us know about them. Although the strongest among the five is weaker than Wanqi Hong, he’s only slightly weaker. He has a great chance of ranking in the top ten…”

Zhen Ping Fan’s expression darkened as he said, “To think the United Heavens Sect hid such a monstrous talent so well. They must have been waiting for the Seven Mansion Feast to reveal such an existence!” After calming down, he asked again, “Are there any strong participants apart from that person from the United Heavens Sect in the Consonance Mansion?”

Zhen Ping Fan frowned. “Why are the Underworld Mansion and the Underworld Mansion so shameless this time?”

Ye Chen Feng glared at Zhen Ping Fan and said, “You’re one to talk. 10,000 years ago, no one from the Underworld Mansion and the Divine Morning Mansion ranked in the top 20. At that time, you told them that they should simply give up on participating in the Seven Mansions Feast or join forces to cultivate new talents so they would have a higher chance of winning! If you ask me, you were the one who gave them the idea.”

Zhen Ping Fan’s expression froze immediately. “Did, did I say that? I, I don’t think so…”

Zhen Ping Fan wore a sheepish expression on his face as fragmented memories from the past of him saying such words appeared in his mind. ‘I only mentioned it as a joke back then! How could they take my words so seriously?! I was only joking!’

“No one has seen the strength of the young disciples they cultivated, but they shouldn’t be weak. At least, they shouldn’t be weaker than Wanqi Hong from the Wanqi clan.”

It was obvious that Ye Chen Feng paid a lot of attention to the participants that the Underworld Mansion and the Divine Morning Mansion cultivated.

Zhen Ping Fan sighed. “If this is true, the Underworld Mansion and the Divine Morning Mansion are truly daring to use up all their resources just to cultivate participants of the Seven Mansions Feast.”

“Indeed.” Ye Chen Feng nodded in agreement.

As time passed, more and more people from the various top forces in the Seven Mansions arrived. All of them were arranged to stay in different places.

The young disciples did not wander around and focused on their cultivation instead.

Time continued to fly, and in just a blink of an eye, three months had passed.

“Duan Ling Tian! It’s time to go! The Seven Mansions Feast is about to start!”

Duan Ling Tian, who was sitting cross-legged on the bed in the wooden house, was woken up by Zhen Ping Fang early in the morning on the day of the Seven Mansions Feast. He opened his eyes. They were bright, and his aura seemed to have changed as well.

“It’s finally going to start…” Duan Ling Tian muttered to himself. In just a moment, he flashed outside and appeared in front of Zhen Ping Fan.

It did not take long before the people from the Pure Yang Sect left for the venue of the Seven Mansions Feast.