Chapter 1830 - Meeting, and Entering Afterlife

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Chapter 1830: Meeting, and Entering Afterlife

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When night fell, Calvin and Skye stood on a community basketball court.

Because there were no lights here, there was no one around. The area was surrounded by trees, creating a small, hidden space.

When it was time for the meeting, nobody appeared. Calvin grew a little anxious and started muttering to himself.

Skye stopped him and comforted him in a soft voice, and Calvin gradually calmed down.

After his psychological issues were suppressed by the drug, he was indeed a good father who loved his daughter. He listened to everything Skye said.

Five minutes later, Skye suddenly stared at a certain corner of the basketball court.

A figure had suddenly appeared behind a tree, and the drone immediately alerted her.

Surprise flashed in Skye’s eyes when she saw the familiar leather coat and black sunglasses. Thinking quickly, she suddenly thought of a possibility.

The person walked out and asked, “Calvin, is this Daisy?”

Calvin turned around warily and looked at the tall man in the leather coat. “Who are you?”

The person said, “Jiaying asked me to pick the two of you up, provided that this really is her daughter.”

Calvin asked, “Your ID?”

The person said, “8872.”

July 2, 1988. That was Skye’s birthday, which Calvin and Jiaying had set as a code for the both of them.

Only then did he put his hand on Skye’s shoulder and answer the person’s question. “This is Daisy, my daughter. You are?”

“I’m Gordon.” The person smiled stiffly at Skye. “So, you’re her daughter.”

Many thoughts flashed through Skye’s mind, but in the end, she simply hummed in acknowledgment.

Calvin found that odd. “You know each other?”

Gordon looked at him strangely. “We met once.”

Also, Luke almost broke your balls!Skye added inwardly.

This Gordon was the man in the coat who had gone to the relief shelter to catch Emma and her sons during the community party.

More importantly, this guy’s superpower was teleportation.

Skye was very smart. The moment she saw Gordon, she connected the dots.

Jiaying had superpowers, and Gordon was from some superpower organization, Afterlife.

Jiaying didn’t come to meet the father and daughter. Instead, she had Gordon pick them up since Gordon could teleport.

It was undoubtedly very safe for Gordon, who could teleport here and take people with him.

Gordon had come out a few minutes late, clearly to see if there was any danger around.

Skye had only seen Luke almost kick Gordon to death, and didn’t know that the Dark Knight had fought Gordon once after that.

Gordon was unwilling to go to New York or New Jersey, for fear of being set up by the Bat Squad in New York, which was why he chose Europe.

Teleportation wasn’t an invincible ability, and Gordon had to be very careful.

Otherwise, Tony wouldn’t have been able to use the space obstruction device to take down the Enchantress.

After Gordon grabbed both father and daughter’s hands and disappeared from the basketball court, a transparent shadow smiled in the dark. “Time to visit my warehouse of abilities.”

As he spoke, faint light spurted out of the shadow’s back, and it charged east.

This was the Level 1 clone that was secretly following them.

After hearing the name Jiaying from Calvin, Luke immediately remembered the leader of the Inhumans whom Emma had mentioned before.

The leader was also called Jiaying, and was also an Asian woman.

Also, Luke had a rough guess that Afterlife was somewhere in Nepal.

That was in line with the theory that Jiaying was Chinese.

It was only there that the Inhumans could avoid American surveillance and not be under the supervision of Chinese organizations.

So, Afterlife had always kept a low profile.

That was because it was just small fry. If it stood out too much, it would easily fall.

Looking at the way Skye’s signal completely vanished on the virtual screen, Luke curled his lip. “Sure enough, they’re very careful.”

On the other side, Skye and Calvin arrived inside a room in a flash.

The room was done up in an antiquated style and had a lot of objects with an Eastern charm, but there were no windows.

Gordon let go of their hands and said, “Okay, please wait here a moment.”

Saying that, he walked out a door.

A few minutes later, the door opened again, and a woman’s voice rang out. “Come out, both of you.”

Skye and Calvin looked at each other and walked through the door.

Behind the door wasn’t the outside world, but a small room that looked like a hall.

After the door closed, the woman warned, “This is a routine sterilization process. Don’t panic.”

As she spoke, the silver room lit up with countless fine white lines.

Skye frowned; there was an unpleasant smell of burning.

She took out her phone from her pocket. The smell of burning became even more obvious.

Noticing her movements, Calvin asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong?”

Skye shook her head. “I think my phone is broken.”

Stumped, Calvin took out his phone, only to discover that it couldn’t be turned on either. “What’s going on?”

Skye put her phone away and didn’t say anything else.

The white light flashed for half a minute before it finally faded, and another door opened.

Excited, Calvin strode out.

Skye didn’t stop him and simply followed silently.

There were three stone steps outside the door, and a middle-aged woman stood at the bottom. She looked at them with a smile.

She had braided hair and was wearing a Chinese-style gown. She had an oval face and beautiful eyes.

It was a pity that her face was marred by twisted scars.

Calvin paused, then trembled. “Jiaying, are you alright?”

Jiaying looked at him and nodded with a smile. “Calvin, long time no see.”

Calvin hesitated. “Yes, yes, it’s been more than ten years…”

Jiaying looked at Skye and smiled brightly. “Daisy?”

Skye struggled to suppress her excitement. “Yes.”

Jiaying stepped forward and pulled her into her arms. “Thank you, fate, for returning you to me.”

Skye’s eyes turned red and her mind was in a mess, but she couldn’t help but hug Jiaying tightly. “Yes, thank you, fate.”

What followed was a family reunion.

In a quiet compound, the three of them chatted as they ate.

However, it was Calvin and Skye who talked more. Jiaying only said that she lived here in seclusion and rarely left.

There was naturally nothing much to say about a secluded life.

After dinner, Jiaying arranged rooms for the father and daughter and told them to rest early.

Watching her leave, Skye closed the door and looked around the room.