Chapter 1831 - Sorry, I Don't Think So

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Chapter 1831: Sorry, I Don’t Think So

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The rooms in Jiaying’s courtyard were also in the standard Eastern style, and most of the furniture was in a pseudo-antique style.

Except for electric lights, there were no electronic products here, including computers.

Skye took out her phone out of habit, only to remember that it was damaged.

She hurriedly opened her backpack and took out the nanomask, only to discover that it couldn’t be activated.

Clearly, the so-called “sterilization process” wasn’t necessarily for getting rid of biological viruses, but to damage electronic equipment.

The nanomask also had an electronic chip, which was smaller than most.

The chip was broken, so the mask couldn’t be activated.

It seemed that Afterlife had pretty strict confidentiality measures.

Skye’s heart didn’t ache over the damaged phone and nanomask. However, it meant that she couldn’t use the Internet to contact Luke.

The family had been together just now, and she hadn’t had time to think about it.

Now that she was alone, she vaguely sensed that Jiaying’s attitude was a little strange.

Jiaying indeed had a good attitude toward Skye.

But in front of Calvin, she… seemed aloof?

They had been separated for more than ten years, so it was normal for them to be distant.

Still, Calvin had remained in backward China back then for her sake, and they had Skye.

The tragedy of the village’s destruction couldn’t be blamed on Calvin. If he hadn’t gone out to practice medicine, he would have died with Jiaying.

Calvin had clearly been excited when he saw Jiaying. Even a blind person could tell how much he loved her.

Jiaying, on the other hand, didn’t respond directly, and she didn’t look excited. It was as if she was just… being polite?

Thinking that, Skye felt a little uncomfortable.

Calvin wasn’t a good person; he went crazy after the tragedy.

In order to become stronger, he did a lot of illegal things and killed a lot of people.

However, his feelings toward Skye were sincere; she could sense that from their recent interactions.

It was also Calvin who had brought up looking for Jiaying.

In the end, it seemed that Jiaying’s feelings for him weren’t as deep as Skye thought. However, she was indeed Skye’s mother.

Thinking that, Skye stood in front of the window for a long time without moving.

The next day, the sun was bright.

Jiaying walked around Afterlife with the father and daughter.

Nothing happened during that time, but Skye, who had been training for years, still keenly noticed that many people in Afterlife gave her and Calvin strange looks.

She wasn’t an expert on microexpressions, so she wasn’t sure exactly what was going on.

However, those people definitely weren’t curious or welcoming.

On the third day, Jiaying came to her alone, saying that she wanted to do a test to confirm her identity as an Inhuman.

The one thing people didn’t like was comparisons.

Luke had never treated her differently just because of her superpower. Instead, he paid more attention to her Internet skills.

Skye didn’t think she needed to pass some test to prove that she wasn’t human, but of a different race.

She had encountered a lot of bad guys over the years, but there were also a lot of good guys.

Luke, Selina, Mindy and the ladies who helped out at the relief shelter were all nice people.

Charlie, the kid whom she had kicked at the very beginning, couldn’t be considered bad. At most, he was a little stupid.

She couldn’t think of a reason why she had to become some “Inhuman.”

But when Jiaying smiled and took her for a test, Skye couldn’t find a reason to refuse.

This mother wasn’t as… cute as her father, but she wasn’t bad either.

Revealing her superpower wasn’t a big deal. The Inhumans here all knew that after they awakened, they would have superpowers.

Since Calvin had mentioned it in his message, it was impossible for Skye to keep it a secret.

However, some of the safety rules subconsciously popped into her head: ‘A person should always keep some cards up their sleeves.’ So, she would just release 10% of her power later.

She noticed the surprise on Jiaying’s face during the test, and was glad that she had only used 10%.

Jiaying was extremely happy since her daughter’s Vibration ability was really strong.

Not only could it crush rocks, it also had a penetrative effect.

In particular, the shock wave was still very lethal after it passed through the first hard protective layer.

Skye was her daughter, so naturally, she would stand on her side to help her.

Happy, Jiaying didn’t know that her daughter actually held more than one trump card.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Skye could split open mountains.

She only needed to use 10% of her power to break rocks; in fact, she had yet to use the energy storage mode on her gloves.

If Skye really went all out, she could instantly destroy this test building along with the ground here.

Even Calvin didn’t know this. After all, Skye’s dream was to be an Internet whiz. She was completely the intellectual type, and fighting and killing didn’t suit her.

On the fourth day, Skye didn’t see Calvin at lunch, which was strange.

She paid a lot of attention to Calvin’s mental state, so eating and chatting every day was an indispensable ‘monitoring procedure.’

Calvin was used to eating with her, and it was unlikely that he would skip out on a meal.

She subconsciously asked Jiaying, “Where’s Dad?”

Jiaying’s eyes flashed, and she smiled. “He said he still has some things to deal with outside. He’ll come see you when he’s done.”

Skye frowned. She had learned psychology and rhetoric herself.

What was the meaning of that? The father and daughter had been relying on each other for a month. What matter did he have to attend to?

It had to be pointed out that a family reunion had been Calvin’s biggest wish.

He had only gotten his wish a few days ago. What important matter could he have to leave so suddenly, and only come and visit his daughter again when he was free?

Thinking quickly, she said, “Really? I know some friends who’ll be able to help him out.”

Jiaying’s smile froze slightly before she shook her head. “He said he didn’t want you to get involved. You know he did a lot to get you back.”

After a brief silence, Skye said slowly, “There’s no need. I know what he did for us. He’s not a good person, but he’s a good father.”

Jiaying had an awkward expression on her face. “So, you have to think about him. Maybe it’s better to let him think that you don’t know about it.”

“Sorry, I don’t think so.” A deep and cold voice rang out in the room.

Both Jiaying and Skye were stunned and couldn’t help but turn to look at the door.

The closed door opened at that moment, and a person in black and white stepped into the room. “This is our first meeting. Please forgive the intrusion.”

The words came out in Mandarin from under the black and white skull mask.

Jiaying’s expression changed slightly, while Skye came back to her senses after a brief daze. “You’re… Big Dipper?”