Chapter 1832 - Fixing Problems and Giving You a Chance

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Chapter 1832: Fixing Problems and Giving You a Chance

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Luke simply nodded at Skye, then looked at Jiaying.

Jiaying took a deep breath and said in a low voice, “Isn’t it rude to enter without permission?”

Luke said, “That’s why I said, please forgive the intrusion.”

Jiaying said, “…Fine, please go to the living room first, and we’ll talk in detail.”

Luke said, “Alright.”

The three of them went to the living room not far away and saw that Gordon was already there.

Jiaying had only moved to the living room to buy time while she called for reinforcements.

Gordon was the first to arrive. He had called for more reinforcements before coming here.

On the virtual screen behind Luke’s mask, five people were running toward the courtyard.

But that was a good thing.

Those who dared to provide backup couldn’t be weak. Otherwise, they would come here to die.

Jiaying had good mental fortitude. In the living room, she even instructed Gordon to prepare a pot of tea.

This was once again to give Gordon the chance to inform the reinforcements that the newcomer was Big Dipper.

In any case, he could teleport, and it would only take a thought for him to come back.

Jiaying sat down in a chair first and gestured. “Please sit.”

Luke sat down opposite her and crossed his legs.

It was very rude behavior, but he wasn’t here to be polite.

Jiaying’s eyes flickered, but she still smiled politely. “Mr. Big Dipper, how long have you known my daughter?”

Luke said, “A few years.”

Jiaying glanced at Skye. “Oh, can you tell me how you met?”

Luke narrowed his eyes at her. “Because she needed a friend to fix her problems.”

Jiaying’s heart sank. “Daisy is my daughter. She won’t run into any trouble here.”

Luke said coldly, “It doesn’t matter. If she does, I’ll take care of it for her.”

Jiaying’s face darkened.Are you saying that I’m part of the trouble?

Skye was a little embarrassed. Wasn’t that… too blunt?

Looking at the expressions of the mother and daughter, Luke chuckled inwardly. If he gave people a pleasant feeling, then Big Dipper wouldn’t be the Scapegoat King at all!

He had arrived the night Skye and her father arrived.

He had been using drones to monitor the environment for the past few days, and had seen more than Skye, this silly kid.

Bound by family ties, it would be hard for her to fall out with her mother even if she had doubts.

He could only make things clear and resolve the problem openly.

Nobody knew about negotiation better than Luke, since he was best at making an offer that the other party couldn’t refuse!

He had said just a few words and Jiaying already couldn’t continue.

Big Dipper didn’t follow a normal conversation pattern at all. Jiaying had limited combat ability, and needed to buy time for her people to arrive.

At that moment, Gordon finally teleported back with a pot of hot tea.

Jiaying immediately said casually, “Come, Mr. Big Dipper, have some tea first, and then we’ll talk.”

Luke didn’t refuse. He opened the lower half of his helmet and took a sip of tea.

Looking at his mouth, his neat gray beard, and his skillful movements as he drank the tea, Jiaying couldn’t help but wonder: Was he a Chinese man in his fifties?

They were using lidded teacups, and just the way he lifted the lid wasn’t something many Chinese knew how to do correctly, let alone practice it.

Luke took a sip and put the teacup back on the table. “I’ve had my tea. Your people are here. Let’s talk.”

Jiaying’s hand paused.

Before she could reply, Luke spoke again, as if he were talking to himself: “Bad enough that the tea leaves are ordinary, but they’re even bad at brewing tea.”

Jiaying’s eyes widened as she looked at the guy who turned his head and curled his lip in disdain. Did he have to mutter to himself so loudly?

Before she could say anything, Luke said, “Skye is an adult. You have no right to make any decision for her, including driving her father away.”

As soon as he said that, Jiaying’s face darkened, and Skye was shocked.

Luke wasn’t done. “Whether she wants to stay in Afterlife or return to America is up to her. You have no right to put her under house arrest.”

Jiaying couldn’t help but clench her fists.Am I her mother? Or are you her father?

Luke said, “I’m taking her back to Calvin today. Do you have any objections?”

Jiaying opened her mouth slightly, but Luke waved his hand impatiently. “Forget it. Your opinion doesn’t matter. I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse!”

With that, he stood up.

At that moment, five people came in.

It was one woman and four men. The woman was around 30 years old, and the men were between 20 and 50 years old.

“Don’t say that I didn’t give you a chance.” Luke looked at the five of them. “You have three seconds to prepare: 3, 2, 1!”

On “1,” he drew the longsword on his back and charged at the five people.

Seeing how aggressive Luke was, the young man in the middle subconsciously raised his hand and activated his ability.

The four people around him noticed his movement and ran away as fast as they could while cursing.

But they were too slow.

White streaks of electricity suddenly jumped up around the young man, some of it crawling up the four others.

The woman collapsed and twitched, and started foaming at the mouth.

A brawny Asian man was the fastest. He was basically outside the circle, but still subconsciously twitched a few times and groaned.

A man in his fifties wasn’t very fast, but he was the first to retreat.

Even though he was hit hard with an electric shock, he gritted his teeth and retreated several meters.

The last middle-aged man could only crawl away from the electric streaks with difficulty. He couldn’t help but yell, but he was full of energy and didn’t even shake.

In the chaos, the young man directed a white streak of electricity at Luke.

Luke’s longsword, on the other hand, turned into a silver streak of light as he slashed at the electricity without any hesitation. The blade immediately exploded with dazzling electricity.

Polaris warned: “An external power source has been detected. The power system is at 120% load. Please discharge power as soon as possible.”

The longsword didn’t stop. It continued forward and struck the young man in the head just before he raised his hand to block.

The back of the unsheathed longsword hit the young man in the forehead, and he passed out.

Luke drew back his longsword and slashed left and right.

Two white streaks of electricity shot out from the blade and instantly hit the old man and the middle-aged man.

As if he had been sent flying, the old man was pushed back even further.

It was as if the middle-aged man’s butt had been set on fire, and he screamed as he scuttled more than ten meters away.

Luke didn’t stop after sending out the two electric streaks. He jumped lightly and raised his longsword high before he slashed down at the Asian man, who was the only person still unscathed.