Chapter 1833 - I'll Give You a Chance, 1+1 = 3?

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Chapter 1833: I’ll Give You a Chance, 1+1 = 3?

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A bright white streak of electricity flew out of the blade.

Face ashen, the Asian guy raised his hands high. His sturdy body stopped and he didn’t dare move.

There was a black, five-meter-long gash in the ground, just past the tip of his shoe.

He had been one step away from being cut in half! The Asian man’s legs trembled as he tried to suppress the urge to piss in his pants. That was too ridiculous! The boss hadn’t said that there was an expert swordsman here!

Terrified, he stared at the black-and-white skull that landed in front of him. Suddenly, a thought flashed through his mind, and he exclaimed, “Death Knell! Are you Death Knell?”

Luke himself was stunned for a moment. What knell?

The old man, who had retreated to a corner to secretly use his superpower, was stunned when he heard that. Wait, why did this name… sound a little familiar?

When it came to him, he shuddered. Holy sh*t, it was Death Knell! That Death Knell?

Jiaying glanced at Gordon with an ugly expression.What the hell did you tell them?

Gordon was also dumbfounded.F*ck! Don’t you guys read the internal files?

This was indeed Big Dipper; it was just that a lot of people had given him an even more outlandish nickname, ‘Death Knell.’

Gordon had gathered the five people in a hurry earlier, and had used the official name, ‘Big Dipper.’

However, these five guys didn’t make the connection between Death Knell and Big Dipper. They were simply brainless!

However, he had to admit that was his mistake.

These people didn’t go out much, and Big Dipper was basically only active in America.

Luke had also said that he would only give them three seconds.

These people probably didn’t even have the time to find the black-and-white skull familiar before they were taken down.

It couldn’t be said that they had reacted too slowly, but that Big Dipper was too fast.

Luke chuckled and put his longsword away. He patted the Asian man’s shoulder and said, “Remember, don’t disturb me when I’m drinking tea next time.”

The Asian man wanted to cry.Bro, weren’t you the one who rushed over just now? We didn’t have time to say anything.

Luke didn’t care what the man thought. He simply sat back down in his chair and sipped his tea leisurely. “Hm, it tastes more like tea now.”

For a moment, everybody who still had their wits about them looked at Jiaying.

The woman indeed had strong mental fortitude. Her gloomy expression instantly disappeared, and she smiled. “It was a misunderstanding. They were just nervous. Mr. Big Dipper, please forgive them.”

Luke waved his hand. “This is the first time.”

Jiaying was stumped. “Huh?”

Luke put down the cup. “There’s a saying: Three strikes and you’re out. So, you only have one more chance.”

Everybody was stumped. The middle-aged man even questioned his math. Did 1+1 really equal 3?

Luke, however, took it as a matter of course.

He didn’t have much time to spend here.

No matter how unwilling Jiaying was to give up, she only had one more chance – there definitely wouldn’t be a third time.

Various emotions flashed across her face, but she finally said, “Mr. Big Dipper and I have something to discuss. Gordon, take everyone to the medical ward first.”

After hesitating for a moment, Gordon obeyed and teleported away the four unlucky b*stards.

The living room was quiet once more.

Jiaying closed the door and turned to Luke. “Mr. Big Dipper, I think we can come up with a proposal that everyone can agree to.”

She glanced around, only to see her daughter looking at Luke with sparkling eyes. She was instantly depressed. She had suffered a huge loss.

Half an hour later, the door opened again.

Luke walked out with Skye. “Go meet with your father.”

Skye: “…Thank you, Mr. Big Dipper.”

Luke simply nodded and looked at Gordon.

Gordon tactfully grabbed Skye’s hand and activated his teleportation ability. The two of them disappeared.

Luke glanced at Jiaying. “I’ll be here for three days. Remember to let your people know. Take me to my room now. I need to change.”

Jiaying was lost for words, but could only personally escort him to a guest room.

After he entered, Jiaying’s smiling face gradually turned cold, and she gritted her teeth.

But in the end, Jiaying didn’t swear. She simply returned to her room and began to think about how to carry out the second and final ‘test.’

This was Big Dipper giving Jiaying one last chance for Skye’s sake.

However, the fact that he dared to give everyone three days to ambush and attack him in a nest of superhumans proved that Big Dipper’s confidence and strength weren’t for show.

Jiaying also knew very well that this was an obvious ploy.

Luke was determined to suppress Jiaying and the Inhumans under her command in one go.

As long as he won, few people in the know in Afterlife would dare go up against Big Dipper again.

Afterlife may have more people, but Big Dipper wasn’t some loner either.

If Afterlife continued to harass Luke after this competition and plot against him, they had to be prepared to go to war with the Bat Squad.

If the conflict escalated, the Bat Squad might even pull in the Avengers to beat up Afterlife together.

After all, Tony mixed frequently with the Bat Squad.

After leaving Afterlife, Skye didn’t go back.

What Luke had said in the living room was very clear.

Taking advantage of Calvin’s love for his daughter, Jiaying forced him to leave so that Skye would be left behind in Afterlife.

Skye didn’t hate Jiaying after she realized this, but she was still unhappy.

It was normal for couples to split up when they couldn’t get along.

But using your children to force the other party to give in was clearly too much.

Like Luke said, Skye was an adult. She didn’t need or accept being used as leverage against her father.

She didn’t want to see Jiaying again for the time being.

Compared with her mother, who was a stranger and liked to play tricks, she would rather live with her father.

This time, Jiaying had hurt Calvin badly, and he seemed to have lost all his energy.

Without his precious daughter around, Calvin’s mental state was worrying.

While Skye was comforting her sad father, Luke was roaming Afterlife.

After Jiaying sent him to the guest room, he put away his armor.

Not wanting to reveal his inventory, he folded the armor back into a portable box and placed it in the room with the longsword before he went out for a walk.

Hearing Gordon’s report, Jiaying observed from a distance.

Seeing the middle-aged man with a white beard who was wearing tactical pants and a black T-shirt, Jiaying was shocked. “He’s… white?”