Chapter 1834 - Public Conversations, and Second Match

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Chapter 1834: Public Conversations, and Second Match

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That wasn’t the only thing Jiaying was shocked about.

Not only did Luke wander around Afterlife, he also liked to chat up people.

Not only did he chat them up, he focused on the women.

The annoying thing was that Jiaying had instructed everyone to be on guard against Luke.

In the end, as Luke chatted with the women, they started shooting off their mouths.

It was like he was taking a census: how many people were there in Afterlife, how many had awakened superpowers, and so on.

If Luke continued asking like this, apart from the small amount of classified information in Jiaying’s hands, he would have all the main information on Afterlife.

Jiaying had actually done a good job of keeping Afterlife a secret; for example, the common people definitely didn’t know the abilities of the five people whom Luke had taken down, or how Inhumans were awakened, and so on.

But this place was so small, after all, and everybody knew each other. There weren’t many things that she could hide.

Jiaying’s head throbbed.

Fight? The five strongest experts had been instantly taken down.

Luke had given her a second chance, but it would take at least two days for the five of them to recover.

Not fight? Luke would uncover most of the information about Afterlife, and he would do it right under their noses.

Jiaying now understood that Luke hadn’t suggested three days casually. It was just enough time for him to gather information, and she couldn’t do anything about it.

Any longer, and it would be meaningless to fight.

Any shorter, and Jiaying wouldn’t have enough manpower for a second match.

After mulling over the issue, she was extremely depressed. If she had known this would happen, she wouldn’t have been in a hurry to chase Calvin away.

Although Big Dipper didn’t say anything in particular to Skye, Jiaying knew that her daughter’s attitude was actually very important.

She believed that if she wasn’t Skye’s mother and had been attacked by some other secret agency, the five people who had attacked Big Dipper wouldn’t have just suffered minor injuries, but would have all been killed.

Big Dipper’s title as the Bat Squad’s number one god of slaughter wasn’t just for show.

Jiaying had records of the undead, the Experimentals, the Chitauri and the hitmen who had died at Big Dipper’s hands.

The hundreds of people in Afterlife wouldn’t even last half a day.

While the issue was giving Jiaying a headache, Luke was very busy.

Inhumans were resistant to his mental abilities and Pheromone Control to a certain extent. Some of the Inhumans in Afterlife had awakened, and some had yet to, while a very few were dependents.

With the help of his various abilities, he just needed to spend a little more time and was still able to get a lot of answers to his questions.

It just so happened that most of the Inhumans here were women. Although Luke’s current face wasn’t as fatally attractive as Boogeyman John’s, it still looked mature and reliable.

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He had traveled the world and had plenty of experience. Coupled with his A.I. databases, he could speak knowledgeably on any topic. It was too easy to sway these women, who had been living in seclusion for a long time.

For two days, Luke was as comfortable as a fish in water.

Jiaying watched him from a distance several times, and the intense discomfort she exuded made him even happier.I like how you’re annoyed ten thousand times over, but can’t do anything about me.

Jiaying also suspected that Big Dipper had some sort of mental superpower, and had even sent the middle-aged woman, who had the ability to disrupt minds, to observe him.

But the conclusion was… that there was no way to confirm it. She just felt that Big Dipper was very good at talking, and could always unknowingly lead people into spilling information.

This didn’t prove that he had a superpower, but that he was a well-trained agent.

On the third day, while Luke was chatting with a young girl in her early twenties and making her laugh, a middle-aged woman walked over.

This woman had a superpower that could affect minds, and it was a very strong ability.

Most people would become muddle-headed and slow in the face of her ability.

Unfortunately, before she could do anything three days ago, her comrade hit her with an electric shock, and she had been the first to pass out.

Clearly, she had the common failing of a ‘mind wizard’ — she had an ordinary physique.

The middle-aged woman grimly said that Jiaying had something to discuss with Luke, and invited him to go with her.

As she spoke, she glared at the young girl.You little sl*t, don’t you have a man here? Why are you sticking close to such an old man?!

The girl knew this woman and knew that she had a high position in Afterlife. She definitely wasn’t someone that an ordinary person like the girl could compare with.

Pale, the girl said goodbye to Luke and ran off.

Luke didn’t say anything.

Afterlife was an organization like this.

It was clear from the way Jiaying did things.

She had even tossed out her own man just to keep her daughter, who had a superpower, to herself. One could imagine her attitude toward these Inhumans who had yet to awaken their powers.

In fact, it was very difficult to undergo the ceremony to awaken powers. Most of the Inhumans that had been found had been tossed aside.

Only a small number of people who proved their loyalty to Jiaying were ‘granted’ the chance to awaken.

For example, the girl just now hadn’t wanted to give up her family in ordinary society to awaken her superpower, so her application to be awakened had dragged out for two years.

She was ready to give up and return to society to live an ordinary life.

Recalling the intelligence he had obtained here in the last few days, Luke sneered. “Have we arrived? My time is money.”

The middle-aged woman who was leading the way paused and turned around. “What?”

Luke chuckled inwardly. “It means ‘hurry up’.”

The middle-aged woman’s expression changed. She pointed at a house not far away and picked up her pace. “It’s in the meeting hall up ahead. We’re almost there.”

Luke put his hands in his pockets and picked up his pace.

20 meters away from the so-called meeting hall, Luke and the middle-aged woman entered a small garden.

The middle-aged woman suddenly turned around and stared at Luke with wide eyes. “Wait, who’s behind you?”

As soon as she said that, she shot out a powerful thought wave to attack Luke.

Luke rolled his eyes.Do I need you to tell me whether or not someone’s behind me?

Were his drones and superpowers only for show?

As he grumbled, he activated Mental Resistance as a buff.

The middle-aged woman’s mental interference instantly became nothing.

Of course, that wasn’t the end of the ‘match’ which Jiaying had spent two days planning.

At that moment, they were walking past trellises in the garden, and the vines around them seemed to come alive. Some of them blocked the middle-aged woman, and some darted at Luke.

The green vines turned into a green ocean in a matter of seconds, drowning Luke and successfully separating him from the middle-aged woman.

A lot of vines wrapped tightly around Luke’s limbs, trying to hold him in place.

A thick white electric current shot out of the shrubs not far away toward his chest.