Chapter 1835 - Umbrella and Guns

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Chapter 1835: Umbrella and Guns

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Luke couldn’t help but laugh. “You think you have a chance just because I’m not wearing any armor?”

Even before he spoke, the vines had already pulled his right hand out of his pocket, and the short rod he was holding popped out to become a stick about 1.5 meters in length.

It couldn’t be helped. He had promised to give them a chance, and hitting them with the back of his sword was inconvenient.

A black-and-white square umbrella popped out from the end of the stick to block the electric current.

The electric current disappeared as soon as it hit the umbrella.

Luke twisted his wrist, and the umbrella spun quickly. He turned in a circle, and the sharp edge easily cut through the vines.

Closing the umbrella, he darted into the shrubs.

He met the gaze of the shocked young man, and saw that there was still a dark red mark on his forehead – it was from Luke hitting him in the forehead three days ago.

“We meet again.” Luke grinned and swung his stick.

The young man fell to the ground, and an even thicker red mark slowly appeared on his forehead over the last one.

A white column of air shot out from the other side, sparkling under the midday sun.

Luke opened his umbrella on the side. The white pillar of air hit it and instantly turned into ice crystals.

“Freezing? Interesting.” Holding the umbrella at an angle, Luke jumped in front of the girl who had spurted out the white column of air.

Shifting to the side, he closed the umbrella and then jabbed her in the stomach.

The column of air from the girl’s mouth was immediately cut off, and her face flushed as she clutched her stomach and fell to her knees.

She choked and then threw up her lunch.

Luke, who swept past her, didn’t stop as he lunged at an old acquaintance — the middle-aged man who had been shocked in the butt with electricity the other day.

But the guy was very brave today. In the face of Luke’s attack, he stretched out his hands.

Luke chuckled and performed a snake-shaped maneuver.

The middle-aged man’s arms suddenly lengthened, and he subconsciously grabbed at Luke.

In the end, his long arms were almost twisted into a pretzel without touching Luke.

By the time Luke was in front of him, his long arms were already twisted in the shape of a U.

This was the epitome of the idiom ‘the whip cannot reach.’

Seeing Luke’s cold smile and the umbrella he was holding, the middle-aged man couldn’t help but yell, “No!”

As Luke swept past him, he jabbed at the man’s butt with the umbrella, and there was a burst of sparks.

The middle-aged man screamed and hopped away.

Luke snorted inwardly.Do you think I don’t know that you have thick skin and can withstand physical attacks to some extent?

Actually, the electric current could only make this guy feel pain, and didn’t cause much damage.

The problem was that because of this guy’s special ability, he usually didn’t have much cause to feel pain.

He wasn’t a trained Predator. After his ability was awakened, his endurance to pain was significantly reduced.

The pain from the electric shock was unbearable.

As he screamed and ran, two thin beams of red light shot at Luke’s legs.

The black-and-white umbrella opened to protect him again.

The umbrella sizzled a little when the light beams hit it, which delighted the attackers. It was working? Increase the output!

The light beams, which were initially as thin as a pencil, instantly expanded so that they were as thick as a forearm, and the umbrella sizzled as more smoke was produced.

Then… two shiny metallic spots on the umbrella were revealed.

“WTF?” A young man with sunglasses couldn’t help but curse. Even the red light in his eyes dimmed for a moment. So, what had sizzled just now was just the surface of the umbrella?

Luke didn’t give him time to be surprised. He pressed forward with the closed umbrella and struck with the tip again.

The young man passed out.

Luke leapt into the air in the direction of a tree 20 meters away.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Four gunshots rang out from four directions. The shooters had waited for the moment Luke was in the air and couldn’t exert any strength.

The umbrella opened behind Luke, and he suddenly slowed down as four bullets flew past him.

Closing the umbrella, he dropped sharply through the branches of a tree before landing on the ground.

At that moment, the tree’s branches suddenly bent over to press down on him.

Luke raised the umbrella in his hand.

With a violent rumble, a two-meter-square stone bench under the tree was smashed to pieces by the shaft of the umbrella.

Luke didn’t look at the stone bench, but stared at the tree. “If you move again, I’ll kill you.”

The branches that had been pressing down suddenly retracted so that the tree looked no different from a regular one.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! It was yet another four shots

Luke’s smile turned a little strange, and he stepped away.

Two holes appeared in the thick tree trunk.

“Ah!” The tree suddenly screamed as dark green liquid flowed out of the two bullet holes.

The four snipers hesitated at the scream. They had actually wounded an ally – how could they continue fighting?

But they soon didn’t need to hesitate, because Luke took out a pistol from his pocket.

Everybody who was paying attention to him was stunned.That’s not right. How can your pocket hold such a big gun?

Luke’s arm swung out.

The gunshots stopped after he turned one circle.

The four snipers 100 meters away were sure that a pistol couldn’t hit a target over that distance, but they shifted positions out of habit.

Then… four bullets hit their right arms at the same time.

The four snipers screamed and clutched their right arms.

Luke raised his hand and pointed the silver Colt 1911 at some shrubs 20 meters to the side. “Get lost.”

The old Asian man fled ignominiously, just like the middle-aged ‘deserter.’

He couldn’t block bullets with his ability, nor could he avoid this terrifying marksmanship which could hit four targets at a range of 100 meters. If he didn’t run, wouldn’t he be shot?

This was the ruthless Death Knell!

Luke moved his gun again, but before he could aim, a brawny Asian man slowly stood up from among the shrubs.

He raised his hands and smiled awkwardly. “Got it. I’ll get lost, too.”

With that, he didn’t turn around or put his hands down as he retreated.

He ran very fast even when he was running backward, and soon disappeared from the garden.