Chapter 1979 - When My BGM Comes On, Nobody Can Beat Me

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Chapter 1979: When My BGM Comes On, Nobody Can Beat Me

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The tree root broke with a loud bang, but it was held up by other roots, and there was no obvious gap.

Big Dipper exclaimed inwardly.

This huge tree root wasn’t affected by the shock wave, and was very durable. It could actually block his fist.

It had to be pointed out that this was a powerful attack from the Big Dipper clone in the complete symbiotic form. If the punch landed on the ground, it could create a deep pit ten meters in diameter.

The fact that Werner could buff up the Inhumans when they were under his control was too much of a cheat. Thinking this, the Big Dipper clone took out the two silver katanas.

Shriek immediately wrapped them up to form two big yellow katanas.

At that moment, Big Dipper landed on the floor and immediately pushed off of his feet. The two yellow katanas slashed at the tree roots in front of him like a storm.

With a series of light pops, the tough brown tree roots were cut into pieces, and Big Dipper instantly forced his way through.

The face of the tree man behind the barrier of tree roots turned pale, and he almost screamed.

Now that he had completely mastered his ability, he could control how sensitive his ‘body’ was – he wouldn’t cry in pain after being shot twice like before.

In the face of Big Dipper, this ruthless guy, the tree man retained the lowest level of sensitivity. At that moment, he felt someone slice his roots bit by bit.

The pain was like being pricked with a needle, which was still bearable.

Less than a second later, however, he felt as if he had fallen into a pile of syringes and was being pricked non-stop.

The tree man finally screamed.

This made the guards who were withdrawing speed up and charge into the portal even faster. The purple portal quickly shrunk.

The tree man screamed even more miserably.

Just now, he had been stabbed hundreds of times in a second. Now, it had skyrocketed to hundreds of times in 0.1 seconds, and the pain was over ten times worse.

When the purple portal was only half a meter in diameter, the tree roots in front of the tree man exploded in all directions. Big Dipper’s huge yellow body jumped out, just in time to see the portal that was about to disappear.

His feet instantly lengthened, and he pushed off of the remaining tree roots to speed up again.

Like a giant python, the huge yellow figure shot through the portal that was only 30 centimeters in diameter.

As the portal quickly shrunk, so did the yellow figure.

But he was still a little slow. In the end, his body, which was now the size of an arm, was cut off by the portal closing.

On the other side of the portal, Werner and the Inhumans who had just returned finally stopped.

Clarice, who was responsible for opening the portal, subconsciously turned around and stretched out her hands to speed up the closing of the portal.

At that moment, the tree man’s screams grew louder, and Clarice’s heart tightened.

Then, a yellowish-orange shadow darted through.

At that moment, only Big Dipper’s head was still in the shape of a skull – the rest of his body had already turned into a slender column.

The portal completely closed, and the Big Dipper clone immediately frowned.B*stard, you actually cut off one of my legs?

Big Dipper swung around unhappily, and Clarice, who was staring at him with wide eyes, saw a bright yellow expanse in front of her.

A thick and yellow ‘broken tail’ whipped her in the face.

Clarice collapsed before she could react.

Big Dipper was already very restrained when dealing with this person who had cut off one of his legs.

After all, she was just a little red in the system; she definitely hadn’t committed any crimes like murder, so killing her would be too much.

Werner, who was a step ahead, knew things weren’t good when he saw Big Dipper ‘squeeze’ through the portal.

With a thought, more than ten Inhumans in the warehouse released their long-range abilities at the same time.

The Big Dipper clone only had time to exert more strength to send the unconscious Clarice flying before sharp wind blades, mud that bound his feet, thick pillars of fire, spinning scimitars, light green poisonous gas, and various other abilities struck his position.

In the end, the remains of a building weighing more than ten tons fell to bury him.

Werner didn’t relax. He immediately instructed the telekinesis man to grab the unconscious Clarice, and had the man who could control air currents pick up the most important people and quickly fly into the air.

Big Dipper no longer had his armor, so it wouldn’t be easy for him to attack them again when they were in the air.

The next moment, the concrete remains were slashed with yellow light.