Chapter 1980 - When the Deathstroke Tolls, All Lives Are Lost

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Chapter 1980: When the Deathstroke Tolls, All Lives Are Lost

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This big man was very strong… Hm, he was fat.

An enemy within five meters of him would automatically suffer several times the gravity, while he wasn’t affected.

Coupled with his physical strength and defense, this was a highly effective close combat system.

Before Big Dipper understood the situation, he was hit by this mountain man’s first attack.

However, using the same move a second time on Big Dipper naturally wouldn’t be as effective.

Big Dipper straightened and stood up, before he abruptly pushed forward.

The ground under his feet rumbled and rippled, and instantly collided with the incoming mountain man.

The mountain man’s legs went weak, but he was still grinning savagely.

When the ripples spread out, he had already reduced his gravity by a fraction, and the shaking ground didn’t stop him from charging forward.

But when the shock wave hit his feet, the mountain man felt his feet freeze, and his legs jerked wildly, as if they weren’t listening to him at all.

Also, the vibrations drilled through his feet and continued to spread up his body – it was as if he was doing a break dance.

Sensing the mountain man’s condition, Werner immediately instructed the Inhumans to rescue him.

A muffled scream suddenly rang out from under the ground several meters away from Big Dipper’s feet.

The Inhuman who could control and drill through the ground had been about to launch a sneak attack, when he was hit by the vibration released by Big Dipper.

The Inhuman shook all over underground, and couldn’t retreat even if he wanted to.

A white energy beam followed closely behind. This was one of the fastest attacks on the scene.

But this time, the enemy was Deathstroke, whose BGM was playing!

Big Dipper’s huge yellow body swelled like a ball being filled with water. In seconds, his injuries all disappeared, and he returned to normal.

The black-and-white skull grinned. “When the death knell tolls, all lives are lost!”

As soon as he said that, the two katanas in his hands turned into dazzling yellow blades, and the katana in his left hand clashed with the white light beam.

There was a screeching sound which made one’s teeth ache. The white light beam was cut apart by the yellow blade, and was unable to stop Big Dipper from charging forward.

The katana in his right hand slashed at the mountain man who was twitching all over.

There was the sound of a blade piercing flesh, followed by the sound of bones breaking. Big Dipper slashed the mountain man’s face dozens of times with the katana in his right hand.

Even though Big Dipper was slowed down by several times the gravity, and even though the mountain man’s skin was thick and his bones were hard, the latter couldn’t withstand the barrage.

From skin to flesh to bone, a hole the size of a fist quickly appeared under the sharp point of the yellow blade before it pierced the mountain man’s brain.

The mountain man’s body still shook minutely after he was stabbed with the huge yellow katana, but that was already a leftover nerve reflex.

The white energy beam, which hadn’t been able to stop Big Dipper, suddenly disappeared.

Big Dipper stood in the middle of the scene and lifted the mountain man on his katana to his face. “A superpower? Hahahaha~”

The katana moved, and the mountain man was flung away.

There was a flash of yellow light, and the mountain man’s head and body fell to the ground. His head, which had a huge hole in it, rolled far away.

The skull gave a hideous smile. “This way, you can’t use your superpowers.”

The Inhumans:…Do you have some misunderstanding about the conditions for using superpowers?

A few quick-witted people couldn’t help but murmur inwardly,Hm, you indeed can’t use your powers if your head is removed.

This time, Werner didn’t have anyone else take action immediately.

Now that the mountain man was dead, he had to think about escaping.

As for the others? Of course they couldn’t run.

They had already mounted one round of attacks on this monster-like Deathstroke. In the end, he got to his feet and cut the mountain man in half.

Based on Big Dipper’s style, it was just a matter of time before these people died.

Werner’s eyes flashed, and he rose even faster.

Apart from him, the wind man also took off with the telekinesis man, the man who could melt metal, and a man who could control metal.

Werner couldn’t take the remaining Inhumans in the warehouse with him. Without them to buy time, Warner and the others might not be able to escape Deathstroke’s pursuit.

So, Werner gave them the final order — everyone attack Deathstroke and fight to the death.

Instantly, shadows flashed in the warehouse, and powers flew everywhere.

Without coordinated instructions from Werner, these attacks were a complete jumble as the Inhumans simply attacked the Big Dipper clone with all their strength.

Close combat fighters didn’t care about the long-range attacks coming from behind them, and the long-range attackers didn’t care about accidentally injuring their comrades at all.

Big Dipper’s eyes glowed with a yellow light, and he bent down slightly.

He charged straight up at Werner, who was more than 300 meters in the air.

Werner, who had started to run, was still very calm.

It had the wind man move him away, and at the same time, the telekinesis man and the man who could manipulate metal, Gutierrez, attacked.

The telekinesis man had completely given up on blocking the Big Dipper clone. Instead, he exerted force at an angle to steer Big Dipper away from Werner.

Gutierrez shot out a metal pipe he was holding to intercept Big Dipper.

The yellow katana lashed out, and the shock wave easily tore apart the invisible telekinesis. The metal pipe was sent flying.

Werner looked down at the Big Dipper clone with a mocking expression.

Judging from their current movements, there was at least 30 meters between them.

Big Dipper had clearly misjudged how fast the wind man was moving.

But the next moment, Werner’s expression changed.

When Big Dipper was 20 meters below him, a pair of bat wings suddenly grew out of his back. He suddenly turned in the air and lunged at Werner.

“Down!” Werner couldn’t help but yell angrily, and had the wind man exert strength.

This was the right response.

Previously, Werner had chosen to fly away because Big Dipper couldn’t fly without his armor.

Not only could Big Dipper fly now, he was also very fast, which made Werner a sitting duck in the air.

Only by landing as soon as possible and gathering the Inhumans together would Werner have a chance of escaping.

Besides, the wind man had to use his ability in the air to offset gravity. If they went down, he could conserve some strength and rely a little on gravity instead.

At that moment, Werner was the only one whom the wind man was bringing down.

The other three were now in free fall and blocking Big Dipper’s way.

The telekinesis man and Gutierrez shot out telekinetic shock waves and metal pipes again in an attempt to stop Big Dipper.

Big Dipper retracted his wings and kicked in the air.

With a muffled explosion, the Big Dipper clone stepped on the telekinetic ‘stepping stone’ he had just created and turned at a right angle in the air.

A yellow figure cut through the night sky and, in the blink of an eye, it was under the descending Werner, right in front of his astonished face.

The skull grinned. “Surprise!”