Chapter 1223 - Dumbstruck and Frightened Feng Yuancen

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Feng Yuancen didn’t think much of it and wondered what kind of surprise could be behind him. However, Shuyan had taken the initiative to talk to him, so Feng Yuancen was still very happy. He had to give her face, and he casually turned his head.

Then, he saw his cousin, whose face was livid as the veins on his forehead bulged and he gritted his teeth.

Feng Yuancen jumped in fright at his cousin’s ugly, gloomy and livid expression.

He was thick-skinned, however, and quickly regained his composure. Although his cousin had caught him trying to pick up a girl, and Feng Yuancen was a bit embarrassed, it wasn’t like his cousin hadn’t seen him do so before. He was just afraid that his cousin would expose him.

But what he was more puzzled about now was why his cousin was suddenly here, and with such a scary and gloomy expression.

Why did he feel like his cousin couldn’t wait to slice him open with a butcher knife?

Feng Yuancen subconsciously trembled.

Before he could dwell on it, Chi Shuyan got up with a smile and pulled out a seat. She said familiarly, “Brother Feng, you’re here. Come and sit!”

Feng Yuancen naturally knew that Little Sister Shuyan’s intimate call of “Brother Feng” couldn’t be directed at him. If that was the case, then it was directed at his cousin. Could it be that the person he had mocked and stepped on earlier was his cousin?

Feng Yuancen felt like he had been struck by a bolt from the blue when he guessed the truth. His mind was blank with shock and confusion. This surprise was too great for him to absorb.

Feng Yuancen’s originally calm face gradually cracked as he stared at his cousin in fright. He didn’t dare think about how long his cousin had been standing behind him and listening to him. He didn’t dare recall how many bad things he had said about his cousin, especially when he disparaged him for not being a man.

Feng Yuancen immediately trembled all over.

Chi Shuyan took in Brother Feng’s cousin’s expression and smiled even more brightly.

Before Feng Yuancen could recover from his fright, he saw his cousin sit down next to Shuyan in a familiar manner.

Shuyan also ordered coffee from the waitress before pouring Feng Yuancen’s cousin a cup of water, which stunned him.

At that moment, Feng Yuancen was completely stupefied as he shook.

Could it be that he had taken a fancy to his cousin-in-law?

This truth… was too scary!

Hit by this heavy truth bomb, Feng Yuancen toppled off his chair in fright.

He fell to the floor and was also stupefied. He stuttered and looked at his cousin in horror. When he met his brother’s gritted teeth and indescribable gaze, Feng Yuancen shuddered violently. He felt flustered and guilty, and wanted to cry without tears.

Chi Shuyan didn’t stand up. She glanced at Little Cousin Feng, who had fallen to the floor, and deliberately said, “Cousin Feng, why did you fall? Are you okay? Do you want me to call a waitress to help you? By the way, why don’t we continue with the topic we were talking about just now? I think what you said before was quite interesting!”

The girl’s words made Feng Yuancen despair.

He had felt so good stepping on his cousin earlier, but now, he trembled with fear and despair. At the thought of how he had said several times that his brother wasn’t a man, Feng Yuancen recalled his cousin’s terrifying gaze and expression when he looked at him just now. He couldn’t blame his cousin for wanting to cut him open with a butcher knife.

If he had known that Shuyan was with his cousin, he wouldn’t have dared to fawn on her even if he was beaten to death, okay?

He had no principles, but he still valued his family relations.

Feng Yuancen was really scared out of his wits at that moment and had a strong desire to live. Without waiting for his cousin to speak and question him, Feng Yuancen got up and begged for forgiveness. “Brother, I was wrong! I was wrong! If I had known that this is my cousin-in-law, I wouldn’t have dared mess with her.”

Before Feng Yuanlin could let out a breath, he was rendered speechless at his cousin calling Shuyan “cousin-in-law.” Fortunately, Zhenbai wasn’t around, or this kid would have it even worse. He directly retorted, “What cousin-in-law? Are you blind?”

An aggrieved Feng Yuancen was lost for words. What did he say wrong now?

Feng Yuancen was going to meekly ask if he should call Shuyan “cousin-in-law,” but when he met his cousin’s gaze, he couldn’t utter a word.

Feng Yuanlin found this kid in front of him displeasing no matter how he looked at him. This kid was frivolous enough to begin with, but he didn’t expect him to play around with Shuyan.

Thinking this, Feng Yuanlin looked at Shuyan apologetically. Chi Shuyan really didn’t take this small matter to heart; it was fine as long as Brother Feng’s cousin stopped pestering her.

Putting aside how much of a playboy Feng Yuancen, he was actually quite good at talking and was just barely likable. Of course, Chi Shuyan had to admit that she felt that this kid was likable only because he was Brother Feng’s cousin.

Feng Yuanlin really planned to teach his cousin a lesson. If Zhenbai were here, he really wouldn’t be able to save this kid. He had to teach this kid a good lesson, even if it wasn’t for Zhenbai’s sake; he had to thank this kid for stepping on him and disparaging him several times for not being a man.

Feng Yuanlin wanted to vomit blood when he recalled how this kid had tried so hard to slander and trample on him.

Feng Yuancen trembled as he stood like a primary school student in front of his cousin, terrified and unsure how his cousin would deal with him later.

Feng Yuanlin really didn’t have time to deal with this kid at that moment, but he knew that this kid cared about his reputation. He said sternly, “Rascal, go and stand facing the wall outside the door! Don’t move until I say you can!”

When Feng Yuancen heard his cousin’s words, he wished that his cousin would just punch him. Why did he have to face the wall at the cafe entrance, like a little kid?

Feng Yuancen flushed. Under Sister Shuyan’s… No, under his cousin-in-law’s gaze, he wished he could dig a hole and bury himself. Did he have to be so unlucky?

Nevertheless, Feng Yuanlin was still a very imposing existence in his cousin’s heart. Feng Yuanlin’s sharp gaze swept over him. Coupled with his guilty conscience, Feng Yuancen didn’t dare talk back. In the end, he obediently stood outside the cafe entrance and faced the wall in despair.

Feng Yuanlin was afraid that this kid would goof off, so he deliberately had him stand at the door so that he could see his every move. Of course, Feng Yuanlin also considered the customers coming in, and instructed Feng Yuancen to make way whenever there was a customer.

In the end, Feng Yuancen had no choice but to obey his cousin’s orders and stand at the cafe entrance in humiliation. If his father ever found out that he had tried to hook up with his cousin-in-law, his father would kick him to death.

Although the father and son were both playboys, they valued family ties. Feng Yuancen’s father in particular treated his promising nephew as his own son. If his father found out that he had messed around with his cousin-in-law, Feng Yuancen was definitely finished.

In the end, Feng Yuancen tactfully gritted his teeth and stood at the cafe entrance.

Chi Shuyan’s mood improved a little, but when she thought of what she had seen at Qi Zhenbai’s company today, most of the smile on her face disappeared. It became more forced, and she looked more listless.

Feng Yuanlin could see Shuyan’s low mood and just thought that his cousin had bullied her. Of course, whether or not his cousin could actually bully Shuyan wasn’t something Feng Yuanlin considered. He put the blame on his cousin and made up his mind to teach him a lesson when he got home.

“Shuyan, don’t worry. I’ll definitely give you an explanation for what happened today!” Feng Yuanlin’s tone was stern.

Although she had lived two lives, in the end, this was her first relationship, and she had been completely devoted to it. No matter how decisive she was, she still felt a little uncomfortable being suddenly hit with a breakup.

Chi Shuyan smiled and said, “Brother Feng, this matter isn’t as serious as you think. Besides, your cousin hasn’t pestered me too much. It was probably just a lark to him. It’s not a big deal!”

Seeing that Shuyan wasn’t just being polite, but was telling the truth, Feng Yuanlin’s anger at his cousin faded a little. Moreover, he also knew that although his cousin had no integrity, his character was still alright and he never forced anyone. Otherwise, Feng Yuanlin would have broken that brat’s legs on the spot earlier and not just embarrassed him by making him stand at the door.

The two chatted for a while longer. Feng Yuanlin felt that Shuyan’s expression was a bit off today, but he didn’t know what it was.

Chi Shuyan still had class in the afternoon and was unable to stay and talk more with Brother Feng, so she quickly found an excuse to leave.

When she walked out of the cafe, she saw that Feng Yuancen’s beautiful face was flushed red from the sun. He probably cared a lot about his dignity, and had taken out a mask from somewhere and put it on.

Chi Shuyan patted his shoulder and pulled the mask off, encouraging him with a smile. “Young man, stand properly. I’ll confiscate this thing first. Have some integrity in the future. By the way, don’t let me hear the words ‘Little Sister Shuyan’ again. Remember to call me Big Sister in the future!”