Chapter 1224 - Boss, Little Lady Boss Cried Especially Pitifully!

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Chi Shuyan went back to school in the afternoon. She rejoiced when Yang Lan didn’t show up in front of her for the rest of the afternoon. Yang Lan didn’t attend class either, and Chi Shuyan heard that she had applied for leave.

She might have asked Zhen Yu about it before, but now, she understood that she probably could only be superficial friends with Yang Lan in the future. Moreover, Yang Lan had taken leave this afternoon, which was quite the coincidence, and Chi Shuyan couldn’t help but recall Yang Lan’s shocked and sad expression at noon.

Chi Shuyan’s head hurt just thinking about it. Fortunately, Brother Feng had helped to completely resolve the problem of Feng Yuancen.

Otherwise, who knew how much of a headache he would be in the future.

After this matter was sorted out, Chi Shuyan’s mood was just barely alright. As soon as classes ended in the afternoon, she planned to go to Lu Chengfu’s place to pick up Lin Haoxing before returning to the villa.

Old Master Lin had asked her to take care of the little guy, but she had been busy and had neglected this child. Chi Shuyan couldn’t help but feel a little guilty, and resolved to make it up to the little guy.

But thinking of the empty shelves in her Taobao shop and the letter from the Jing family’s auction house, Chi Shuyan planned to go to the auction house first. If she didn’t find something to do now, she would go crazy.

Chi Shuyan felt that in order to prevent herself from thinking about her feelings for Qi Zhenbai, she had to find something to distract her.

Now that she had decided to let go, she didn’t think about turning back. The right thing to do was put this relationship behind her. As for crying after falling out of love, that wasn’t her style. Although she felt terrible, there was really no need to cry.

She also understood that once a man became heartless, the other party wouldn’t be moved even if she cried until the end of time, let alone when she didn’t need his pity.

She had experienced worse things in her past life, let alone something like the man falling in love with someone else. It wasn’t like her parents had died or the sky had collapsed.

There were other fish in the sea.

At most, she would feel terrible for a while. To be honest, they had been in a relationship for only less than half a year. They did have feelings for each other, but it wasn’t to the point of dying together.

Besides, there was no need to waste her feelings on a scumbag, though this ‘scumbag’ was fundamentally different from other scumbags. The two of them had already broken up; if Qi Zhenbai really started another relationship, he couldn’t be considered a scumbag.

Nevertheless, when Chi Shuyan thought of how the man had flirted with that woman in public this afternoon, she felt as disgusted as if she had swallowed a fly. Even if Qi Zhenbai might have his reasons, she just felt disgusted and disdainful now.

She had learned one lesson from her teacher’s love life in her previous life: There was no need to waste time on a scumbag. The best and right thing to do was to let go without a thought. Instead of wasting time on a scumbag, she might as well save her energy for other things.

As for her father, Chi Shuyan would tell him in a few days. She didn’t plan to explain this now, nor did she want her father to worry.

If she found something to do to distract herself, she might forget her feelings for that man at some point, and forget the man altogether.

Chi Shuyan felt that this was a good idea.

After going to the Jing family’s auction house, she would go and get Haoxing.

With this in mind, Chi Shuyan took a taxi to the Jing family’s auction house. There was no time like the present to get official business done.

Assistant Zhu was absent-minded as he worked at Qi Corporation until 9:30pm. The company wasn’t actually that busy, but because of the little lady boss today, he was a little distracted.

He had called the little lady boss several times just now, but she didn’t answer. Assistant Zhu couldn’t help but imagine her hiding somewhere and crying because of what the boss had done at noon. After all, the little lady boss was young, and this was her first relationship.

Assistant Zhu absolutely didn’t believe that she wasn’t sad or in pain.

When he sent the little lady boss back to the apartment just now, her mood had seemed alright. On second thought, however, she might have just been putting on a brave face.

In any case, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the little lady boss’s face had been frighteningly white when she saw that woman deliberately seducing the boss this afternoon.

Assistant Zhu’s heart ached at the thought.

He was afraid that something would happen to the little lady boss. Wait, she wouldn’t kill herself in despair, right?

Assistant Zhu had seen a lot of news about young girls who committed suicide after they were dumped. Thinking this, he grew even more worried.

He was the one who had driven the little lady boss over at noon today. If something really happened to her, he would definitely feel responsible.

Originally, Assistant Zhu could have left after this, but the more he thought about the little lady boss, the more worried he became. He couldn’t help but call her again, but she still didn’t answer.

Assistant Zhu’s face immediately turned pale. No, he had to tell his boss about what happened today immediately.

Before Assistant Xu left, he saw that Assistant Zhu was still absent-minded, and patted his shoulder. Assistant Zhu jerked and suddenly said, “Old Xu, you go first. I still have something to see the boss about!”

Seeing that Assistant Zhu’s expression was off, Assistant Xu wanted to ask what it was, but Assistant Zhu left before he could do so.

Assistant Zhu hurriedly knocked on his boss’s office. Not long after, a cold and imposing voice rang out. “Come in!”

Assistant Zhu went in and closed the door. He saw his boss standing with his back to him as he looked out the full-length window. Because his back was to him, Assistant Zhu couldn’t see his boss’s expression at all. His tall figure exuded a deep sense of oppression and power in the spacious office.

“Boss!” Assistant Zhu said carefully.

Qi Zhenbai turned around at that moment and was a bit surprised to see that it was Assistant Zhu. He pursed his thin lips tightly, his eyes sharp. “What is it?”

Assistant Zhu’s words caught in his throat for a moment when he looked at his boss’s cold and perfect, yet oppressive expression. However, when he thought about how the little lady boss might kill herself for love, he couldn’t care less about how intimidating his boss was. He gritted his teeth and hurriedly said, “Boss, I have something serious to speak to you about. It concerns the little lady boss!”

Assistant Zhu looked up at his expressionless boss, and felt the temperature drop a little. He gritted his teeth and honestly relayed what happened at noon. “This afternoon, the little lady boss came to look for you, and she met Fourth Madam Qi. Fourth Madam Qi said some unpleasant things to sow discord.”

Assistant Zhu didn’t have the slightest favorable impression of Fourth Madam Qi, and was biased toward the little lady boss. So, when Assistant Zhu recounted the situation, he complained on the little lady boss’s behalf and exaggerated the story as much as he could.

Assistant Zhu also snuck a glance at his boss and saw that his expression had changed. His face was gloomy. It could be seen that his boss definitely wasn’t indifferent to the little lady boss. That was good. He continued to work hard. “Boss, the little lady boss’s face turned pale at that time, but she still firmly believed that you wouldn’t fall in love with someone else. She said she would see you, and then…” At this point, Assistant Zhu didn’t dare look at his boss at all, nor did he dare take a breath. He closed his eyes and confessed everything. “Then, I drove her to the restaurant where you had your meeting. ”

Assistant Zhu wanted to complain about the table that his boss and that woman had chosen.

If they hadn’t been by the window, how could the little lady boss have gotten such a clear view?

How could something so big happen in the end?

Although Assistant Zhu complained in his heart, he continued carefully, “Then, Little Lady Boss seemed to have seen something she shouldn’t have!”

At that point, Assistant Zhu didn’t dare look at his boss’s expression. He just felt the temperature in the office plummet.

He felt like he was standing in an icehouse, and he was nervous at how cold he felt.

The icy cold gaze on him also made his scalp tingle and his hair stand on end.

Of course, what Assistant Zhu wanted to convey wasn’t that they had caught the boss in the act, but that the little lady boss had misunderstood and had been heartbroken. He hurriedly continued, “Boss, I know that there’s definitely nothing going on between you and Miss Zhuang, but the little lady boss doesn’t know that. When she saw that scene, she must have misunderstood, especially… especially…” At this point, Assistant Zhu was already prepared to die. He gritted his teeth and continued, “Especially since it seems that the little lady boss saw… saw that Miss Zhuang tease you!”

In fact, Assistant Zhu wanted to describe it in more detail. He was deeply afraid that his boss didn’t know how serious the matter was, but he didn’t dare say anything about ‘flirting.’

“Boss, you don’t know, but when Little Lady Boss saw you with another woman, and that scene in particular, not only did her face turn pale, she also cried miserably and pitifully. When I sent her back to the apartment, she didn’t stop crying and almost fainted!”