Chapter 1225 - Qi Zhenbai's Panic

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Assistant Zhu was lying through his teeth as he made his little lady boss sound as pitiful as possible. Of course, he didn’t think he was exaggerating. The little lady boss might really have hidden somewhere to cry her eyes out.

It was just that the little lady boss was stronger than other girls and didn’t like to show weakness in front of other people.

“What did you say?” After listening to Assistant Zhu, Qi Zhenbai’s originally calm and expressionless face suddenly cracked and changed drastically, like a calm lake hit by a meteorite from outer space, which kicked up stormy waves.

If he were calm enough, he would be able to tell that Assistant Zhu was definitely lying through his teeth.

But at that moment, Qi Zhenbai’s mind was completely blank when Assistant Zhu said that the little lady boss had cried especially miserably and almost fainted. He was flustered and at a loss. His lips lost all color and his face was a shade paler.

His heart felt like it had been stabbed with a blunt knife several times. His heart, which had just been full of elation at his wife’s concern, was now filled with heartache and panic.

He even regretted agreeing to go to that meeting at that moment, even though he had done so because that Zhuang woman was too evil and dangerous. This woman was connected to an evil cultivator behind the scenes, and both of them had ties to his fourth uncle and fourth aunt. They probably had other motives for approaching him this time.

He wasn’t afraid of whatever ulterior motives his fourth uncle and fourth aunt had in approaching him, but he was very afraid that his muddle-headed fourth uncle would let the wolf into the house and give this evil woman and the evil cultivator behind her an opportunity to act against the Qi family. That was why he had stepped in and put on this show.

Who would have thought that his wife would catch him in the act? Assistant Zhu’s description had been very vague, but Qi Zhenbai immediately thought of how that Zhuang woman had touched him.

At the thought that his wife might have misunderstood, the veins on his forehead twisted and bulged. His face turned hideous and he looked murderous and terrifying.

At that moment, Assistant Zhu was scared witless by his boss’s hideous expression. He didn’t expect his boss to have such a huge reaction. His boss’s face was livid, and each step he took was heavy as he walked over unhurriedly.

Assistant Zhu was suffocated by the sharp pressure around him. His throat felt like it was blocked, and he stuttered, his face deathly pale as he was unable to utter a word.

For a moment, he almost thought that his boss would lose control and kill him.

Before Assistant Zhu could jump in fright, he felt a hurricane sweep past him. When he opened his eyes again, his boss was no longer in the office.

When Chi Shuyan went to the Jing family’s auction house this time, not only was Manager Qian there, but also a handsome man called Jing Hengran.

The man had a handsome and refined appearance. He looked harmless, but he was anything but.

Chi Shuyan keenly sensed from the spiritual energy in the other party’s body that he probably had an extraordinary identity.

When Qian Zhengde once again saw the young lady who had sold them the pills, he was excited.

He recalled how this young lady had surreptitiously given him the bottle of Spirit Gathering Pills before; he had given half the pills to his son and the other half to Young Master Jing.

Of course, Qian Zhengde hadn’t given Young Master Jing the Spirit Gathering Pills because he wanted to sell this young lady out; it was just that there was no way for him alone to protect this bottle.

Qian Zhengde felt that this young lady underestimated how precious medicinal pills were in this world, especially the Spirit Gathering Pill, which contained precious and abundant spiritual energy.

Afraid of drawing fire to himself and implicating this young lady, Qian Zhengde hence immediately expressed his loyalty to the current Jing family heir.

The Jing family was an ancient martial family with many factions.

Qian Zhengde had utter faith in the current Jing family heir. Not only was Young Master Jing extraordinarily talented, he also had a good character and extraordinary abilities. He was able to fight his way out and avoid being besieged despite the Jing family head’s prejudice, which showed how capable he was.

Most importantly, Young Master Jing was a very principled person. Giving him the Spirit Gathering Pills was the best course of action.

If Manager Qian gave the bottle of Spirit Gathering Pills to the current Jing family head, not only would he lose the bottle completely, it would also easily cause trouble for this young lady.

When he offered half of the Spirit Gathering Pills to Young Master Jing, the latter didn’t greedily take the entire bottle.

Qian Zhengde trusted Young Master Jing even more.

Of course, the person he was most grateful to was the young lady in front of him. After his son took the Spirit Gathering Pill, he made a breakthrough very quickly, and there were no internal injuries or pill toxins left in his body.

It had to be pointed out that pill toxin was very harmful to cultivators.

He was now endlessly grateful to the little girl in front of him. He was even more excited and grateful to her than if she were his savior.

He also knew where this young lady lived, but he didn’t dare step forward to disturb her. Fortunately, she had yet to collect the money from the auction of her pills previously.

That was why he had been able to remain calm. However, when the young lady hadn’t come by after a few days, Manager Qian grew a bit uneasy and worried. Because of the gratitude he felt toward her, he didn’t dare tell even Young Master Jing her address. Fortunately, this young lady came today.

Otherwise, who knew how long he would live in apprehension? After all, since Miss Chi could take out so many pills, why would she care about the money from an auction of one bottle of pills?

Qian Zhengde was excited and grateful as he personally greeted her. “Miss Chi, you’re finally here. That’s right, we haven’t transferred to you the money from the auction yet. By the way, Miss Chi, this is Young Master Jing, the person in charge of our auction house!”

Jing Hengran looked at the young lady in front of him with a surprised and searching gaze, but was quick to greet her gently. “Miss Chi, hello, I’m Jing Hengran. If you’re free now, why don’t we go to a private room to talk business?”