Chapter 1226 - Jing Family Heir

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In the private room, Chi Shuyan also studied Jing Hengran.

The two sat down. With Qian Zhengde as the middleman, the atmosphere wasn’t awkward.

In addition, Jing Hengran’s looks were pleasing to the eye. He spoke with class and restraint, which made one feel very comfortable. Although he complimented Chi Shuyan in every way, his tone wasn’t obsequious at all, and was pretty sincere. He said, “I learned from Manager Qian that it was Miss Chi who sold us the pills, but seeing you today in person is indeed better than just hearing about you. I have been looking forward to meeting you!”

Chi Shuyan was still a little vigilant, but she had a good impression of him, and they chatted pleasantly for a while. “Not at all, you flatter me, Young Master Jing!”

While Young Master Jing and Miss Chi were chatting, Qian Zhengde didn’t forget the account for the last pill auction. He carefully explained, “Miss Chi, this is the invoice for the previous auction of your pills. Take a look. If everything is in order, I’ll settle the account for you immediately.”

Chi Shuyan had the best impression of this Manager Qian Zhengde, and also believed that he wouldn’t dare scam her. She didn’t take the invoice, but just said, “Manager Qian, there’s no hurry to settle the account. I want to buy some herbs later, so you can deduct the amount from here.”

When Jing Hengran heard that the young lady in front of him wanted to buy herbs, his eyes lit up. Qian Zhengde’s eyes lit up even more, and he was overjoyed.

If this young lady wanted to buy herbs, it would be for the purpose of refining pills.

They didn’t know if there was an expert behind this young lady, but given how the level of the medicinal pills was a little low, it was probably this young lady who had refined them.

Jing Hengran had naturally heard of the level 3 Energy Recovery Pill.

Initially, he and Qian Zhengde thought that there was probably an expert behind this young lady, and that these medicinal pills were from that expert. However, they thought about how the medicinal pills which this young lady had given to their auction house several times after that were all relatively low-level ones, but which also didn’t have the slightest trace of pill toxin or impurities.

Compared with the level 3 Energy Recovery Pill that first time, it seemed like these subsequent ones were refined by the same person. Furthermore, higher-ranked alchemists usually disdained to refine low-level pills at all.

Jing Hengran gave the young lady in front of him a deep look, and had an absurd thought in his mind: Were the pills which she took out refined by her, including the level 3 Energy Recovery Pill?

Jing Hengran thought of the Spirit Gathering Pills replete with spiritual energy which Qian Zhengde had given to him. It could be said that he had truly experienced the benefits of this Spirit Gathering Pill.

If he had been less principled and didn’t mind crossing the bottom line, he probably wouldn’t have been able to resist hoarding that bottle of Spirit Gathering Pills when Qian Zhengde offered it to him.

But he had almost become greedy after tasting the benefits of the abundant spiritual energy in the Spirit Gathering Pill, no matter how principled he was. That was enough to show how effective this pill was.

To be honest, although this young lady’s pills were being auctioned off at the Jing family’s auction house, Jian Hengran and his family actually didn’t want to sell off such high-quality and unique precious pills at all. So, as soon as these pills were put up for auction, the Jing family would immediately step forward to bid for them.

But these pills had already attracted the attention of many reclusive families. Once they went on auction, the other families also did their best to buy them.

The Jing family had broken out in a cold sweat when they almost hadn’t gotten the pills at the last auction.

At the same time, the auction house and the Jing family had suffered a lot of criticism, with people saying that the Jing family had secretly taken these good pills for themselves.

It had taken a long time for the waves to subside.

From this, it could be seen how popular this young lady’s pills were. It was just that the level was too low, but Jing Hengran didn’t dare underestimate her at all.

Jing Hengran took another deep look at the young lady in front of him. He felt that this calm young lady in front of him was definitely nothing like her age. Instead, she was hiding her true colors!

At the same time, he also confirmed that most of these pills had probably been refined by this young lady herself. As for whether there was an expert behind her, that was another matter.

He made up his mind to befriend her.

Thinking of how such a young girl could hide her true colors so deeply, Jing Hengran gave her another searching look.

Chi Shuyan also generously let him take a look. At the same time, she guessed that the man in front of her definitely had an extraordinary identity. Thinking of how his surname was Jing, Chi Shuyan was most likely correct in her assumption.

She thought that although her pills had caused a stir, it wasn’t enough to make the other party risk making a move against her. After all, the level of the pills she had given before was too low. It was fine as long as she didn’t take out pills that were too eye-catching.

Of course, even if they really made a move against her, she had the capital now, so she wasn’t worried.

Moreover, from the looks of it, the other party just wanted to befriend her for now.

Chi Shuyan relaxed. To be honest, she didn’t want to draw attention to herself, but this world wasn’t like a real cultivation world, where spirit herbs and medicinal herbs were everywhere.

The spiritual energy in this world was almost exhausted, and there were no spirit herbs or spirit medicines. As for truly good medicinal herbs that were hundreds of years old, they were practically monopolized by the reclusive families.

If she wanted to refine pills, she could only find a group to cooperate with. She was now considering the Jing family’s auction house. Although she had given the Spirit Gathering Pills to thank Manager Qian before, she had also had an ulterior motive, and wanted to test him.

Looking at the man in front of her now, Chi Shuyan narrowed her eyes. There was no hurry to cooperate. At the very least, she had to first discern the Jing family’s sincerity and the character of the man in front of her.

At that moment, Jing Hengran suddenly said in a searching tone, “Miss Chi, may I ask who your teacher is?” Without waiting for Chi Shuyan to speak, Jing Hengran changed the subject again. “Miss Chi, it’s fine if you don’t want to talk about it. Why don’t we add each other on WeChat first? If you need any herbs to refine pills in the future, just let me know. I’ll get someone to prepare the herbs for you first, just in case! If you need other precious and rare herbs, you can also tell me in advance. I can also get someone to look for them for the time being!”