Chapter 1228 - Strange Pregnancy (1)

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In the private room at the Jing family’s auction house, Chi Shuyan hung up, feeling a little embarrassed by the phone call.

She was thick-skinned, however, and very calm as she glanced at Jing Hengshen’s WeChat. The two successfully added each other as friends and, without beating around the bush, she started buying herbs right away.

Because of that phone call earlier, Jing Hengran looked at her a little differently.

While she was buying the herbs, Jing Hengran personally helped her out. Chi Shuyan chose some herbs she needed, paid the bill, and was about to leave.

Before she left, Jing Hengran said, “Miss Chi, take care. If you need anything, just contact me on WeChat. I’m free at any time. Of course, if you’re willing to auction the pills you refine at our auction house and cooperate solely with us, you can name your terms.”

Although Chi Shuyan did plan to cooperate with them, she didn’t plan to trust the man in front of her so quickly. She pursed her lips and said, “Thank you, I’ll consider it carefully.”

Chi Shuyan turned around to leave, but Jing Hengran suddenly stopped her. “Miss Chi, it’s not good for bystanders to comment on private matters, but as the saying goes, if the old doesn’t go, the new won’t come! Miss Chi, you are very good, and many people admire you. I hope you won’t dislike me for being a busybody.”

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Jing Hengran said this with a modest and noble expression, his face as gentle as a spring breeze. In addition, he was good-looking, which added a lot of points.

This was the first time Chi Shuyan found someone so pleasing to the eye. Of course, she also liked when he said that if the old didn’t go, the new wouldn’t come. However, she really wasn’t in the mood to talk about relationships right now.

Love was up to fate. There was no hurry!

Chi Shuyan nodded at him. “Thank you!”

After leaving the auction house, Chi Shuyan put the herbs into her Cosmos Ring when no one was around. She then dialed Lu Chengfu’s number and prepared to go and get Lin Haoxing.

As soon as the call went through, Lu Chengfu greeted her excitedly.

“Sister-in-law, if you hadn’t called, I would have called you in the next day or two!” Lu Chengfu’s tone was a bit excited.

Chi Shuyan was in a good mood when she heard Lu Chengfu’s voice. She said, “What’s the matter?”

It wasn’t anything; Lu Chengfu just wanted to contact Sister-in-law. He used to be popular, but ever since his sexual orientation was exposed, he didn’t have many real friends except for Qi Hao and the others. So, Lu Chengfu cherished his good friends deeply. Of course, the person he was most grateful to was Haozi’s sister-in-law.

In Lu Chengfu’s heart, Haozi’s sister-in-law was no different from his own sister-in-law. So, when he spoke, Lu Chengfu’s tone was warm. “It’s nothing, I just miss you a lot. Sister-in-law, when will you come to my place for a meal?”

But Lu Chengfu quickly remembered that he had been ordering food from Chef Li’s restaurant every day recently. It would be more convenient to eat at Chef Li’s restaurant.

So, Lu Chengfu quickly corrected himself. “Sister-in-law, let me say this first: I don’t know how to cook. At most, I’ll prepare a menu and send it to Chef Li to help cook.”

Chi Shuyan was amused by Lu Chengfu’s words. The two chatted for a while, and Chi Shuyan told him about picking up Lin Haoxing.

On the other side, Lu Chengfu wailed.

“What’s wrong?”

“Sister-in-law, can you pick up Xingxing a few days later? Jinzhou and I really like Xingxing. You don’t know, but without Xingxing at home, it’s just Jinzhou and me. There’s no one at home at all. It was fine with Chef Li in the past, but now…”

At this point, Lu Chengfu started acting pitiful.

Chi Shuyan knew that Lu Chengfu liked liveliness. Besides, she was usually busy. If Lu Chengfu and Yu Jinzhou really helped her take care of Lin Haoxing for a few more days, Chi Shuyan would be endlessly grateful. However, she couldn’t really trouble them. She said, “Okay, then I’ll pick him up tomorrow or the day after.”

“So soon? Sister-in-law?” Lu Chengfu wailed again when he heard Chi Shuyan’s words. This time, without waiting for Chi Shuyan to speak, Lu Chengfu honestly told her his goal. “Sister-in-law, in fact, there’s another reason why I’m keeping Xingxing at home. You also know that I’m with Jinzhou. Our relationship is especially stable now, and we’ve also confirmed that we won’t marry other people in the future. In a few years after we’re more stable, we’ll come clean with our families. However, this is all based on the premise that we have children. In any case, I can’t bear for Jinzhou not to have children because of me. That’s why I’ve decided that after a few years, we’ll find a surrogate and have two kids. Right now, I just want to practice with Xingxing!”

Chi Shuyan sweated when she heard this. Lu Chengfu, this kid, had good intentions, but he was too anxious. Besides, if he really wanted to practice, he would have to find a baby to practice with. However, when she thought about leaving a baby with Lu Chengfu, she was really worried. Yu Jinzhou was a little more reliable.

In the end, Chi Shuyan didn’t dampen Lu Chengfu’s enthusiasm. She gave him the address of her villa and told him to send Lin Haoxing to her villa if he wasn’t free to take care of him.

Lu Chengfu agreed excitedly. “Thank you, Sister-in-law, thank you so much!”

After talking to Lu Chengfu for a while, she asked him to pass the phone to Lin Haoxing.

“Sister Shuyan! I missed you so much!” Not long after, Lin Haoxing’s clear voice rang out. It was clear from his excited voice that the little guy hadn’t suffered at all.

When Chi Shuyan heard the little guy’s words, she missed him. He was usually obedient and easy to take care of. Coupled with his good looks, it was hard for people not to like him.

Chi Shuyan said a few words to the little guy and also exhorted him to be good.

“Sister Shuyan, I will, I’ll be good!” Lin Haoxing said obediently.

Before hanging up, Chi Shuyan gave the little guy her number and said that he could call her whenever he wanted to come back or if anything happened.

Lin Haoxing nodded obediently and said he would.

After confirming that the little guy was living well at Lu Chengfu’s house, Chi Shuyan was relieved. After thinking about it, she decided to go to Imperial Restaurant to let Chef Li and the others know that she was going back to the villa. She also wanted to see how Chef Li and the two other little guys were doing.

It was just that as soon as she got into a taxi, her phone suddenly rang. Because a certain man had almost blown up her phone earlier, she was a little traumatized now. However, she saw that the incoming call was from an unfamiliar number.

She picked up the call, and Old Yu’s familiar voice quickly rang out. “Shuyan, it’s me, Teacher Yu!”

Before receiving Teacher Yu’s call, Chi Shuyan had almost forgotten what Teacher Yu had said to her in the hospital. Thinking of it now, her face was a bit solemn as she asked, “Teacher Yu, has your sister given birth?”

Old Yu was looking for Shuyan at that moment precisely because of this matter. His sister was still in stable condition and showing no signs of going into labor at all. He was now more and more worried.

On the other hand, his mother kept saying that his sister was pregnant with an extraordinary immortal, and that it was the reincarnation of Nezha. Teacher Yu had wanted to laugh when he first heard this, but looking at his sister’s complexion and condition now, he was really worried and couldn’t smile anymore.

Thinking about it lately, he felt that Old Zhang’s student was really capable, so he wanted to invite Shuyan over to take a look at his sister.

When Chi Shuyan heard this, she thought about how serious the matter was and immediately agreed. “Teacher Yu, give me the address. I’ll head over now!”

Old Yu immediately gave her the address, and Chi Shuyan told the driver to take her there.

40 minutes later, Chi Shuyan arrived at Teacher Yu’s house in a remote suburb.

It was clear that Teacher Yu’s family background was pretty good. This was a slightly higher-end neighborhood. It was a little further from the city, but the property prices here weren’t bad.

Chi Shuyan walked into the apartment building and took the elevator to the 16th floor. When she arrived at Teacher Yu’s place, she pressed the bell, and the door quickly opened.

The person who opened the door was Teacher Yu. When Teacher Yu saw Shuyan, he was excited and happy. He hurriedly said, “Come in and sit! Come and sit, Shuyan!”

Chi Shuyan nodded at Teacher Yu and walked in. On the side, she saw a gentle woman, whom she guessed was Teacher Yu’s wife.

Teacher Yu introduced them. Sure enough!

Chi Shuyan greeted her. “Ma’am!” She got straight to the point and asked Teacher Yu, “Teacher Yu, where’s your sister? How about I take a look at her condition first?”