Chapter 1230 - Fake Best Friend, Jiang Li

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Yu Wei had a very good impression of the young lady in front of her. The two of them had been chatting nicely just now. Hearing her words, she smiled gently and said, “Just touch it!”

Chi Shuyan reached out and touched Sister Yu’s protruding stomach. Channeling her spiritual energy, she probed the stomach. As she continued to pour in spiritual energy, there was no movement at all. She couldn’t even feel the breathing or movement of the child in Sister Yu’s stomach.

Something was wrong. Something was very wrong!

It looked more like a stillborn.

However, she didn’t forget what Teacher Yu said about Sister Yu going to the hospital for a checkup several times; the hospital had told her that the child was fine and very normal.

Chi Shuyan couldn’t figure it out for a moment. Seeing that Sister Yu’s complexion didn’t look good at all, she simply sent spiritual energy into her body to nourish it.

After Chi Shuyan poured in spiritual energy for a while, Sister Yu’s face immediately improved and she gasped less as she spoke.

Only then did Chi Shuyan withdraw her spiritual energy. She moved her hand and probed, “Sister Yu, I felt it, but the child didn’t move. Don’t babies react after four or five months of pregnancy?”

Yu Wei smiled and touched her stomach as her face glowed with motherly love. “This child is probably a little naughty and is usually very active. When you feel it later, it might move!”

Chi Shuyan stopped smiling and stared solemnly at Sister Yu’s protruding stomach. “Is that so?”

At that moment, Sister-in-law Kong brought over a cup of warm water for Chi Shuyan.

Chi Shuyan didn’t refuse, and placed the water on the table. Sister-in-law Kong said enthusiastically, “Child, have you eaten dinner? If you haven’t, I’ll make some noodles!”

Chi Shuyan had just fallen out of love today and really didn’t have much of an appetite. She hadn’t eaten anything all day, but she still turned down Sister-in-law Kong’s kindness. “Sister-in-law, I’ve eaten. Don’t trouble yourself!”

“Have a taste of my cooking tonight!” Sister-in-law Kong still wanted to speak, but the doorbell rang. Sister-in-law Kong could only put this topic aside as she hurried out to open the door.

Yu Wei was a bit curious. Who was it this time? She was about to get up, when Chi Shuyan helped her up. “Sister Yu, shall we go out and take a look?”

Chi Shuyan helped Yu Wei out. There was a lively exchange of pleasantries in the living room outside, and Teacher Yu and Sister-in-law Kong’s voices rang out from time to time. It could be seen that the couple were very welcoming toward this guest.

Chi Shuyan thought that some relative had come to the Yu family, but it was a good-looking woman with heavy makeup. When she saw Sister Yu not far away, her eyes lit up. She strode over and called out familiarly and enthusiastically, “Xiao Wei, I’m here. I haven’t come around lately. Did you miss me? It’s fine, I’m free tonight, so I can keep you company! By the way, how’s my godson? Let me touch him!”

Jiang Li looked at Yu Wei’s protruding stomach and reached out to touch it. Yu Wei didn’t stop her, and was all smiles. It was obvious that the two of them had a very good relationship.

Teacher Yu and Sister-in-law Kong were very happy that Jiang Li had come. Every time Jiang Li came, Xiao Wei would be in a particularly good mood.

At that moment, Yu Wei took the initiative to introduce Chi Shuyan to Jiang Li. Teacher Yu also hurriedly introduced Shuyan to Jiang Li, but didn’t say much and just said that she was his student.

Jiang Li hadn’t noticed Chi Shuyan earlier, but when her eyes fell on the unusually beautiful face of the young lady standing next to Yu Wei, she was stunned. An inexplicable emotion flashed in her eyes, but she quickly regained her composure and said, “Is this young lady really Teacher Yu’s student? She’s too good-looking!”

As Jiang Li spoke, she teased Chi Shuyan. “Young lady, do you have a boyfriend? Do you want me to introduce you to someone? I guarantee you’ll like him!”

Chi Shuyan narrowed her eyes and sized up the woman in front of her, who claimed to be Sister Yu’s best friend. From the moment she saw her, she didn’t have a good impression of this woman. Moreover, this woman’s aura was gray; she definitely wasn’t as good as she appeared.

She wondered how Sister Yu, Teacher Yu’s sister, could be best friends with such a woman.

She still had a very good impression of Teacher Yu’s sister.

However, she didn’t have the slightest favorable impression of this woman who was teasing her.

Although Chi Shuyan knew that the woman in front of her wasn’t a good person, she didn’t know what the woman’s relationship with the Yu family was like. Without the slightest emotion on her face, she said, “Sorry, I already have a boyfriend!”

“Really? You have a boyfriend at such a young age?” Jiang Li seemed to quickly realize that she had said the wrong thing. She covered her mouth and looked at Teacher Yu next to her, still smiling. “It’s good to have a boyfriend at your age, but don’t let your teacher know.”

At that point, Jiang Li said to Yu Wei, “Aren’t I right, Weiwei?”

Yu Wei also smiled more and looked happily at her brother and sister-in-law.

Because Jiang Li was good with her words, the atmosphere at home was very good. It was just that Teacher Yu was a bit embarrassed that Jiang Li had tried to introduce a boyfriend to Shuyan. As for Shuyan having a boyfriend, Teacher Yu didn’t interfere. It was normal for university students to get into relationships, and it was fine as long as no one accidentally got pregnant.

Teacher Yu felt that he should have a good talk with Old Zhang about this.

Sister-in-law Kong had everyone sit down, and brought over some fruits for Old Yu to serve. She then went to the kitchen to cook some noodles.

Jiang Li said enthusiastically, “Sister-in-law, why don’t I go to the kitchen and help you?”

Sister-in-law Kong hurriedly had her sit down and eat some snacks. Teacher Yu also told Jiang Li not to trouble herself, and to just eat.

In the end, Jiang Li gave up and said with a smile, “Then, Brother Yu, Sister-in-law, I won’t stand on ceremony!”

Soon, Jiang Li shifted the topic to Chi Shuyan. “Young lady, when you break up with your boyfriend in the future, tell me. I’ll find you a partner!”

Her tone was teasing, and the others only took it as a joke and didn’t take it seriously.

Chi Shuyan replied indifferently with a few pleasantries.

If she hadn’t been reborn or didn’t know how to read physiognomy, she would probably have been tricked by the woman in front of her, who could talk nicely and appeared enthusiastic on the surface. To be honest, she felt that this Jiang woman in front of her was very fake.

At that moment, Jiang Li quickly shifted the topic to Yu Wei’s husband’s family. She asked, “Brother Yu, right, where’s Xiao Wei’s husband? Has that Yang person come to see Xiao Wei yet?”