Chapter 1371 - Chi Shuyan Faints

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Chapter 1371: Chi Shuyan Faints

Xiao Shan didn’t want to make a mountain out of a molehill at first. Although he was thirsty, he didn’t plan to drink this disgusting water again. After taking a sip just now, he wanted to drink some clean water to rinse his mouth. The taste in his mouth was too unpleasant.

After washing his hands and cleaning up, he replied, “It’s nothing, Sister-in-law.”

Chi Shuyan smelled a strong fishy odor when Xiao Shan approached.

She frowned. No, it should be said that ever since she got out of the car, this faint smell of blood had always been there. It was only when Xiao Shan got close that the smell became stronger.

She got a little closer to Xiao Shan, scaring him so much that his face turned blank. He thought that Master Chi had found out that he wasn’t telling the truth, and hurriedly explained, “Sister-in-law, the water I drank just now tasted too bad. Didn’t they say that the spring water in the mountains is not only sweet, but also warm in winter and cold in summer? I saw that the water is so clear that I can see the bottom. I really thought that it would be delicious. I didn’t expect it to be so bad. It can’t be because it rained, right? There’s the smell of dirt everywhere.”

Chi Shuyan didn’t reply. Instead, she leaned close to where Xiao Shan’s clothes were wet and sniffed. Sure enough!

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A strong smell of blood assailed her. Chi Shuyan was very sensitive to blood and could immediately tell that there was indeed a strong smell of blood in the water. Her face was very unsightly. She let go of Xiao Shan and approached the river.

Xiao Shan didn’t know what to do, so he followed Master Chi to the edge of the river. He stared at the clear water and lamented again. “Sister-in-law, this river is really clear, but it really doesn’t taste good.”

Chi Shuyan wasn’t in a hurry to reply. Instead, she stared at the bottom of the river.

Small fish were swimming around.

The more Chi Shuyan thought about it, the more she felt that something was off. However, she couldn’t say what was wrong. She mimicked Xiao Shan and crouched down to scoop up a handful of water.

Xiao Shan thought that she wanted to drink it, and hurriedly said, “Sister-in-law, this water really doesn’t taste good. Don’t drink it.” He had wanted to vomit then, and he wanted to vomit now.

He heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Sister-in-law only smelled the water and didn’t drink it.

Xiao Shan had talked a lot, but Master Chi didn’t reply. Instead, her face grew darker and darker, which made him feel very uneasy. After a while, Xiao Shan mustered his courage and said, “Sister-in-law, what’s wrong?”

Chi Shuyan looked away. “Nothing. Let’s go back.”

In the blink of an eye, two days passed. It was going to be the True Buddha’s birthday tomorrow. Early this morning, a villager specially came to inform them that their village chief said that they had to go to the temple as soon as possible to invite the True Buddha over. They had to do so by 8am tomorrow at the latest.

Xiao Shan and Wu Haoming looked at each other and agreed.

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When the villager left, Director Feng got up and came out of his room.

The two saw that Director Feng was in very good condition this morning, and his complexion was especially good. He wasn’t as pale as before, but was bright and energetic, which made them sigh with relief. At the same time, they were utterly convinced by Master Chi’s methods.

Director Feng’s serious internal injuries had actually healed in just a few days. Master Chi was too awesome.

The two of them itched to hug Master Chi’s thigh; no matter how injured they were in the future, they would be fine. So, for the past two days, Wu Haoming and Xiao Shan had been more and more solicitous toward Master Chi. Feng Yuanlin was speechless. He didn’t want to admit that these two fawning people were actually his subordinates.

Wu Haoming couldn’t help but ask, “Director Feng, how do you feel today?”

Xiao Shan was especially quick to act. He first pulled a chair over for Director Feng to sit down.

After two days of recuperating, Feng Yuanlin’s injuries were indeed almost healed, and he was well aware that he had Shuyan to thank for his quick recovery.

It wasn’t like he didn’t know what the Nourishment Pill which Shuyan fed him every day was. She even injected something into his body from time to time. Every time Shuyan grabbed his wrist, he felt a warm current in his body, and he once again understood that this sister-in-law of his wasn’t a simple person.

He had been taking advantage of Shuyan these days. To be honest, he was really a bit embarrassed. Feng Yuanlin was about to reply to Wu Haoming, when he suddenly frowned. He looked around and realized that Shuyan, who usually woke up the earliest, wasn’t around this morning. Had she gone out to do something?

Feng Yuanlin changed the topic and asked, “Where’s Shuyan? Did she go out early in the morning?”

Wu Haoming and Xiao Shan had felt that something wasn’t right since early that morning. After Director Feng said that, the two understood that it wasn’t that something wasn’t right, but that Master Chi wasn’t around.

Speaking of which, Master Chi was the first to wake up every day.

The two were stumped. They looked at each other and said that they hadn’t seen Master Chi that morning. The two felt that it was unlikely that she would sleep in or laze around in bed; she had probably gone out.