Chapter 1372 - Qi Zhenbais Return

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Chapter 1372: Qi Zhenbai’s Return

Seeing Shuyan suddenly faint, Feng Yuanlin was horrified and hurriedly supported her. However, less than a second after he touched Shuyan, a strong force on the side snatched her away.

Feng Yuanlin was stunned. He looked up and saw that Zhenbai had already pulled Shuyan into his arms tightly. His actions, movements, and eyes were filled with possessiveness.

He couldn’t help but look up at Zhenbai and say in surprise, “Zhenbai, you’re back? When did you come back?”

Those black, sharp eyes were lowered as Qi Zhenbai stared unblinkingly at Shuyan’s face in his arms. It was as if Shuyan was the only one in his eyes. Zhenbai directly ignored him.

Feng Yuanlin, who had been ignored: …

Feng Yuanlin’s pleasant surprise was ignored by Zhenbai, and he swallowed his words.

After a while, Zhenbai finally seemed to notice him, and he said indifferently, “We’ll talk later!”

With that, he immediately carried Shuyan into their accommodations.

Wu Haoming and Xiao Shan, who were making breakfast in the kitchen, immediately rushed out when they heard the commotion outside and Director Feng’s voice. They then saw that President Qi, who had left many days ago, had returned. He was carrying Master Chi in his arms, and Director Feng followed behind him.

Wait, that wasn’t right.

Given Master Chi’s temper, it was impossible for her to show off her love so openly in front of them.

The two immediately saw that Master Chi had a pale face and was unconscious.

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Master Chi’s sudden faint was a nasty shock to Wu Haoming and Xiao Shan. It was simply more terrifying than what happened to Director Feng back then.

The two didn’t expect the powerful Master Chi to suddenly faint one day. The two hurriedly looked at President Qi in front of them, then at Director Feng.

Qi Zhenbai ignored the two as he walked around them and carried Chi Shuyan to his room with a cold face. Xiao Shan and Wu Haoming looked at President Qi’s back and the formidable aura around him and were silent. They only dared to privately ask Director Feng, “Director Feng, Master Chi… No, what’s wrong with Sister-in-law? Why did she faint? Did something big happen?”

Feng Yuanlin relaxed when he saw Zhenbai carefully carry Shuyan to his room. However, when he thought of how Shuyan had suddenly fainted after listening to him, Feng Yuanlin was still stupefied. He didn’t know what he had said wrong at all.

Feng Yuanlin didn’t forget the subtle change in Shuyan’s expression after listening to his words before she fainted. It could be said that not only was Shuyan’s face very unsightly after listening to him, there was also stormy fear in her eyes.

He had never seen such extreme fear in Shuyan’s eyes.

As for why Shuyan was scared?

He really didn’t know!

Moreover, this was the first time he had seen such clear and serious fear from Shuyan. The more Feng Yuanlin thought about it, the more uneasy he became. He didn’t have the patience to reply to the two boys, and immediately sent them away to continue making breakfast. He went to see Zhenbai and Shuyan.

Seeing that Director Feng was too anxious to talk to them, Wu Haoming and Xiao Shan could only obediently go to the simple kitchen to make breakfast. The two didn’t think much of it. After all, Master Chi’s face had been deathly pale just now. She had probably fainted because she was sick.

Wu Haoming sat in front of the stove and continued to heat up the fire. He immediately told Xiao Shan to cook more plain porridge this morning and heat it up in the pot for Master Chi when she woke up.

Xiao Shan also knew that it was best to eat something light when one was sick, and he agreed with Wu Haoming. “Okay! Got it!”

When Feng Yuanlin entered Qi Zhenbai’s room, he found the latter sitting in a wooden chair on the side after placing Shuyan down on the wooden bed. He stared intently at Shuyan, as if he couldn’t bear to blink.

At the same time, his usually emotionless eyes were filled with deep affection and gentleness, and his cold and hard face had softened a lot. Feng Yuanlin was very moved.

Who would have thought that Zhenbai would fall so deeply in love with a woman one day?

Even as a bystander, he felt his heart skip a beat at Zhenbai’s deep feelings.

To be honest, he really didn’t want to disturb such a beautiful scene, but when he thought of how Shuyan had fainted early in the morning, he felt a little uneasy.

Qi Zhenbai keenly sensed that someone had come in, and the gentle and affectionate expression on his face instantly faded. His face was cold and hard. When he looked up, his dark eyes were bottomless and there was no hint of emotion at all.

Feng Yuanlin lamented at how quickly Zhenbai restrained his emotions; this friend of his was still too shrewd and hid his emotions too deeply. If Zhenbai didn’t allow it, no one would be able to see the slightest bit of what he was feeling.

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Fortunately, Zhenbai really liked Shuyan. Otherwise, given his methods and shrewdness, wouldn’t he have swallowed Shuyan’s bones?

Without waiting for Zhenbai to speak, Feng Yuanlin took a few looks at Shuyan’s pale little face and couldn’t help but ask, “Zhenbai, how’s Shuyan? Is she okay?”

Qi Zhenbai didn’t look away; his expression was stoic and his words were brief. “Still unconscious. Low fever!”

After Qi Zhenbai replied, the atmosphere turned cold again. Fortunately, Feng Yuanlin was used to his friend’s character. No matter where he went, he was like an ice block. He nodded. “Okay. Old Xiao and Old Wu are cooking porridge in the kitchen. When Shuyan wakes up later, ladle a bowl and feed her.”

Qi Zhenbai still didn’t look away or raise his head. Feng Yuanlin didn’t feel offended. Instead, he felt like a third wheel. He did want to leave immediately, but when he thought of the change in Shuyan’s expression before she fainted, he still felt uneasy.

Without waiting for Zhenbai to speak again, he immediately explained what happened just now and said in confusion, “Zhenbai, I just recited a poem, ‘The birds of a thousand mountains fly away, and the traces of ten thousand people have disappeared.’ I just said it randomly – why do you think Shuyan suddenly fainted after hearing it?”

Feng Yuanlin still couldn’t forget the subtle horror on Shuyan’s face after she listened to him. He felt that there was another reason for Shuyan’s sudden faint, but he couldn’t guess what it could be. He wanted Zhenbai to help him analyze it. After all, not only was his friend shrewd, he also had a high IQ and an extraordinary relationship with Shuyan. He could probably guess what Shuyan was thinking.

After saying that, he seriously repeated what he had said to Shuyan, “‘By the way, there are so many mountains, but why don’t I see a single bird?’” He asked, “Zhenbai, what do you think Shuyan was thinking then?”

Feng Yuanlin thought that he wouldn’t get a reply right away. After all, Shuyan was unconscious and right in front of Zhenbai, who probably only had Shuyan in his mind and heart right now.

Feng Yuanlin sighed. Since he wouldn’t be able to get a satisfactory reply, he could only go out and not be a third wheel. He would go to the kitchen to see how Old Wu and Old Xiao were doing with breakfast.

“Wait!” Qi Zhenbai suddenly said. His voice was deeper and more magnetic than an ordinary man’s, and sounded really nice to the ear. It was like a sonic boom, and there was a hint of depth in his voice.

Feng Yuanlin couldn’t help but rub his ears. He felt like he hadn’t heard Zhenbai’s voice for a long time. When he suddenly heard it, it was as if he had been electrocuted. His back tingled and he got goosebumps all over.

However, at the thought that he had such a huge reaction when he heard another man’s voice, Feng Yuanlin’s expression was indescribable and nauseated.

Thinking that Zhenbai had suddenly opened his mouth because he had thought of something important, Feng Yuanlin immediately got rid of these rubbish thoughts. He looked at him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Zhenbai got up and said to him, “Take care of my wife for me first. We’ll talk about the rest when I come back.”

Feng Yuanlin thought that Zhenbai had something serious to tell him.

Feng Yuanlin was in disbelief. “You… you’re going out again? Wait, Zhenbai, how many days have you been gone? Do you know that Shuyan and I were especially worried about you? You won’t be gone for another three to five days, right? No, no, your wife is so sick now, so why are you going out? You’re so unromantic. No wonder Shuyan didn’t want you before…”

Who knew if the last sentence struck a nerve, but Feng Yuanlin saw Zhenbai’s face change drastically and turn livid and gloomy.

Feng Yuanlin felt very guilty when he saw Zhenbai’s unsightly expression. He was about to immediately find an excuse to hurry out, when he heard Zhenbai’s unyielding tone, sounding like the command of a superior. “Take care of her for me. I’ll be back by today. Also, tell Wu Haoming and Xiao Shan not to make breakfast anymore and to hurry up and pack their luggage. If things go smoothly, we’ll leave this village today!”