Chapter 1373 - Yang Kun Learns About Leaving the Village

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Chapter 1373: Yang Kun Learns About Leaving the Village

Feng Yuanlin wasn’t willing to let Zhenbai leave just like that. After all, this village was too strange. He was stupefied by Zhenbai’s words, and his originally bright eyes still looked a little lost.

Qi Zhenbai didn’t have time to wait for Feng Yuanlin’s reply. He tilted his head and looked at his wife’s pale little face. He reached out, touched it again, and then left before Feng Yuanlin could react.

Wu Haoming, who was in the living room outside, saw President Qi go out again. Wu Haoming thought that President Qi wanted to go out for some fresh air, so he didn’t think much of it. Because of President Qi’s imposing aura, Wu Haoming didn’t dare talk at all, and could only watch President Qi go out.

A few seconds later, Wu Haoming saw Director Feng suddenly rush out and shout at the door, “Qi, what the hell do you mean? What are you getting at?”

Wu Haoming’s heart trembled at his boss’s voice.

Xiao Shan came out of the kitchen in a panic with a spatula. Seeing Director Feng so angry, his heart thumped and he hurriedly asked, “Director Feng, what… what’s wrong?”

Seeing that Qi Zhenbai didn’t turn around, Feng Yuanlin was so angry that he couldn’t see straight, and he didn’t dare believe Zhenbai’s words.

He knew Zhenbai very well. It had to be a serious matter for him to bring up leaving the village. Feng Yuanlin suppressed his anger and had Xiao Shan cook some plain porridge. There was no need to cook anything else. After cooking, he went to pack his luggage and get ready to leave the village today.

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After giving Xiao Shan instructions, Feng Yuanlin immediately had Wu Haoming check their car engine and gas.

Xiao Shan and Wu Haoming were also stupefied by Director Feng’s sudden announcement that they were leaving the village. They were at a loss and didn’t know what was going on at all.

It wasn’t long before Xiao Shan smelled the pot burning, and his head immediately cleared and he rushed into the kitchen.

Confused, Wu Haoming asked Director Feng, “Director Feng, what on earth is going on? Are we… really leaving the village today?”

Feng Yuanlin nodded. “Keep it to yourself. There’s no need to reveal anything to the others. Make sure to check that the car can run!” After a pause, he ladled out a bowl of porridge. When Shuyan woke up later, she could eat it.

While Feng Yuanlin sorted out everything, he in fact felt very uneasy, especially since Shuyan was unconscious. He didn’t feel safe at all, and didn’t even want to eat breakfast anymore. When Xiao Shan brought the breakfast to the table, Feng Yuanlin told him and Wu Haoming to eat first, then went to the kitchen to get the bowl of porridge and bring it to Shuyan’s room.

Outside their accommodations, Wu Haoming checked the car’s performance. Seeing that it was running fine, Wu Haoming relaxed, and then was prepared to go back inside for breakfast and ask Director Feng what was going on.

On the other side, Yang Kun went out and was about to go to the set. Seeing that Wu Haoming had finished checking the car and was about to go back inside, he couldn’t help but go forward and greet him solicitously. Thanks to Master Chi, Yang Kun was quite familiar with Wu Haoming and Xiao Shan.

Needless to say, Yang Kun had a very good impression of the two police officers.

Yang Kun couldn’t help but greet Wu Haoming. He smiled and asked curiously, “Brother Wu, what were you doing just now? Is the car okay? Do you want a car? I have one here!”

Wu Haoming hurriedly waved his hand. “No need, thank you, thank you. My car is fine!”

Seeing that Wu Haoming really didn’t need a car, Yang Kun nodded. Suddenly needing to check the car – was he going out on a long trip? Wait, there were only a few dozen families in this village; there was no need for a car at all.

Yang Kun was very shrewd and took note. He couldn’t help but ask, “Brother Wu, why do you suddenly need the car? Where are you going?”

Wu Haoming was usually quite tight-lipped, but who knew if it was because he wasn’t guarded around Yang Kun. Before he could even think about it, Wu Haoming blurted out, “I’m not going anywhere, but I’m leaving the village today!”

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As soon as he said that, Wu Haoming wished he could bite his tongue. Thinking of Director Feng’s instructions just now, his face changed.

Although Yang Kun had some doubts earlier, he hadn’t thought much of it. However, when he heard Wu Haoming say “leaving the village,” his face instantly changed. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and his heart inexplicably shook a few times. He gritted his teeth in disbelief and asked with a hint of expectation, “Brother Wu… are you leaving the village alone, or is Master Chi going with you? Why… are you suddenly leaving the village?”

Wu Haoming really regretted it after blurting out the truth, but he then looked at Yang Kun’s complicated and terrified expression. When it came down to it, they had been getting along well.

Actually, Wu Haoming was quite sharp. Although Director Feng hadn’t said much to him, he keenly sensed that something wasn’t right after Master Chi fainted. As for Director Feng telling them to get ready to leave the village, that should be President Qi’s suggestion. He naturally trusted President Qi very much; he had probably discovered something.

Thinking of all the strange things that had happened in the village, Wu Haoming thought for a moment, then told the truth and said that Master Chi was leaving with them. As for the reason, he didn’t know yet. After saying that, he leaned close to Yang Kun’s ear and said, “I advise you to leave the village with us today.”

Yang Kun was stupefied and didn’t move. He was shocked and terrified, and his whole body trembled. His face was deathly pale and covered in cold sweat.

Wu Haoming sympathized with Manager Yang Kun in front of him. After thinking about it, he did everything he could to help. Before he left, he patted Yang Kun’s shoulder and added, “My words are reliable, so you better make a decision early. By the way, Director Feng repeatedly instructed me not to reveal this to anyone else. I don’t care if you reveal it or not, but you have to promise me one thing: Don’t make a big deal out of it, or none of us will be able to leave the village!”

After exhorting him, Wu Haoming saw that Yang Kun was still in a daze and shaking all over. He sighed and left. He thought to himself that he had already said everything. He also hoped that the person in front of him would listen to him and not implicate them. Who knew if he had been right to be soft-hearted just now.

But thinking about how they had Master Chi and President Qi, Wu Haoming still had some confidence that they could leave the village.

Wu Haoming went back inside unhurriedly. On the other side, Yang Kun was both grateful and horrified by Wu Haoming’s words. He knew very well that there was something strange about this village. With Master Chi here, he, Shenglin and the others were a little more at ease, but once she left…

Yang Kun didn’t dare imagine how they could continue to stay in this village.

Wait, why did Master Chi have to leave the village immediately today?

Yang Kun was far more shrewd and sharper in this regard – could it be that Master Chi had discovered something dangerous in the village that she couldn’t deal with?

Thinking this, Yang Kun’s heart shook violently again. Endless fear invaded his heart, which felt like it was in his throat. His head buzzed and his whole body tensed up. He was terrified and wanted to vomit, but couldn’t.

If it was possible, he would have left the village with Shenglin and the others there and then.

No, he had to hurry and talk to Shenglin and the others, and persuade them to leave the village with Master Chi. After thinking this, Yang Kun ran away anxiously.