Chapter 1374 - Chi Shuyan Wakes Up

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Chapter 1374: Chi Shuyan Wakes Up

After Zhenbai left, Feng Yuanlin waited for Shuyan to wake up. When it was almost noon and she still hadn’t woken up. Feng Yuanlin felt really anxious.

Also, Zhenbai suddenly mentioned leaving before he himself left. Feng Yuanlin wondered if he would be coming back today.

Feng Yuanlin couldn’t stay in the room all the time, and was about to go out for some fresh air. He told Wu Haoming and Xiao Shan to keep an eye on Shuyan, and to let him know as soon as she woke up. He wouldn’t be going far, and was only going out for a walk.

Wu Haoming and Xiao Shan were still a little worried, but they were used to following Director Feng’s orders, and immediately nodded.

“By the way, Old Wu, is the car working alright?” Before Feng Yuanlin went out, he thought of the most important thing and hurriedly asked Wu Haoming about the car.

Wu Haoming hurriedly waved his hand to indicate that the car was fine, but when he thought of what he had revealed to Yang Kun early in the morning, he still felt a little guilty and didn’t dare look Director Feng in the eye.

Feng Yuanlin didn’t think much of it. After listening to Wu Haoming, he told Xiao Shan to put the hot porridge aside for a while and check on Shuyan periodically. Once she woke up, he should give her the porridge to eat first.

“Yes, Director Feng!” Xiao Shan immediately replied.

Chi Shuyan woke up not long after Feng Yuanlin left. When she woke up, Xiao Shan and Wu Haoming were overjoyed.

Wu Haoming didn’t even have time to say a word before he hurriedly went to find Director Feng. Xiao Shan also immediately ran to the kitchen to bring back hot porridge for Master Chi to eat. Xiao Shan now realized that Master Chi could also fall sick, and he looked carefully at her now as if she was fragile. He even told her to tell him if the porridge was too hot.

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Chi Shuyan had just woken up. When she propped herself up, her head still hurt a little, but her complexion had improved a lot. Seeing Xiao Shan’s cautious appearance, she didn’t feel annoyed. She waved her hand to indicate that there was no need to treat her like she was fragile. She was fine.

“Sister… Sister-in-law, are you really fine?” Xiao Shan was still worried!

Chi Shuyan couldn’t help but be amused when she saw how worried Xiao Shan was. “I’m fine!”

“Sister-in-law, hurry and eat the porridge. I’ve been keeping it warm!” Xiao Shan hoped that Master Chi’s ‘illness’ would improve quickly.

Chi Shuyan had just woken up and hadn’t eaten breakfast. She was indeed a little hungry. Hearing Xiao Shan’s words, she picked up the bowl and had a few bites.

Seeing that Master Chi had quite an appetite and liked the porridge, Xiao Shan sighed with relief. He was about to speak, when he saw Old Wu and Director Feng rush in.

Director Feng, who had always had good stamina, was panting a little from running. It could be seen how fast he ran, and he was still catching his breath. He first sized up Shuyan and saw that her complexion was much better than it had been in the morning. Feng Yuanlin heaved a sigh of relief. He held back a lot of questions and didn’t dare ask. He let Shuyan eat the porridge quickly and sighed excitedly. “Shuyan, you’re finally awake. That’s great! That’s great!”

“Sister-in-law, it’s great that you’re awake!” Wu Haoming also chimed in.

Feng Yuanlin and Wu Haoming were really excited at that moment, and their faces were flushed. Feng Yuanlin was especially excited and kept muttering non-stop. After Shuyan finished a bowl of porridge, Feng Yuanlin couldn’t wait to ask, “Shuyan, what happened this morning?”

Hearing Brother Feng’s question, Chi Shuyan’s face darkened abruptly. She wasn’t in a hurry to reply, but coldly told Xiao Shan and Wu Haoming to pack their bags and get ready to leave the village today.

Feng Yuanlin was stunned. Xiao Shan and Wu Haoming were also stunned when they heard Master Chi’s order.

If it were any other occasion, Feng Yuanlin might not have been able to help but tease Shuyan about her and Zhenbai sharing telepathy. After hearing Shuyan’s words, however, he was puzzled and uneasy. He grinned and said, “Shuyan, when Zhenbai came back earlier, he already got these two boys to start packing and said that we would leave the village by today.”

Wu Haoming and Xiao Shan immediately nodded in agreement. “That’s right, that’s right. President Qi told us to pack our luggage, and we’re almost done.”

Wu Haoming added, “By the way, Sister-in-law, I’ve checked the car. There’s no problem.”

Chi Shuyan didn’t expect Qi Zhenbai to be so thorough. She was stumped, before she sighed with relief.

Feng Yuanlin couldn’t help but take a few looks at Shuyan. He felt that Shuyan, who had just woken up, had an incomparably solemn expression on her face. Seeing her look over, he thought that she wanted to know more about Zhenbai, so he hurriedly said, “Zhenbai came back in a hurry and left in a hurry, but he said he would be back by today. Don’t worry.”

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Feng Yuanlin continued to ask, “Can I ask why the two of you are in a hurry to leave the village today? Shuyan, what on earth happened? You and Zhenbai didn’t say anything. Why do I feel so uneasy?”

After a pause, Feng Yuanlin thought of what he had said in the morning. He still didn’t understand what he had said wrong to make Shuyan react so strongly. He had racked his brain all morning, but couldn’t think of anything. He was very curious and couldn’t help but ask, “Shuyan, what on earth did I say wrong this morning? Why did you suddenly faint? I was so scared. Can you tell me? I’m really worried!”

Xiao Shan and Wu Haoming also looked over curiously with bright eyes.

Chi Shuyan wasn’t in a hurry to reply to Brother Feng. She looked out the wooden window at the quiet village and the distant mountains. Although the scenery was good, her face really couldn’t be considered good. There was even unusual uneasiness between her eyebrows.

Feng Yuanlin had never seen Shuyan so uncharacteristically restless. For some reason, he felt even more uneasy. He heard Shuyan say, “Brother Feng, there are some things I still need to verify. I can’t give you an answer right away. As for leaving the village, it’s my personal intuition. I can only say that whether or not I can verify my suspicions, we must leave the village today. This village gives me an extremely ominous and dangerous feeling. Some things in this village are out of my control. If we don’t leave the village today, we might… be buried here forever.”

At that point, Chi Shuyan recalled how she had looked at the mountains around her in the morning, and how they had collapsed and buried the entire village. For some reason, Chi Shuyan felt that this scene was not only a foreshadowing, but would also very likely happen in the next few days. Either way, they had to leave today.

Wu Haoming and Xiao Shan didn’t think much of it, but Feng Yuanlin clearly heard Shuyan use the word “buried.” His heart thumped and a strong sense of uneasiness and horror enveloped him, making him somewhat at a loss and anxious.

Feng Yuanlin still wanted Shuyan to explain more clearly, but Chi Shuyan said, “Brother Feng, I have something to do. Don’t think too much about it. It’s all up to fate. To be honest, I really don’t believe that this small village can take my life.”

At that point, Chi Shuyan’s eyes emitted a cold and dangerous light, and gave off a great sense of reassurance. Even Feng Yuanlin, who had just been feeling uneasy, relaxed when he saw Shuyan’s powerful and confident appearance. He made up his mind not to let his thoughts run wild. Whether it was staying or leaving the village, he would follow Shuyan and Zhenbai.

To be honest, if it wasn’t for Shuyan, they would have died long ago at No. 5 Junior High. Thinking this, Feng Yuanlin was much more open-minded and his complexion improved a lot.

Before Chi Shuyan went out, she didn’t forget Ruan Shenglin, Xu Tong and Yang Kun. She had Xiao Shan and Wu Haoming inform them that if anyone wanted to follow them, they would leave tonight.

Chi Shuyan also allowed them to notify the film crew, as long as they didn’t make too much noise and attract the attention of the villagers.

However, she never thought of being a saint who only cared about other people’s lives and didn’t care about her own. She could at most notify those on the set whom she had met once before. As for whether or not those people really left, she wouldn’t force them; it was up to them.

Wu Haoming had been a little uneasy about leaking the news of leaving the village to Yang Kun, but when he heard Master Chi’s words, he immediately didn’t feel guilty anymore. He said excitedly, “Sister-in-law, I’ll let them know immediately. By the way, when are we leaving the village? Why don’t we let them come here first before we leave together?”

Chi Shuyan declined. “No need. Let Yang Kun, Ruan Shenglin and Xu Tong come. If everyone else comes together, it will cause too much of a stir. For everyone else who wants to leave the village, I’ll give them a talisman when the time comes. When the talisman turns hot, they’ll automatically meet up with us. Go and tell Yang Kun and the others first, and count how many people will leave with us tonight. We’ll talk about the rest later.”

“Yes, Sister-in-law!”