Chapter 798 - Won't Be Beaten to Death

Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master's Wife-Chasing Strategy Yuechu Jiaojiao 2022/9/13 16:49:02

Song Fengwan and Qiao Aiyun were waiting in the ladies’ restroom. The door of the stall was tightly shut. Previously, they could still hear some rustling sounds, but later, they completely stopped.

Because they weren’t sure if she was really pregnant, the atmosphere in the lounge became extremely cold a few minutes ago.

Tang Wangjin borrowed a cigarette from someone and flicked the cigarette ash unconsciously as his expression became increasingly terrifying.

He was already angry to begin with, and at this moment, he was exuding an unknown hostility and remained silent.

If he had questioned Tang Jingci harshly, she would have felt comfortable. But he kept silent, making her break down.

Qiao Aiyun asked Tang Jingci if she was pregnant, and she stammered. So she used the pregnancy test as an excuse to drag her out of the lounge.

If they continued to stay like this, everyone would probably break down.

When Song Fengwan saw that there was no movement in the stall for a long time, she exchanged glances with her mother and mouthed, ‘Pregnant?’

The results of this thing came out very quickly. Otherwise, Tang Jingci would have come out long ago. At this time, she was probably scared silly.

She was no longer confused, but her brain had stopped working. Her gaze landed on the two red lines on the pregnancy test stick, and then it landed on her slender waist.

At this moment, her stomach was tight without a trace of fat.

Her pupils constricted slightly as she stared fixedly at it. She wanted to see what was in her stomach.?How could he be so accurate and hit it in one shot?

“Little Ci, the banquet is about to start. I’ll go out first. You should hurry out too. You have to discuss everything slowly,” Qiao Aiyun said.

“Don’t be afraid. Your Uncle Yan and I are here. Nothing will happen.

“When you’re alright, you should come out.”

Qiao Aiyun knew that she wouldn’t listen to anything she said. She needed to calm herself down.

“Okay.” Tang Jingci choked, and her voice seemed to be stuck in her throat, sounding dry and hoarse.

When Qiao Aiyun went out, Tang Wangjin and the others were blocking the entrance of the restroom. She only nodded.

The cigarette butt between Tang Wangjin’s fingers trembled a few times, and the ashes scattered all over the floor. He raised his hand and extinguished the cigarette butt in the trash can at the side with a frown.

It was not an exaggeration to describe it as mournful and terrifying.

“Mr. Tang, why are you all here? The banquet is about to start, and we’re all waiting for you to sit down.” Duan Linbai walked over happily, followed closely by Jiang Ershao.

This kid had completely become Duan Linbai’s little follower now.

In the past, he had thought that Duan Linbai was a prodigal and wanted to play with him. But now, he realized that Duan Linbai was good at making money and was very principled. He completely admired him. After following him for a long time, he had interacted with many people and learned a lot.

“I know,” Tang Wangjin replied lightly.

Her throat felt as if it had been burned by fire, dry and astringent.

Tang Jingci was in a relationship, and the other party was the grandson of his master. He was still in a daze and found it difficult to accept because this brat had lost his daughter more than once.

In his heart, Qiao Xiyan was equivalent to a criminal who had lost his daughter, similar to a human trafficker.

But now, he had really kidnapped his daughter.

Moreover, looking at the way the two of them interacted, he felt uncomfortable. In the past, he was the man she loved the most, but now…

Before he could recover from the news of his daughter falling in love, a bolt of lightning struck him.

This news really made him dizzy.

“Then, quickly sit down.” Duan Linbai sensed that the atmosphere was amiss, but it wasn’t good to ask in detail.

At this moment, Tang Jingci came out of the restroom. She pursed her lips tightly, opened her mouth, and said with difficulty, “Dad, I…”

“Let’s go eat first. Everyone is waiting for us.” Tang Wangjin’s expression was restrained, and it was obvious that he was trying his best to suppress something. The veins on his forehead were throbbing as he turned around and walked toward the private room.

When Jiang Ershao saw Song Fengwan, he was overjoyed and wanted to greet her happily. “Wanwan, you’re here too.”

“Hello.” Song Fengwan smiled politely at him and walked to Fu Chen’s side.

Jiang Ershao’s gaze met Fu Chen’s. One was uneasy, while the other was indifferent and sharp.

“Third Master.” When he called Fu Chen, his voice inevitably trembled slightly.

“I’ve always wanted to have a good chat with you about what happened before.” Fu Chen and the others followed closely behind the group of elders, maintaining a distance between them.

“With me?” Jiang Ershao was confused. He had chatted with Fu Chen a few times. That time, didn’t Fu Chen stab him full of holes with all kinds of soft knives? What does he want to do to me now?

“Wanwan is very mischievous sometimes. For example, you can actually reject her when she asks you to wear female clothes. You don’t have to play along with her.” Fu Chen’s tone was affectionate.

Jiang Ershao thought that Fu Chen wanted to say something to him, but he stabbed him instead.

He hated it when people mentioned the horrible matter of him wearing female clothes. This was dark history. He couldn’t bear to think about it.

Duan Linbai walked to the side and smiled lightly.?I told this kid long ago to cherish his life and stay away from Fu Chen.

He refused to listen to the advice. Every time he saw Song Fengwan, he would smile foolishly and didn’t care about his life. It would be strange if Fu Chen didn’t warn him.

Why is he always thinking about someone else’s wife?

When the group walked into the private room, apart from the main table, the other seven were full of people. When they saw Tang Wangjin coming…

Everyone congratulated him.

“Mr. Tang, congratulations.”

They were congratulating him on the successful design exhibition. But Tang Wangjin had just found that he was going to become a grandfather and had yet to regain his senses. And then when he entered the private room, a group of people surrounded him to congratulate him.

It was simply like ten thousand arrows piercing his heart.

He could only bite the bullet and smile. He tried his best to maintain a smile and said to them one by one, “Thank you.”

He was smiling on the surface, but in his heart, he wished he could skin that bastard Qiao Xiyan alive.

The people who came to the celebration banquet were all the staff of the design exhibition. They had worked hard on everything and exhausted their energy. Even though Tang Wangjin was feeling depressed, he could only smile and cater to these people.

Qiao Aiyun took this opportunity to call Qiao Wangbei. “Hey, Big Brother, where are you?”

“We’re already at the hotel. We’re looking for a parking space in the underground parking garage.”

“Are you driving?”

“No, Xiyan is.”

“Okay, I’ll tell you something. Be prepared.”

“I’ve already prepared the gifts you told me about. There won’t be any problems.” Because Tang Wangjin would definitely return home after the design exhibition, the Qiao family planned to use this little amount of time to discuss the matter of the two children with them. Even if they didn’t become engaged, the Qiao family had to show a sincere attitude.

“It’s not about that.”

“Okay, tell me.”

Qiao Wangbei waited quietly, but the other side didn’t speak for a long time. He looked at his phone. The call was still connected. The siblings had experienced everything over the years, and it was rare for her to falter and hesitate like this.

He smiled helplessly. “What exactly is it? You’re hesitating. Do you and I still need to consider our words carefully?”

“You…” Qiao Aiyun cleared her throat. “You’re going to be a grandfather.”

Qiao Wangbei was stunned. “Aiyun, what did you say?”

“Little Ci might be pregnant. Second Senior Brother is very angry. Tell Xiyan to be ready.” With that, she hung up.

At this moment, Qiao Xiyan was reversing the car into the parking space. Seeing his father’s stunned expression, he thought that something big had happened. “Dad, what did Aunt say?”

“Someone’s dead,” he muttered.

Qiao Xiyan didn’t step on the brakes properly, and the car almost hit the wall behind him. He immediately looked at his father nervously. “Someone’s dead? What happened now?!”

“You still have the cheek to ask? You killed someone.”

After being shouted at by his father, Qiao Xiyan couldn’t regain his senses and didn’t understand what he was trying to say. “Who did I kill?”

“Who else could it be? Little Ci. She’s pregnant.”

With his second senior brother’s temperament, he was already very unhappy previously. But his daughter was pregnant before marriage, so he would probably go crazy and really skin Qiao Xiyan alive.

For a few seconds, there was no sound in the car, and his mind was blank.

Qiao Wangbei had rarely seen his son so flustered and lose his composure. He reached out and patted his shoulder.

“At the time, you were greedy for pleasure and enjoyed it for a while. Have you never thought that someone would be beaten to death?

“But don’t worry. You’re the biological father of the child.

“No matter how ruthless Second Senior Brother is, he will leave you with your last breath.”

Qiao Xiyan smiled bitterly.?Is that what a father should say?

After getting out of the car, they took the elevator upstairs. Qiao Xiyan stared at the jumping numbers, his expression unprecedentedly grave.