Chapter 1086 - Beyond Imagination

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He did not care about the gateboys’ prevention, insisting on walking in with Gu Ruxue.

The gateboys tried to stop Zhou Huailing, but got pushed away by his guards. The gateboys could do nothing. They were only gateboys, and in a place of quiet like the temple, they should not cause a fuss.

After they were pushed away by the guards, Zhou Huailing and Gu Ruxue went in as if there were no barriers in front of them.

Junyi, who had intended to stop Zhou Huailing, was too late to do so. He had no choice but to hurry to catch up with them up.

Destiny Monk was living in a small room not very far from there.

Zhou Huailing thought that they should meet Destiny Monk first and pass on the invitation with sincerity. He was the Crown Prince so he should handle it all.

He walked in with Gu Ruxue, with a very relaxed look on his face.

They kept on walking forward, but soon Junyi realized that something was wrong. He reminded them. “Crown Prince, something is wrong! The room is right in front of our eyes, and it would take only a few moments to arrive. But we have already walked for so long and yet we are still walking on the same spot!”

Junyi exclaimed in surprise as he walked so Zhou Huailing finally realized that something was wrong.

He looked as if he had been enlightened, as he saw the small room not far away from them. They had intended to walk into that room, but they had walked for so long and yet the room was still very far from them.

And… And they seemed to fail to feel that there was anything wrong. Instead, they just kept on walking.

Gu Ruxue got startled as well. She screamed. “It is sinister, let’s leave, it is so sinister here!”

Junyi suggested that she should not speak, and he even threw a very serious look at the Crown Prince, who gagged Gu Ruxue directly and stopped her from talking.

She was so rude that she might even cause him harm!

Destiny Monk said that the Phoenix Girl should be from the Gu Family, and that she would be able to attract strange phenomena.

That meant that Destiny Monk must have made Gu Ruxue the Phoenix Girl.

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If she kept saying that Destiny Monk was a sinister man, then it basically meant that the Phoenix Girl was sinister too. That was such a serious matter which should not be spread around.

Zhou Huailing noticed her improper behavior too.

He had a very nervous look on his face as he let out a sigh of relief. “Ruxue, not those words!”

Zhou Huailing looked very nervous, but he was feeling very happy too.

They had been seeking for Destiny Monk for the past half a year, and they had been wondering what Destiny Monk wanted. However, what did they know about Destiny Monk after all? They only knew very little.

However, at this moment Zhou Huailing finally understood how capable Destiny Monk was, and it was beyond his imagination.

Who was able to create such a mysterious riddle?

Zhou Huailing looked very joyful. So did Junyi next to him.

Junyi was very glad too. He almost believed that he was going to be more than a strategist for a King.

Instead, he was going to become someone beyond imagination.

And during the time when he cleared his mind.