Chapter 1087 - Just a Monk

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He had been very confused. He had no idea what was going on, except that he subconsciously headed towards that room.

Luckily, he was a strategist who was cautious about everything. That was why he concentrated his mind and jerked himself back to reality.

If not for his reminder, the Crown Prince and the Crown Prince Consort would still be inside the illusion.

He knew a little about diagrams, but Junyi did not think that what they had experienced was diagrams.

Junyi just could not believe what he had been through.

However, as long as they were clear about one thing – Destiny Monk was more than someone who knew about destiny. He was way more powerful and mysterious than they had expected.

When he thought about this, Junyi could not help but feel a little regretful.

Destiny Monk was not in the mood to meet anyway, and he even asked his gateboys to guard the door. He even tried to remind all guests not to see him.

They, as the guests, not only failed to listen to the reminders, but rushed in directly.

It was such impolite behavior towards Destiny Monk.

He wondered whether it would be a barrier for their future requests.

Despite the regret, they could do nothing to take back what they had done, and there was no use in feeling regretful any more. All that mattered was to solve this matter.

Zhou Huailing seemed to realize this point as well.

He asked guiltily. “Junyi, what do you think we should do?”

Destiny Monk’s room was not far from where they were, but they could not return. And then he turned around and saw that the gateboys were stopped under the control of his guards.

Junyi said to the gateboys with a regretful tone. “Destiny Monk is in strict meditation, and we should not have disturbed him. Please, is there any way for us to make up for our mistake?”

Gateboys were not very surprised by how Junyi reacted. One of them said calmly, “Since you don’t want to disturb the meditation, please leave now. Destiny Monk would not blame you for what you did.”

Junyi let out a sigh of relief. He looked at Zhou Huailing and said, “Crown Prince, let’s just leave.”

As he finished speaking, Junyi took the lead and decided to leave. Then they returned to where they started.

Zhou Huailing followed suit.

They were all shocked by what they had gone through.

It had taken them a long time before they realized that they were not at all moving. They must have been in an illusion.

Even Zhou Huailing did not dare to behave arrogantly at this point.

The gateboy said calmly, “If you want to meet Destiny Monk, you can do that after he finishes his meditation. We don’t like to be disturbed when we are in meditation, so I am sorry.”

“It is okay. We should not have rushed in to meet Destiny Monk, we are sorry,” Zhou Huailing apologized.

The gateboys nodded, and said nothing more. They all returned to where they had been standing, showing no expression on their faces.

Zhou Huailing threw a look at the room and asked Junyi. “What should we do, Junyi?”

Junyi did not dare to say anything more but whispered. “Crown Prince, let’s just get off the mountain now.”

Zhou Huailing nodded.

They all went downhill without saying anything more.

They had just walked out of the temple and let out a sigh of relief when Gu Ruxue complained in annoyance, “It is just a monk.”

Zhou Huailing’s eyes widened when he heard her words.