Chapter 1088 - A Familiar Silhouette

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He went up to gag Gu Ruxue’s mouth.

Gu Ruxue was the Phoenix Girl, if she was not, he would have slapped her directly. She was just talking as if she feared nothing.

Destiny Monk was not just a monk. They had all witnessed what they had been through so Destiny Monk was just like a deity. He was not just a monk!

They had already disturbed Destiny Monk, and if they kept speaking bad about him, something bad would happen to them sooner or later.

Zhou Huailing could not possibly allow Gu Ruxue to ruin him just because she was ignorant.

Gu Ruxue was the Phoenix Girl, but Zhou Huailing still felt really annoyed. He lectured with a low voice, “Ruxue, he is the Destiny Monk, so you must not say anything bad! Otherwise you will never keep me company out in the future!”

Zhou Huailing looked really furious.

Gu Ruxue cringed her neck and said nothing more. She did not dare to say anything bad about the Monk either.

However, she felt extremely annoyed when teased. She was the Phoenix Girl so she should not be mocked or teased. That was why she made those complaints. Well, she was not going to lecture him any more.

She felt very guilty as well, so she said nothing more.

She nodded in silence.

Only then did Zhou Huailing feel slightly better.

He said nothing more about Gu Ruxue.

Destiny Monk could know destiny and Ruxue was the Phoenix Girl!

Anyone who could get the Phoenix Girl would get the whole world. However, they had not yet had children. Zhou Huailing was feeling very uncertain inside his heart. He just could not behave over the top, because when the secret became known to the public, someone might come to steal Ruxue from him.

Now the incident was over.

Zhou Huailing thought for a while and said, “Junyi, just go and arrange for someone to wait here until Destiny Monk finishes his meditation. I have to know instantly when he comes out.”

“Ruxue, I need to report the situation back to father, so you should go back to the Crown Prince Mansion first. Don’t idle around alright? Just stay at the Mansion and do nothing, understand?” Zhou Huailing stressed.

She was not following the court at all. She was very annoyed too, so she did not want to visit the court.

The Crown Prince was going to meet the King and she could only stay behind the court where she had to meet Honored Princess Jing and the Empress Dowager. She kept talking about letting Ruxue get pregnant, whilst the Empress Dowager did not seem to like her at all. So she did not want to go into the court.

She was going back to the Crown Prince’s Mansion…

However, on the way there, Gu Ruxue thought for a while and said, “Go to the Gu Mansion first.”

No one dared to counter her order, so the wagon went directly to the Gu Mansion.

Gu Ruxue was the Crown Prince Consort, so the whole Gu Mansion treated her respectfully.

Gu Ruxue was already used to that.

She turned around and decided to speak with her mother at Pear Garden.

Suddenly… she saw a very familiar silhouette.