Chapter 1094 - What?

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Gu Zhenkang was the head of the family and he should be in charge of almost everything at the mansion, but Mrs. Gu wanted to get involved with Madam Gu’s funeral, and she needed the others to obey her.

She was not countering Gu Zhenkang because of the position Ruxue and Yunhe were in.

Mrs. Gu did not decide to give up.

She glared at Gu Zhenkang and said, “Which part of the funeral is improper?”

“The rules of the Saint Divine Land are that old people, when they pass away, should have a huge funeral, because it is a fortune that they pass away at a high age.”

“Your mother’s sickness is known to the whole capital, and everyone knows how she got a stroke because of Princess Gu!”

“Anyone who knows the rules would have the funeral arranged in low-profile!”

“I mean we can keep the funeral simple, for Gu Mansion’s future, and for Ruxue and the Heir’s sake as well!”

“Ruxue is the Phoenix Girl, and she is trying to get pregnant too. This funeral is bringing us bad luck! What would others think about Ruxue and the Crown Prince after all? Also, the Crown Prince has just been endowed with the title and yet Madame Gu has died, that is such a bad omen for the Crown Prince!”

“What I have done is the most proper and suitable. If you don’t think what I have done is right, and want to do something big, I won’t be responsible for what happens in the future,” Mrs. Gu said straightforwardly.

Gu Zhenkang, who had not been very satisfied about the arrangement since it was his mother who passed away, felt that he should do something that did not make him feel so guilty. That was why he came to Mrs. Gu and talked about this.

However, after he heard what Mrs. Gu said, Gu Zhenkang could not help but agree with her.

Gu Mansion was flourishing and the Crown Prince was about to take the throne. He should not do something that would drag down Ruxue.

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He was going to become the father-in-law of the future King! How could he do something that might cause potential trouble?

Gu Zhenkang nodded. “You are right! Just make the funeral simple, and we will keep it secret.”

Mrs. Gu nodded in satisfaction after hearing what Gu Zhenkang said.

Then she said to Gu Ruxue. “Ruxue, let me walk you out!”

Gu Zhenkang was not in the mood to talk about the funeral. He just left everything to Chen Fu and followed behind Gu Ruxue.

He was not wrong about what he had seen.

Ruxue was born by Mrs. Gu, and Mrs. Gu was a noble lady. The child born to her was very excellent.

Gu Chaoyan was born to a business woman who would never have a flourishing future.

Gu Chaoyan told him before that she was not going to be worse than Ruxue… Then Gu Zhenkang was going to wait until Ruxue became the Queen and talk down Gu Chaoyan and the Lin Family.

Gu Zhenkang was seeing Gu Ruxue off and decided to head back to Pear Garden. He was going to stay at Pear Garden, rather than visit anywhere else.

They had just walked for a while when Gu Yunhe hurried back and asked. “Where is the Crown Prince Consort? I need to talk to her!”

“What do you need Ruxue for?”