Chapter 1095 - Lord Huai’s Involvement

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Chapter 1095: Lord Huai’s Involvement

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Mrs. Gu was very confused seeing Gu Yunhe hurrying to Gu Ruxue. She just could not think of what Yunhe would want Ruxue to help him with.

Yunhe was not officially ranked in the court, yet he was working for the Crown Prince. The Crown Prince was the next King and anyone who worked for him could do whatever they wanted. They would have no barriers, and they could get a lot of help as well.

Also, Gu Mansion had become different from before. It was not a deeply-rooted noble family, yet it was already one of the most popular families in the capital.

So Mrs. Gu just could not think of anything that Yunhe would want Ruxue to help with. Ruxue was the Crown Prince Consort and the Phoenix Girl, but she was just a woman.

Nevertheless, Mrs. Gu was also worried that something unexpected might have happened.

Hearing what Mrs. Gu asked, Gu Yunhe did not see Gu Ruxue and the servants from the Crown Prince’s Mansion. So he believed that Ruxue must have returned to the mansion.

So he stopped looking so anxious.

He could have gone to the Crown Prince’s Mansion to find Ruxue the next day, but since he heard that Ruxue was in the mansion, he intended to visit her here and save the trouble of visiting her tomorrow.

Gu Yunhe glanced about and took hold of Mrs. Gu’s arms. “Mom, I need Ruxue to help me with something, let’s talk about this at Pear Garden.”

Mrs. Gu nodded, looking a bit serious.

Gu Zhenkang followed the mother and son pair.

Ruxue was Mrs. Gu’s daughter, but Yunhe was also Mrs. Gu’s son. Both of them were closer to Mrs. Gu than to their father. Therefore, Mrs. Gu had the power of discourse.

Gu Zhenkang was not very pleased by this change, yet he was not a good master of the mansion, so he decided to tolerate this unfairness for the sake of Gu Mansion for the time being.

He followed them to Pear Garden in silence.

At Pear Garden, Gu Yunhe took several sips of the tea the servants served him, then he spoke, “It is not something too major. I am also a man with some power in the capital and I can do whatever I want. However, what I am going to face is not the Crown Prince’s business, so I would like to speak with Ruxue and talk with the Crown Prince about whether it is okay to do something about it. After all, Lord Huai is involved.”

Mrs. Gu got quite interested when she heard the title Lord Huai.

Gu Chaoyan and Lord Huai were engaged, and she belonged to the imperial family. Under such a context, she was not able to be touched easily.

If something happened to Lord Huai, then the b*tch Gu Chaoyan would lose her protector and fall into her hands instead.

Mrs. Gu’s eyes were sparkling. She asked Gu Yunhe. “What is the business that Lord Huai is involved in?”

Gu Yunhe let out a sigh of relaxation.

He looked quite indifferent.

“It is the Yellow Crane.” Gu Yunhe said, “Mom, you know that when I am free, I only hang out with the young masters at some restaurant for some drinks.”

“Restaurant Jixian belongs to the Elder Princess, and it has been popular in the capital for years. Those noble ladies and young masters all hang out at Restaurant Jixian.”

“However, the Yellow Crane has stood in the way, therefore…”

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