Chapter 1226

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Chapter 1226: Chu Xiwen

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No matter what, he, Gu Yunhe, was one of the best young masters in the capital. Although this maid used to be annoying, he was such a big young master that he did not care about her actions. Gu Yunhe could just help her out!

That was why Gu Yunhe ordered Sword One to serve him tea.

He appeared very arrogant as he looked at Sword One, waiting for her to serve him the tea.

Sword One frowned and looked incredibly disgusted. She said coldly, “I am Elder Miss Gu’s maid.”

She did not move an inch after she said that. Instead, she just stood behind Gu Chaoyan, not wanting to look at their direction for one more moment.

Gu Yunhe’s smile stiffened when he heard what Sword One said. He looked at Sword One in disbelief. “You don’t want to?”

How dare such a servant not want to do what he said?

Gu Yunhe believed that he was able to marry a princess, and yet a demeaned maid next to Gu Chaoyan did not want to be with him!

Gu Yunhe showed a very fierce look on his face as he glared at Sword One, stood up and took one step toward her. He had his fists clenched – alright then, Gu Yunhe furiously wanted to teach her a lesson.

“Oh here you are, Chaoyan!” A clear voice arose somewhere closeby.

Gu Yunhe was still wearing a bad look on his face, but Gu Ruxue saw that it was Chu Xiwen who had come, so she changed her expression and smiled, saying, “Brother, the tea is here, have a drink, the tea here is better than the tea at our mansion.”

Hearing what Gu Ruxue said, Gu Yunhe paused as he was about to approach Sword One, and noticed that it was Chu Xiwen, the lineal lady of the Chu Family, who spoke. She was sitting right next to them.

He instantly stopped being angry and showed a pleasant expression.

Back at the Crown Prince’s Mansion, Ruxue told him that since the concubine’s lady of the Chu Family meant nothing now, they could just turn to the lineal lady of the Chu Family. They did not think that the Chu Family would work on the Elder Miss of the Chu Family’s marriage so casually.

In the meanwhile, they were considering the concubine’s daughter of the Min Family.

Gu Yunhe prefered the Elder Miss of the Chu Family. She was the Elder Miss, so Gu Yunhe hoped that such a lady could be his wife.

Therefore, he came to the banquet today, not only to celebrate the victory of the battle, but also to try to establish some friendship with the Elder Miss of the Chu Family and the concubine’s daughter of the Min Family.

Therefore, he had to create a good impression on the Elder Miss of the Chu Family, so that they could have a smoother relationship later.

Compared to a demeaned maid, Gu Yunhe knew that the Elder Miss of the Chu Family was more important.

He would like to see what Prime Minister Chu would do about it.

Gu Yunhe smiled brightly and returned to his own seat.

He had just taken a seat when he looked at Chu Xiwen smilingly, “Elder Miss of the Chu Family, the flowers are blooming, what about taking a walk with me?”