Chapter 1227

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Chu Xiwen was just drinking the tea, when she started to suspect that she had heard something wrong. She glanced at Gu Yunhe and saw him looking at her with a smile.

Chu Xiwen frowned. She did not like the way the man looked at her. He was disgusting. That was the first time for her to meet someone who just could not conceal his greed and calculative mind.

She came to this place, only because she saw Chaoyan here. Chaoyan was the only person she would like to talk with.

However, she had not expected that this Young Master Gu would talk to her in such a shameless way, totally ignoring any rules and manners.

Chu Xiwen believed that she should have asked Chaoyan to come to her, so that she would be surrounded by the Chu Family rather than by the Gu Family.

Chu Xiwen looked really annoyed, but Gu Ruxue said with a smile. “Elder Miss of the Chu Family, you can follow my brother for a view. I have just been there and the flowers were blooming really vividly. You and Yunhe are at the same age, so you must have a lot to talk about. It is a very cheerful day, and we don’t have to be restricted.”

Having said that, Gu Ruxue smiled.

Chu Xiwen was not smiling. She looked serious and said elegantly, “Crown Prince Consort, I am here to ask Chaoyan to join me over there. I am not viewing the flowers.”

Having said that, Chu Xiwen looked at Gu Chaoyan, wondering if she wanted to leave with her.

Gu Chaoyan let out a look of relief and looked at Chu Xiwen as if she were her savior. She nodded obediently.

Chu Xiwen smiled as she saw how Gu Chaoyan reacted. She took Gu Chaoyan’s hand, telling her to leave directly.

They, hand in hand, walked towards where the Chu Family were seated.

Gu Ruxue’s face sank.

They were all shameless people! Gu Chaoyan was a bi*ch, so was the demeaned maid and even the Elder Miss of the Chu Family was like them. They should not regret what they had done to her today!

Gu Ruxue clenched her fingers into her palm.

Furious, she did not calm down until a long while later.

“Brother, I will help you to fix Chu Xiwen,” Gu Ruxue said resolutely.

Gu Yunhe was a bit distracted.

He kept thinking about Chu Xiwen’s smile. She looked so pretty.

Chu Xiwen was not the most beautiful girl. Those girls at the brothels were more beautiful and knew better about how to console a man, but just a moment ago, he seemed to understand what the most tempting point about the noble ladies was.

For example Chu Xiwen…

She was elegant, well-mannered and heart-striking. Those girls from brothels were tempting, but they were not elegant enough. No wonder his father kept saying that the biggest regret he had had so far was that he never managed to marry a noble lady. He never understood that before, but now he did.

Gu Yunhe’s eyes were sparkling as he said to Gu Ruxue. “Crown Prince Consort, I am going to get Chu Xiwen in whatever manner!”

Gu Ruxue smiled and nodded.

“If you want to have her, you can do that very soon.” Gu Ruxue smiled and lowered her voice. “Later…