Chapter 1228

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Chapter 1228: Honored Princess Jing’s Request

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It was the court, not the Crown Prince’s Mansion, and Gu Ruxue was worried that someone would eavesdrop. So she spent a long while whispering to Gu Yunhe about her arrangement. Gu Yunhe listened and gradually showed a smile. His angry expression disappeared, and was replaced by a smile.

Having said that, Gu Ruxue sipped her tea and smiled.

Gu Yunhe nodded. “We will do as you said, and we will accomplish it.”

After all… that was how he did that with Chu Yeying. That Elder Miss of the Chu Family seemed so elegant, but she must be the same as the other one. She was just a woman who considered herself the lineal daughter and who was of great importance.

Gu Yunhe snorted and started to plan inwardly.

When Gu Yunhe and Gu Ruxue reached an agreement, they fell silent.

Chu Xiwen and Gu Chaoyan were heading towards the Chu Family, but neither of them said anything. They could come to a mutual agreement defaultly. Chu Xiwen did not spend much time with Gu Chaoyan, once at the Spring Hunt, and the other time at the banquet. Neither of them talked much with the other, but they admired each other quietly.

That was why they came to a mutual agreement.

Chu Xiwen had been thinking about many things, though she did not say a word.

She would not have known what happened, if she had not come to Chaoyan a while ago. When the Gu Family made a proposal to the Chu Family that they wanted to marry Chu Yeying, the Chu Family did not approve, but later, they learned that Chu Yeying was already pregnant with Gu Yunhe’s child, so the Chu Family knew clearly that it had been a trap set up by the Gu Family.

The Chu Family drove her out of the family since Yeying ignored the rules.

Her father’s plan was that since Yeying ignored the Chu Family’s manners and could not stay there, she was after all, pregnant with a child, she could just leave the Chu Family and marry to the Gu Family if she wanted to. In this way, her wish could be realized. However…

The Gu Family was so cruel as not to keep Yeying or her child.

So now the Chu Family and the Gu Family were definitely enemies.

Chu Xiwen had thought that since the two families were enemies, they would hate each other, yet what the Gu Family did today really made her realize what “being shameless” meant.

After treating Yeying in this way… they started to plan on her.

Did they really think that the Chu Family was weak? Did they really think that the ladies of the Chu Family could be humiliated and bullied?

The Crown Prince Consort and the Gu Family were just too arrogant!

Just listen to what the Crown Prince Consort said – she should view the flower show with Young Master Gu? That was such a stupid arrangment, and was totally against the rules!

The Saint Divine Land was an open land, but it was not like that.

Chu Xiwen held an elegant look on her face, but she was furious inside.

It was not until she and Gu Chaoyan came to the table where the Chu Family were supposed to be seated, that Chu Xiwen tried to calm herself down and smiled at Gu Chaoyan. “Let’s just sit here.”

The words had just been spoken and the two ladies had just taken a seat with the servants serving them tea when a chief maid came to Chu Xiwen, who was about to speak, saying, “Elder Miss of the Chu Family, Honored Princess Jing is asking for you.”