Chapter 1231

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Chapter 1231: Chaos in Court 3

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She ran to the prison of the court, and saw what happened. Suddenly, she felt as if she had returned to the time when she was in Li County. What she saw was worse than what she had experienced in Li County.

No imperial army appeared in the backyard, not because the imperial army was absent, but because they were all fighting against the metal humans.

There was blood permeating through the air, and many people were badly injured.

Back at Li County where they were all ready, not many people were injured, but Gu Chaoyan saw the patch full of dead bodies, at least hundreds of people were dead.

And these metal humans continued to attack.

Gu Chaoyan wasn’t good at flying about because she learned some from Sword Three, but it had only been for a little while.

She flew to the metal humans, and tried to attract the metal humans’ attention. When she arrived there, she shouted at the imperial army. “Just run away, now!”

When the imperial army saw her, their eyes sparkled.

Those soldiers were all badly injured, and despite the fight, they understood clearly that they were not a match against those metal monsters. They just ran about and went into different directions.

Those metal humans started to head towards where Gu Chaoyan was.

Gu Chaoyan stepped on the rocks and headed in other directions, trying to lead those metal people to somewhere which was not flat, like a pool or fake rocks.

It wasn’t an easy battle. Back at Li County, Prime Minister Chu’s men had already gotten all the traps ready, and all they needed to do was to lead those things there. All Gu Chaoyan could do right now was to create traps from things which were available.

Luckily, there was a patch of rockeries close to the prison, and Gu Chaoyan managed to trap some metal humans inside the rockeries. When those rockeries were not good enough to hold them, Gu Chaoyan had no choice, but to lead them to the pools, and then took out her dagger.

She knew how those human beings were controlled. So she put the dagger directly into the heart of the metal humans and dug out the things inside.

Two hours later…

Silence dominated the neighborhood, and all the metal humans were under their control. Gu Chaoyan was already really tired by this point.

She was sweating all over. Her hands were turning red and she was slightly injured. Gu Chaoyan glanced about the wounds, but did not care because those injuries were caused by moments of distraction and some were caused by the dagger, but none of them were critical.

Sword One screamed. “Elder Miss, are you alright?”

Sword One looked very worried. She had already gotten the Chu Family ready but Prime Minister Chu stopped her from leaving so she had no choice but to wait.

“I am alright,” Gu Chaoyan said tiredly, as she looked at Prime Minister Chu who was walking towards her.