Chapter 1235

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Chapter 1235: About Elder Miss of the Chu Family 2

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Sword One was leading the way while Gu Chaoyan followed her expressionlessly.

Although Honored Princess Jing had not yet taken the position as Queen, it was just a matter of titles. Honored Princess Jing was still in control of the back court.

There were not many princesses in the back court, because the King had tried to intentionally make the Queen feel happy. Although the King had gotten rid of the Queen, his back court was still very quiet, despite the newcomers.

That was why Honored Princess Jing was dominating the place.

No wonder she could set up the Elder Miss of the Chu Family in such a vivid way. She knew clearly that no matter what she did, she would always cover up her crime with whatever she had.

“Where did you put the Elder Miss of the Chu Family?” Gu Chaoyan asked lightly.

Since Honored Princess Jing was in control, it was very difficult to find a place to arrange the Elder Miss of the Chu Family.

That was why Gu Chaoyan asked her.

Sword One pointed at a small palace and whispered. “Lord Huai is in charge of several palaces in the back court so we could put her there, but those palaces are a bit far away, so when Sword Two was in the middle of wondering what to do, Princess Virtue ran into us and suggested that we could put Elder Miss of the Chu Family there instead. Her place is much closer. So we agreed.”

No wonder Gu Chaoyan found the path very familiar – that was the road heading towards Princess Virtue’s palace.

She and Princess Virtue used to have some encounters.

When she was still a very disliked Miss of the Gu Family, Madame Gu had the intention of marrying a stupid son from an officer. She reached an agreement with Princess Virtue who helped her to get rid of that man. At that time, she had no guards like the Sword siblings.

Princess Virtue had her own purpose as well, but no matter what happened, Princess Virtue helped her when she was in despair. And she had some preference towards Princess Virtue as well.

Although Princess Virtue only cared about profits, deep within, Princess Virtue was a woman who stuck to agreement.

Unexpectedly… She was helping the Elder Miss of the Chu Family out, which made Gu Chaoyan feel slightly emotional.

They reached Princess Virtue’s Biquan Palace.

There was just one maid guarding outside. She had a very cautious look on her face, but she relaxed at the sight of Sword One.

She greeted Gu Chaoyan and glanced about, whispering. “Elder Miss of the Chu Family is not doing well. Prince Virtue is watching her. Your hidden guard left when something happened in the court. Princess Virtue had to inform Prime Minister Chu through a maid. It is very messy inside the court, but we should be safe here. It is good that you are here, Prime Minister Chu is a man, after all.”

Gu Chaoyan nodded and started to feel quite grateful to Princess Virtue.

Princess Virtue was taking a risk when she sent someone to inform Prime Minister Chu.

Gu Chaoyan bore this favor in mind and hurried into the room.

She greeted Princess Virtue and went to check on Chu Xiwen. She was lying in bed, her hair quite messy.