Chapter 1237

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Chapter 1237: About Elder Miss of the Chu Family 4

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Gu Chaoyan got up directly and decided to check out what was going on.

That Xiwen was at Biquan Palace should not be known to anyone else, otherwise Princess Virtue would have a hard time in the court. Honored Princess Jing was cruel enough to do something against Princess Virtue.

Princess Virtue patted Gu Chaoyan’s shoulders, telling her not to be anxious.

The maid outside Biquan Palace said with a small voice, “Prime Minister Chu is here.”

“Let him in directly!” Princess Virtue said directly, without much consideration.

Then the maid left to pass on the message.

Gu Chaoyan let out a sigh of relief. She had worried that either Honored Princess Jing’s or the King’s men were here, but she thought for a while and realized that she was overly worried.

It was chaotic in the court, so the King did not have any time to care about this. Honored Princess Jing was calculative, but she did not have time for Xiwen either.

Due to Princess Virtue’s order, Prime Minister Chu came in with First Mrs. Chu.

The moment First Mrs. Chu came in, she rushed to Chu Xiwen without greeting Princess Virtue. She said straightforwardly, “Xiwen!”

Prime Minister Chu was a man so he was worried yet feeling a bit restrained. Seeing that she was doing well, he did not approach her.

He greeted Princess Virtue. “Thank you so much Princess Virtue for helping Xiwen today! If you ever need my help in the future, I will do anything I can!”

Prime Minister Chu’s promise showed that he paid great attention to Chu Xiwen.

He would do whatever he could, because obviously, due to gratitude, Prime Minister Chu did not care about his rules any more.

“It is fine. I just helped her along the way. I am also a woman, and before I came to the court, I was also an innocent maid. I know clearly how important a girl’s reputation is for her. And it was such an urgent situation, so of course I would offer help. Don’t be too grateful to me, I offered help because I wanted to, not because I wanted anything else.”

Princess Virtue was saying with such sincere emotion as she looked up, seeming to have thought of something.

Hearing what Princess Virtue said, Prime Minister Chu did not counter her. He was definitely going to remember this favor and repay it later.

“Princess Virtue, you have to watch out for your staff at Biquan Palace. You helped Xiwen and no one will dig into it, but you never know about the future. We are in a very awkward situation right now in the capital so it is not a good thing that you helped us.”


“The King is holding all the affairs in his hands, and he doesn’t want me to get involved. He doesn’t trust me, so I am not sure what will happen in the future.”

“But no matter what, Princess Virtue, please be cautious,” Chu Tian said.

Princess Virtue nodded. She had stayed in the back yard for so many years so she was aware of many things.

She trusted the people working for her at Biquan Palace.

Prime Minister Chu made the arrangement so Chu Xiwen and First Mrs. Chu left in a hurry.

Gu Chaoyan had intended to exchange a few words with Princess Virtue, but Sword One came to pass on a message, saying that the King was looking for her. Gu Chaoyan had no choice but to leave Biquan Palace directly.