Chapter 1070 - : No Other Choice

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Lu Hetian was frustrated, but there was nothing he could do.

Why couldn’t Weiwei be a little more selfish?

Naturally, the Dowager Duchess had heard the announcement of the imperial edict, and she turned her sharp eyes upon her son and daughter-in-law.

Both of them looked away guiltily, not daring to meet her gaze.

“I can’t believe both of you aren’t even as sensible as Weiwei.” After a while, the Dowager Duchess remarked crossly.

“Mother, I…”

“Don’t talk to me. You’ve got some nerve, lying to me that you’re going to the Ji Prefecture on a business trip when you’re actually going to the frontier. You too, Lihua – how dare you teamed up with Shenzhi and keep such important information from me?” The Dowager Duchess seethed.

Lu Hetian and Ling Lihua were both overcome with shame. They were the ones in the wrong, after all.

However, they were just ordinary parents.

Nevertheless, they were too ashamed to defend themselves, and they took the scolding in silence.

Too tired to continue her lecture, the Dowager Duchess waved a hand. “Forget it. I’m too old to be making decisions.” Her words were, nonetheless, filled with disappointment toward them.

“Mother…” Ling Lihua was mortified.

Although they had hidden this information to avoid worrying the old woman, there was another reason, and that was – they feared that the Dowager Duchess would interfere.

Given the Dowager Duchess’s personality, she would never be so selfish.

She would definitely prioritize the soldiers’ health and safety.

“Actually, I don’t know for sure if I am able to cure the soldiers.” After a long silence, Ling Lihua said helplessly.

She may be the Genius Physician, but she was not capable of curing every illness.

Like this disease at the frontier, for example – according to the information she had received from Lu Hetian, it was a kind of disease that she had never encountered before.

Even if she went to the frontier, she might not be able to cure all the ill soldiers.

Of course, she was not as broad-minded as the Dowager Duchess. There was no room for national politics in her heart as all she cared about was her family.

Moreover, Weiwei was going to give birth soon. Her stomach was probably so huge because the babies were overgrown, and she had to deliver two of them at that. She might experience difficult labor at that time.

Therefore, although she was worried about her son Lu Tingchen after learning about the issue at the frontier, she had acquiesced to the Emperor’s plan.

At least, she wanted to wait until Weiwei had given birth safely before leaving for the frontier.

However, Weiwei had found out about this matter and managed to convince the Emperor to issue this edict in front of the Dowager Duchess, which left them with no opportunity for defiance.

She was certain that this was Weiwei’s idea.

That girl was young, but she could be very opinionated.

She knew that her mother would not obey the edict, which was why she had convinced the Emperor to issue it in such a way that the Dowager Duchess would be informed.

Once the Dowager Duchess learned about this, she would not sit by and do nothing.

She was a principled woman, and she would, without a doubt, choose the soldiers over her granddaughter.

Ling Lihua knew that she had no other choice the moment the imperial edict was issued, because she would never defy the Dowager Duchess.

She was so exasperated that she did not know if she should even be mad at Weiwei.

The Dowager Duchess’s expression softened, and she held her hand and said in assurance, “I understand that too. Nothing’s absolute, not to mention the lack of information we have about the disease. But if you go to the frontier, I believe the disease can be brought under control quickly. I know you’re worried about Weiwei, and so am I, but rest assured that I’ll look after her while you’re not around. If anything happens, I’ll write to inform you. Besides, the Emperor won’t let anything happen to Weiwei.”

Zhao Qian chimed in, “That’s what the Empress said too. With your help, Madam, we can definitely bring the situation at the frontier under control.”