Chapter 1075 - It Was Already A Difficult Situation To Get Out Of

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“Coming back to the topic, there’s a reason I came to see you tonight. I believe you know what that is, Royal Uncle.” Long Chi brought up the main topic for the day.

Long Xiao looked at him with a conflicted expression. “Let me think about it.”

“Opportunity won’t knock on your door twice, Royal Uncle! You’ve been watching your entire life just pass by because you’re always being so careful. You will find yourself powerless to do anything by the time you finally decide to take action.” Long Chi quickly gave him one extra push. He drilled his burning gaze into Long Xiao.

Long Xiao was actually feeling rather reluctant.

This was mainly because his Royal Brother had deposed Long Chi of his Crown Prince title. That event had made Long Xiao consider abandoning his plans altogether.

He had wanted to rebel against his Royal Brother to protest his decision to give Long Chi the title of Crown Prince.

However, Long Xiao realized that even if he wanted to relinquish his schemes, it was already a difficult situation to get out of.

This was because doing so would implicate many people who supported him.

He could not allow the hopes of these loyal supporters to be dashed.

“You and Xiangyang City are positioned on the West. While Xuyang may be near the frontier, it’s on the Northern side. With that plague spreading throughout the frontier, Lu Tingchen has no chance of fighting back if I start some trouble for him.”

“If we go into this together, Royal Uncle would not be able to retaliate against us even if he sent this army to suppress the attack. The situation now is a great opportunity for both of us,” Long Chi quickly continued.

Long Xiao understood this very well, but…

“I need to think about this.”

Long Chi’s expression turned cold when he saw Long Xiao’s reaction. “If you require more time to think about this, I shall take my leave. If you change your mind, send your men to inform me before noon tomorrow. I will be temporarily staying at an inn to the west of the City.” With that, Long Chi stood up and did not give Long Xiao another look.

Before leaving the study, he put on his human skin mask once more.

Long Yang had been sending men to keep a close watch on him. If not for the mask, he would not be able to leave Xuyang.

Of course, there had also been a lot of effort made on his part in order to get to Xiangyang.

Long Chi left through the backdoor of Xiangyang Mansion.

The moment he stepped into the alleyway, Jiang Chong, who was disguised as a normal servant, hurried over to him.

“How did it go, my Liege?”

“We’ll talk when we return.” Long Chi did not stop walking.

When they had arrived at their inn, Long Chi finally informed Jiang Chong about the conversation between him and Long Xiao.

“I always thought that this Royal Uncle of mine was a rather weak and indecisive man. This proved to be true after my chat with him today. He has ambition, but does not dare to follow through with his plans. I gave him a night to think it over. If he does not come to a decision by then, we will not wait for him any longer. I don’t believe we need him to achieve our goals.”

Jiang Chong nodded. “You’re right. But if the Prince of Xiangyang could put a stop to the army sent by the imperial court, we would be able to force our way into the imperial capital. That would certainly make things easier.”

“I understand that, but Royal Uncle is still hesitating. I can’t squander this opportunity just to wait for him. By the way, how are things with General Shen?”

General Shen was a former subordinate of his father. He had been hidden away so secretly that even Long Yang was not aware of him.

It was a coincidence that General Shen was guarding a city under Long Chi’s district, a place called Rocky Grounds.

General Shen had thousands of men serving under him. With just one order, he could greatly assist Long Chi in the attack directed at the imperial capital.

“All arrangements have been made. All that is left is to await your word,” Jiang Chong replied respectfully.

Long Chi was relieved to hear this. “Keep close attention to Zeng Lunan. When the time comes, we will need his help in saving the soldiers at the frontier.”

Zeng Lunan was still useful. Once Long Chi took over Great Shang, he would send Zeng Lunan to the frontier with the antidote to the plague. That way, Long Chi would be able to gain public support, and the soldiers at the frontier would be so grateful that they would loyally guard the frontier for him.

Long Xiao had thought Long Chi was cruel and vicious for doing this, treating the lives of the soldiers as expendable.

However, Long Chi had planned all of this long ago.

He was not so stupid as to give such a chance to his enemy.