Chapter 1262 - Back to the Hundred Academy, I’m a Magnificent and Glorious Person, Mastering the Complete Fusang Tree’s Power

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After leaving Tushan Mountain, Chu Kuangren waved his sleeve, and a figure flew out. It was the Dark Fox Maiden Sage.

By then, the flaw in the Dark Fox Maiden Sage’s bloodline had been completely removed, so she no longer needed to sustain herself by consuming others’ life force qi.

She felt very conflicted about Chu Kuangren right now. There were feelings of fear, gratitude, and even a trace of… admiration.

That was right — admiration.

Elites would always attract the fondness of others, and Chu Kuangren was undoubtedly the strongest person among the younger generation, not to mention his handsome appearance and otherworldly temperament.

Many among the younger generation hated Chu Kuangren, but there were also quite a number of people who adored him.

The Dark Fox Maiden Sage believed she was considered a rare talent among the younger generation.

With a provocative figure, seductive appearance, and wonderful talents, she also felt that only a handful of people would deserve to be with someone like her.

Back then, when the Tengu Tribe’s Bachelor Sage was pursuing her so desperately, she did not even bat an eye at his advances and only treated him like a tool.

However, she was now feeling embarrassed in front of Chu Kuangren.

“Pass my message to the Dark Fox Tribe when you return. You guys did not have a choice back then, but I’m giving you one now. You can continue living with this flaw in your bloodline and compromise with living off other people’s life force qi for survival or submit to me. I believe you know the outcomes of those two choices. It’s either you guys reborn anew and live a new life or continue living as outcasts in the eyes of every other yokai tribe,” Chu Kuangren said to the Dark Fox Maiden Sage.

“I shall ensure your message gets passed on.”

The Dark Fox Maiden Sage knew that would be an important turning point for the whole Dark Fox Tribe.

After she left, Chu Kuangren left the Great Ten Thousand Mountains.

Inside the Hundred Academy, Lan Yu and Chu Hong were practicing their cultivation.

This time, there was someone new besides them. It was a woman dressed in black robes with a chilly temperament.

That woman was gorgeous and had a very pretty figure.

She was Fu Yin, the Yin Fusang Spirit that Chu Kuangren’s clone saved from Zhuo Donglai.

However, she had another identity now, and that was being Chu Kuangren’s follower.

“Judging by the time, my true self should be returning soon,” Chu Kuangren’s clone said.

Lan Yu, Chu Hong, and Fu Yin’s eyes lit up with delight upon hearing that.

“Master is coming home soon.”

“This is wonderful news.”

“Is he finally coming back? The real Chu Kuangren…”

There was an excited look in Fu Yin’s eyes.

She had witnessed the outstanding capabilities of Chu Kuangren’s clone, whose power was far beyond the likes of other top-tier sky-prides or Heavenly Champions like Zhuo Donglai and Shi Tianxuan.

Even compared with some of the more overpowered sky-prides, he was still more powerful.

‘If that’s the case, how powerful is his true self?’

He was certainly a monster, but she did not know how monstrous his power could go.

At that time, high in the air above the Hundred Academy.

A gust of wind blew past, followed by a golden band of light that spread everywhere. Among the clouds, an imposing figure was slowly approaching through the air.

The person had black hair and was wearing white robes.

At this waist tied an ancient sword and ancient scroll, while his robes fluttered in style, charming anyone who set their gazes upon him.

The students inside the Hundred Academy soon noticed him.

“It’s the Chief!”

“The Chief is back!”

Many students were incredibly excited and elated by his return.

That was because, to most ordinary students, Chu Kuangren’s name was nothing short of a legend in the academy.

Tales of his achievements and adventures were still being retold and celebrated everywhere in the world.

At Fengdu Underworld City, he was crowned the Ghost Emperor!

He defeated countless top-tier sky-prides at the Great Dreamfog Marsh and killed hundreds of sky-prides and Heavenly Champions with a single slash at the Kunlun Secret Realm while battling for the Undying Elixir!

Despite being surrounded by the Eastern King School, Underworld Cities, the Demonic Dao, and the Yokai Tribes, he still managed to kill his way out of his enemies, carving a path of blood and bones to achieve unparalleled fame!

To this day, countless academy students still remember every single one of his tales and deeds.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that some students worshipped him fanatically. Others had even made it their lifelong goal to become as strong as him.

Naturally, Fu Yin also saw Chu Kuangren, but for a moment, she was a little stunned.

When it came to his temperament, aura, and cultivation level, Chu Kuangren’s true self was way more powerful than his clone. Even someone like Fu Yin could not but get taken aback.

“So that’s the prodigy Chu Kuangren?”

“He is indeed extraordinary.”

Chu Kuangren gradually descended from the clouds and came before Fu Yin. A strange look flashed across his eyes. “Oh, so this is the Yin Fusang Spirit?”

He summoned his Omniscient Spirit, Lil Ai, to start analyzing Fu Yin.

Soon, the information from the results entered his mind.

“Yin Fusang Spirit. A living being born from the trunk of the Yin Fusang Tree and possesses a potent Yin energy.”

“Help me out on this, Lil Ai. Can I use the Tome of Physiques to analyze her physique and obtain the power of the Fusang Tree?”

“Feasibility is seventy percent.”

“Seventy percent? That’s quite a high success rate. In that case, it’s worth a try.”

Chu Kuangren chuckled. “Now that I think about it, this is our first time meeting each other for real. Well, what do you think?”

“Your magnificence far exceeds my expectations, Master. I’m afraid I’ll never reach your level even if it takes me ten lifetimes.” Fu Yin chuckled.

Since she had decided to become his subordinate, the proper amount of respect and flattery must be given to him.

“Oh, how honest of you.”

The corner of Fu Yin’s mouth twitched. ‘He really is anything but humble, huh?’

Chu Kuangren did not have the slightest intention of being humble either. After all,?he was truly a magnificent and glorious person, so what was the point of hiding it?

“Welcome back, Master.” Lan Yu chuckled.

Chu Kuangren nodded gently. Then, he looked at Lan Yu and Chu Hong while his Omniscient Spirit analyzed their cultivation level.

‘Not bad.’

The two of them had not fallen behind on their cultivation practice while he was gone. In fact, both of them were at the Ninth-grade Heavenly Immortal Realm.

Even the cultivators who still had yet to show themselves to the world, like the Immortal Hall Imperial Commanders and the Embodier successor, might not be at that level yet.

Over the next few days, he did not go anywhere else.

Instead, he stayed in the Hundred Academy to analyze Fu Yin’s physique, attempting to master the Fusang Tree’s power.

He had already made some breakthroughs.

Besides having fully mastered Fu Yin’s physique, he had also fully refined the Yin Fusang Tree’s sapling he got from the Golden Crow Crown Prince the other day.

Ten days after returning to the Hundred Academy, a surge of uncomparably peculiar energy suddenly erupted from Chu Kuangren’s residence.

That incomparably powerful energy consisted of Yin and Yang energies merging together. Soon, most of the mountain peak was enshrouded with countless mysterious Daoist patterns.

“This power… Is that the Fusang Tree’s complete power?!”

Fu Yin’s expression changed, and she looked toward Chu Kuangren’s residence in disbelief.

‘How long has Chu Kuangren been back?’

‘To think he can obtain the Fusang Tree’s complete power in such a short time. This is simply unbelievable.’

“Master’s capability is truly beyond everyone’s expectations,” said Fu Yin with amazement.

At that, she was more determined at being Chu Kuangren’s follower.

Chu Kuangren once promised to help her master the Fusang Tree’s complete power.

After what she witnessed, she believed that Chu Kuangren could do it.

Inside the Hundred Academy, Mister Lu could not help but shake his head and lament. “Fusang is one of the Ten Great Ancient Immortal Spiritual Plants. I can’t believe the young one has obtained the power of the Fusang tree. Even though it’s only a trace of it, its potential is limitless and enough to turn someone into a prodigy. Not to mention, he has many trump cards hidden up his sleeves too.”

“To think that such an outlier has joined the Battle of Heavenly Champions. Fortunately, this outlier is the Hundred Academy’s side.”