Chapter 1263 - The Interstellar Arena Opens, Zhuo Donglai and You Ying

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“So this is the Fusang Tree’s complete power, huh?”

An ethereal silhouette of a tree was in Chu Kuangren’s hand.

The tree had red branches and was lush with golden leaves. Its overall structure was seemingly formed by two trees intertwining.

The two trees were like two people hugging and supporting each other, but they both represented Yin and Yang respectively.

That was the complete Fusang Tree, a tree that contained both Yin and Yang energy.

Chu Kuangren could clearly sense a great power contained within the Fusang Tree’s silhouette.

If he could harness its power, its potential would certainly be on par with having an Honorable Supreme Immortal Physique.

“Besides the Fusang Tree’s power, there’s also the Black Annihilation Lotus.”

Chu Kuangren took out a black lotus.

A total of twelve petals were on that lotus, each containing unparalleled and destructive energy, from which he could vaguely see conjurations of the world being destroyed.

The Black Annihilation Lotus was one of the Four Innate Lotuses.

Chu Kuangren had once come across records in the academy that mentioned it. The Four Innate Lotuses were Innate Source Supreme Treasures. They were originally formed by the seeds of the Genesis Green Lotus, which was ranked number one among the Ten Great Ancient Immortal Spiritual Plants. Besides the Black Annihilation Lotus, the remaining three lotuses were the Red Karmic Flame Lotus, Gold Dharmic Lotus, and White Purification Lotus.

It would be a life-changing encounter for ordinary cultivators to find even one of those four.

“The Black Annihilation Lotus used to belong to the Demonic Forefather Luo Hou. However, it has now recognized me as its master, so all I need to do is refine it. After that, I’ll have another trump card to add to my arsenal.”

“The power of the Black Annihilation Lotus is no weaker than the Fusang Tree’s power.”

According to rumors, if anyone could find all Four Innate Lotuses, they might have a chance to recreate the first ever spiritual plant in the universe, the Green Genesis Lotus!

From there, Chu Kuangren speculated that the Green Genesis Lotus must be a Transcendent-tier item.

Being able to obtain one of the Four Innate Lotuses was already a tremendous blessing, so he did not expect that he could gather all four of them anyway.

The probability of him doing so would be lower than getting a Transcendent-tier item from the Fantasy Roulette.

With that, Chu Kuangren started to refine the Black Annihilation Lotus. At the same time, he also planned to use up all of the Demonic Crystal Ores and valuables that his clone brought back the other day.

He planned to break through to the True Immortal Realm in one go!

While Chu Kuangren was in closed-door meditation, many things happened in the outside world.

As usual, the Battle of Heavenly Champions was in full swing, and it never stopped.

A powerful burst of energy suddenly erupted somewhere.

Two Heavenly Champions who were fighting each other were both pushed back.

“There can be only one Immortal World Ruler. The rest of you will have to die!” a hulking man said coldly.

His opponent, who was also a Heavenly Champion, was glaring at him coldly.

“The outcome of this battle is still undecided.”

The two of them clashed once more, sending terrifying shockwaves across a radius of thousands of kilometers and rumbling the whole area.

However, the two Heavenly Champions suddenly stopped fighting and looked into the sky at the same time. It was as if they had a hunch that something was going to happen.

Up in the sky, among the millions of stars and galaxies, a bright light suddenly appeared and spread across the sky until every cultivator in the Immortal World could see it.

“Something is happening in the space outside the Immortal World!”

“What’s going on?”

The Immortal World also contained an outer space of its own.

The space of the Immortal World was incomparably vast, dotted with hundreds of millions of stars and planets. Among them, there were many locations filled with hidden treasures.

However, after the Immortal World Convergence, the space was sealed off by an invisible energy field for some unknown reason. Hence, no one was able to venture into space.

Even the Arch Gilded Immortals were no exception to that.

Yet now, many realized that the invisible energy field had disappeared!

Within the depths of space, many planets were shrouded with exceptional auras. Some planets were covered with countless mysterious Daoist patterns, and glittering light radiated from their surface. Many of the Immortal World’s great ones could not help but exclaim when they saw that. It was obvious that those planets contained many hidden treasures and Opportunities of Fortune.

At that, some Arch Gilded Immortals got extremely excited.

“Starting today, the Interstellar Arena is open!”

“Sky-prides and Heavenly Champions are now allowed to enter!”

A magnificent voice resounded throughout the entire Immortal World.

That voice sounded strange.

It was neither a male nor a female’s voice, but it contained an inexplicable sense of authority. Even the Arch Gilded Immortals could not help but yield to it.

That was the will of the Immortal World!

The announcement from the will of the Immortal World made countless sky-prides and Heavenly Champions excited.

“The Interstellar Arena? Isn’t that a place specially prepared for the Battle of Heavenly Champions?”

“Ha. It seems that many Opportunities of Fortune are waiting to be found in space, and I bet it’s worth exploring. I must act quickly and not let this chance slip by.”

“That’s right. If I can head there and be the first to find some great Opportunities of Fortune, I’ll surely be able to ascend to the True Immortal Realm and leave everyone else behind me in the dust.”

Many sky-prides and Heavenly Champions in the Immortal World were ecstatic about it.

With that, they all quickly headed toward the Interstellar Arena.

At the Eastern King School, a man in long golden robes walked out of his palace and looked into the sky coldly. “The Interstellar Arena. I must head there in search of more Opportunities of Fortune.”

“Let’s go together.”

A young man with a sickly pale and inhuman face walked out behind him.

The auras of those two were seemingly mixed together.

For a moment, countless Daoist patterns appeared in the void, giving a sense that Yin and Yang energies were merging.

One of them was Zhuo Donglai of the Eastern King School while the other person was You Ying, the Heavenly Champion of the Demonic Dao’s Yin Underworld Tribe who possessed the Primordial Yin Demonic Physique.

“Yeah, our Duality Rites Immortal Physique is close to being completed. If we can find some Opportunities of Fortune in the Interstellar Arena, we will surely be a match for Chu Kuangren,” said Zhuo Donglai.

Having lost to Chu Kuangren again back at Luo Hou’s Ancestral Land, he had been wanting to take revenge on him ever since.

Furthermore, because Chu Kuangren took Fu Yin away, his plan to absorb the Yin Fusang Spirit and upgrade his Primordial Sun Immortal Physique to the Duality Rites Immortal Physique failed.

However, You Ying appeared.

You Ying was the most talented host of the Primordial Yin Demonic Physique in the history of the Yin Underworld Tribe. His Immortal Physique just so happened to contrast with Zhuo Donglai’s Primordial Sun Immortal Physique. Hence, if Zhuo Donglai were to pair up with someone with such a physique, his Primordial Sun Immortal Physique could still be upgraded to the Duality Rites Immortal Physique. Even if his partner was a male, he could not be bothered anymore.

His hatred toward Chu Kuangren was so strong that he would not hesitate to do whatever it took to obtain the power for his revenge.

So what if he sold his body for that?

Besides, You Ying also wanted so desperately to raise his position among the Demonic Dao. Since he, too, had a grudge against Chu Kuangren, he agreed to Zhuo Donglai’s offer.

Throughout this time, both of them had been cultivating the Eastern King School’s secret technique, which had given them a huge increase in power in their Immortal Physiques.

They were now very close to forming the Duality Rites Immortal Physique.

If the two of them were to stay together and channel the power of their Immortal Physiques together, they could unleash the true power of the Duality Rites Immortal Physique.

He looked at You Ying with a conflicted expression.

Never did he expect that a seven-foot-tall man like him had to resort to such measures to take revenge against Chu Kuangren, and it made him extremely ashamed.

On the other hand, You Ying did not seem to be bothered by it.

The people of the Demonic Dao had always acted unscrupulously. They had people of all sorts of sexual orientations, including homosexuals, whom You Ying had come across many during his time in the Demonic Dao.

“I bet many sky-prides and cultivators must be heading to the Interstellar Arena now. I’m afraid even the Immortal Hall’s Imperial Commanders will be there. Let’s take this chance to cultivate the secret technique a few more times. We should increase the power of our Immortal Physiques as much as we can before entering the Interstellar Arena.” You Ying looked at Zhuo Donglai and said with an excited look on his face.

Zhuo Donglai took a deep breath and nodded slightly. “Very well!”

‘D* mn you, Chu Kuangren. This is all your fault!’

‘If it weren’t for you, why would I, the great Zhuo Donglai, have to suffer from conducting such humiliating acts?!’

‘I’ll definitely kill you one day!’